BabyNoggin is a developmental screening solution that works to improve parent's operational efficiency. Parents track their children's development through their mobile app using tools that reflect the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Tracey Cooper

The marketing budget was modest and the stakes were high – the client had to prove the product worked and deliver fast sales to fund future investment, and to make the business a full time operation. Working with the client we established a social media strategy and content plan that would demonstrate the beauty and benefits of the product. The strategy was designed to deliver the key messages, in a powerful, relevant and engaging way. We then layered in a highly targeted boosted-posts programme across Instagram and Facebook. Using organic and paid-for social was the catalyst for a fantastic brand launch and delivered outstanding results.

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We restructured their account to enable us to focus on the best audience and test tons of creatives.

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Global Upside

Global Upside is a one-stop-shop for accounting, HR, payroll, compliance, and staffing services on a global scale.






The Algorithmics franchise combines remarkable financial opportunity with the power to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of children in their community. Partners trust them, children love their classes, and public schools use their curriculum.

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