From fishing snappers to marlins, going on a whale watching quest to a snorkeling journey in the Golfo Dulce, discovering lowland jungle paths to completely wild canyoning and horse riding adventures, Tropical Escapade offers all type of outdoor activities suitable for all ages in the Southern zone of Costa Rica.

List Growth

Katrina J.

Mayple Vetted Expert

The Challenge

Tropical Escapade wanted to expand partnerships, digital marketing, and content creation.

The Process

Tropical Escapade wanted to expand partnerships, digital marketing, and content creation.

The Solution

  • Our Mayple expert evaluated existing business, and implemented actions by priorities with B2B and B2C. He implemented investor and grant development and pitches, press releases, launched blogs for 2 of their brands, content strategy for blogs, social media, and influencer marketing.
Skills Used
Marketing Strategy
Public relations
Web Development
Travel & Leisure

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Big R

The 6-month media plan resulted in very positive results for the company. With only $20K in media spend, Big R received over +900% ROAS in the first 8 weeks of launch, eventually surpassing a ROAS goal of +1200% ROAS over 6 months.

Marketing Strategy
SMS Marketing
Email Marketing




English Tea Store

While the brand had a business Facebook account set up, their follower base and engagement rate were very low as they were not actively posting on this channel. Within the first couple of months Facebook following more than doubled. With the follower growth campaign running for 1 month, English Tea Store was able to generate 17,342 new Facebook followers. The page started with 12,102 Facebook followers.

Social Media Management




George Courey

We optimized their Google Ads structure by conducting a thorough keywords and competition audit, and went through a whole social media rebrand phase to make sure their brand image was up to par with industry standards and competitors.

Social Media Management




Specialist ID

Consistent 2-3x ROAS on Google shopping, 31% YOY Increase in sales, 1000% Increase in social traffic

Paid Ads