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THE Company   

August Society makes great looking, comfortable, sustainable swimsuits for the whole family. As a mom, I design our bathing suits with functionality, quality and the environment in mind.

The Challenge   

August Society designs and produces high-end sustainable swimwear and accessories for the whole family. With the pandemic impacting retail sales, August Society wanted to develop its own online channels to drive sales and develop its own loyal customer base. To achieve this, the company wanted to put a marketing strategy in place to optimise its campaigns.

THE Solution   

  • To help August Society achieve its goals, we started the protect with an in-depth workshop to fully understand the company's positioning, customer base, products and brand.
  • Based on this, we developed an end-to-end marketing strategy with a clear roadmap in terms of recommended channels and tactics, messaging and segmentation, media and influencer approach, website optimisations etc.

This included for example: New product and collection launches

  • Ambassador search campaigns
  • Multi-brand giveaways and contests
  • Multiple sales campaigns and tactics
  • Seasonally themed campaigns
  • With the success of the initial project, our scope was expanded to include the actual management of their social media channels, email marketing campaign and blogging ideas, and ads buying to support the company to enter new markets. As part of the project, we also make ongoing website optimisation recommendations and we work very closely with the founding team to hone the brand message and overarching strategy.
  • As a result of our marketing strategy, the brand has a vibrant website with engaging social media channels to engage audiences and a segmented ads strategy leveraging Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as Google Adwords.
  • Sales have more than doubled year on year since we took on the project and the company is now working on expanding into new markets.

Highlights Year on Year:

  • Annual Sales: 2.9 X
  • CPMs: 42% lower than previous freelancer
  • Average CTRs on campaigns: 2.05% (57% higher than previous freelancer)
  • Return Customer Rate: up by 64%
  • Site Conversion Rate: up by 76%

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