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List Growth

Gustavo M.

Mayple Vetted Expert

The Challenge

They were looking to grow their online presence by leveraging organic search engine traffic.

The Process

They were looking to grow their online presence by leveraging organic search engine traffic.

The Solution

  • Our Mayple expert helped them redesign and restructure their website and landing pages, to focus on the right verticals for their different types of customers.
  • Their organic website traffic inceased x3. Also, the quality of leads and inquires went up tremendously, having a huge impact on conversions.
Skills Used
Professional Services

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Argaux LLC

Sales, when we started, were around $40k/ per month. After six months, they were at $120k/month. The Blind Tasting Kit, corporate gifting, and weddings became extremely popular. Also, we helped implement an SMS pocket sommelier to interact with customers and incentivize repeated sales.

Web Development
Email Marketing
Paid Ads




George Courey

We optimized their Google Ads structure by conducting a thorough keywords and competition audit, and went through a whole social media rebrand phase to make sure their brand image was up to par with industry standards and competitors.

Social Media Management




Vios Concept

Delta Marketing identified the key differentiators and needs for the Vios customers and brought those to life in social media. Delta’s understanding of, and ability to navigate, online/offline customers through a ROPO model ensured an effective social media strategy was created and implemented. The strategy stretch across all Paid, Owned and Earned channels ensuring every consumer touchpoint was maximised and focussed on delivering tangible outcomes for the client. Delta created and published six posts per week of timely, relevant, engaging, and original content. Delta has successfully delivered organic growth, talkability (with in-store customers referencing the social media activity).

Social Media Management




Alistair Fraiser

Alistair Fraiser is a team of young designers, gathered and motivated to create modern clothing.

Paid Ads