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THE Company   

As China’s pioneering Citytech Group, Venturous is at the forefront of the Smart City revolution. Our integrated approach combines strategic partnerships and investments in complementary Smart Citytech infrastructure companies with game-changing DeepTech capabilities set to transform megacities in China and around the world.

The Challenge   

The client had just raised its Series A funding round and was looking to increase awareness for the company and its founder to lay the foundation for Series B. Both are completely unknown.

THE Solution   

  • Being a relatively new company that wants to achieve its goals at high speed, the first thing we had to put in place was a long-term marketing strategy, as well as a foundation for the company's brand story and messaging.
  • With the fundamentals in place, we created different online events - one hosted by CNN's Richard Quest, and digital promotion campaigns to drive sign ups and grow the company's email database and lead generation.In terms of channels this included managing the company's LinkedIn and Twitter pages organically, LinkedIn and Google ads, email marketing, as well as upgrading and revamping the company's website:
  • Results of our marketing strategy: The company is now raising its Series B round. It can see the clear benefit of increased awareness and its more professional online appearance with new doors opening to institutional investors.
  • The company increased its exposure to 24 million impressions across target countries
  • Website traffic increased by up to 15 X with each campaign
  • CPLs were 73% lower than previous lead gen activities
  • Qualitative web stats such as Bounce Rate have improved by 15%

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