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B-Cure Laser is an international company that develops, markets, and distributes B-Cure Laser products. Their products of revolutionary lightweight and portable devices. are designed to treat pain, orthopedic disorders, wounds, and inflammations, for daily domestic use from pro athletes to geriatrics and more.


B-Cure Laser was poised to enter the Canadien market, as a yet unknown brand, with a relatively high price tag (Avg. cost around $1K). This meant they needed to educate their new target market on the value of their products as an alternative healthcare solution to conventional medical treatments.


Mayple’s first course of action was to change the media budget distribution, shifting the main advertising focus from Google to Facebook. Secondly, they created compatible landing pages aimed directly at the new target market. This brought in top relevant leads for the sales center to follow up on and convert. One month in B-Cure Laser increased its media budget to $15k and ROI rates were on a fast track to improvement.


Within a month of Mayple’s focused and accurate efforts sales had quadrupled.

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