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Email drip campaign

Email drip campaign

Perfect your product launch drip campaigns

We’ve saved perhaps the most powerful tip for the end of our guide. This one is really special and works especially well for B2B companies but the same idea could be used for any B2C product.

Many businesses focus the bulk of their time on product development and on-site optimization and they forget to properly introduce their products to their audience. If you do a proper product launch email campaign you could significantly increase your sales and see some amazing short-term results.

There are many ways to structure a product launch drip. Here’s a really great one that Bryan Harris used to make $200K with his product launch.

Bryan breaks his series into three parts - the pre-launch, the launch, and the post-launch.

bryan harris videofruit growth tools pre launch email series

In the pre-launch series, he introduces the problem that his product is going to solve for the consumer. Then, he agitates the problem, and this is crucial. He writes a detailed email really painting the picture of the consumer’s need for the product, and hitting on all the pain points. Then, in the third email, he introduces the solution.

bryan harris videofruit growth tools launch email series
bryan harris videofruit growth tools launch email series part 2

The middle part of the launch series is more geared towards B2B businesses and that’s where Bryan offers a 48-hour challenge. If you are a B2C company you could offer a giveaway with a 24-hour deadline, or launch a UGC challenge for example.

Also, spacing out your emails is always good, you don’t have to follow these same sending times.

bryan harris videofruit growth tools post launch email series

The post-launch series is a really simple set of four last emails where you offer your product at a discount one last time. Overall, this is a super-effective product launch drip and you could use some of these principles and email examples and adapt them to your own business.

Regardless of the templates that you use, you could always combine it with your ConvertCart set up to personalize the emails based on the customer’s browsing and shopping data. You could also A/B test each product launch drip to get better conversions. And finally, you could involve your influencers and UGC elements in the emails.


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