iCruise is a Florida-based travel company specializing in cruises and resort vacations. Arrivia, Inc. acquired iCruise in December of 2019. Arrivia is a global leader in travel-based loyalty and reward solutions. With the acquisition of iCruise, Arrivia reaffirms its strategic commitment to the cruise industry and expands its capabilities to deliver unmatched cruise value and services to its business partners and consumers worldwide.

List Growth

Dan K.

Mayple Vetted Expert

The Challenge

The Process

The Solution

  • Reduced Cost per Purchase by 16%
  • Improved conversion rate by 31%
  • Increased the number of monthly purchases by 12%
Skills Used
Paid Ads
Travel & Leisure

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Exceeded initial KPI target by over 75% and continue to drive hundred of ideal leads.

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OneTest for Cancer

Company is now ranked at INC5000 after growing by 700% over the last year.

Paid Ads




Tracey Cooper

The marketing budget was modest and the stakes were high – the client had to prove the product worked and deliver fast sales to fund future investment, and to make the business a full time operation. Working with the client we established a social media strategy and content plan that would demonstrate the beauty and benefits of the product. The strategy was designed to deliver the key messages, in a powerful, relevant and engaging way. We then layered in a highly targeted boosted-posts programme across Instagram and Facebook. Using organic and paid-for social was the catalyst for a fantastic brand launch and delivered outstanding results.

Social Media Management





Google shopping campaigns proved to be the most profitable at over a 2x ROAS within the first month. With a proper account structure and initial test to find insights and improve results over time is the best way to go the right direction and scale.

Paid Ads
Marketing Strategy