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Opening investments files

Harel-Finance is a large investment firm with a wide range of clients from private investors to multi-millionaire corporations. With Billions of dollars under their management, they have a strong and stable holding in their competitive market.


After relying on an advertising agency for a significant period of time, management felt they were not able to professionally assess whether the results the agency was delivering were truly their best effort. They sought out professional assistance to monitor and advise.


For a while, Mayple provided professional quality control services, giving Harel the confidence to work better with their marketing agency, while also providing guidance to the marketing agency directly on behalf of Harel.In order to cut costs and increase efficiency, Harel decided to shift their entire online marketing activity to Mayple. Mayple facilitated the transition making sure that Harel was the owner of its media accounts and also continues to provide quality of service mitigation.


Mayple’s diligent work and performance optimization provided Harel-Finance an increase of X1.5 in the number of new investment clients.

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