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eBay has over 180 million active buyers and a huge variety of product categories. It is trailing not far behind Amazon and is even more popular in certain categories such as sporting goods, health and beauty, and consumer electronics.

7-figure strategies:

-Use ads and promotions - eBay has a really great and easy to use promotion system. Set up 2-day promotions with a discount throughout the whole month. The reason for this is that eBay likes to promote the deals that are ending soon, so if you have really short deals you will get more impressions and clicks.

-Advertise every single listing - when you advertise a listing on eBay it effectively creates a new listing for you on the search page, so you are doubling your real estate with one click. Do this for all of your listings.

-Provide excellent customer service - this is true for all the online marketplaces but it’s especially powerful on eBay. Make sure to respond to every single customer request or question within 24 hours, be flexible on your return policy, and always put the customer first.

The more you do these 3 tips, the better your chances of getting the “Top Seller” badge which is one of the best ways you can increase your conversions and grow your eBay store.

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