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THE Company   

Motivational dog-training toys made by dog-training enthusiasts for dog-training enthusiasts. Whatever sport you and your dog are into we have something for you

The Challenge   

Tug-E-Nuff is an online retailer of high-quality dog toys. On a mission to grow its presence globally, the company has recently expanded into the US. Looking to maintain and grow their market share, they want to increase their brand awareness and bring more people into the funnel.

THE Solution   

  • To kick-off this project, we developed a social media strategy, looking at how we could maximise reach through organic tactics on Instagram and Facebook, combined with promoting our posts through Facebook and Instagram ads targeting the UK and US. This included identifying our best content mix and approach to creatives, as well as post times. Through ongoing monitoring and optimisation, we're continuously growing our audience reach, reducing CPMs and increasing engagement.
  • This is an ongoing project.To date, we have achieved: 30% increase in Reach
  • Doubled the engagement with an engagement rate of around 5%
  • Grown the audience on both Facebook and Instagram - although these are hygiene metrics
  • Decreased CPMs by 26%

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