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Selling on Houzz

Selling on Houzz

Houzz is an amazing marketplace for selling home decor products.

They started in 2008 as a content platform for home decor enthusiasts and various services (contractors, interior designers) and quickly grew to the #2 top home improvement site in the US.

They now have over 17 million users and have hundreds of merchants (Houzz Pros). They also have a robust advertising platform called Houzz Ads last year, so now you could advertise your listings with them.

Let’s start in the beginning.

Why would you sell on Houzz?

Houzz is still pretty small compared to other marketplaces. There are only 20k sellers on Houzz compared to the 2.5 million on Amazon.

So there is way more opportunity and it’s easier to grow your sales and make your products stand out.

Why is Houzz unique?

Houzz is the first online platform for finding interior designers and home builders. So they built their reputation based on the excellent service providers that they house (pun intended) on the platform.

The customers shopping on Houzz expect a really high level of service and will remain loyal to your brand or storefront if you go above and beyond. Another really cool aspect of this marketplace is the really cool brand that they’ve built around doing home makeovers for people.

Here’s a great video of Gordon Ramsay and a surprise renovation he did for one of his executive chefs. This lady was amazing, she really deserved it. Check it out.

How do you build a store on Houzz?

It’s a really simple process.

Step 1 - Fill out the form

Go here and fill out the form.

Select your country, put “merchant support” for the type of request, and “how can I become a seller”.

how to become a seller on houzz submit request

Then you will need to provide your name, company name, email, and a short description, and click submit.

submit request to become a merchant seller on houzz marketplace

Step 2 - Get approved

It will take them several weeks to approve your store, if your products are a good fit on the platform.

Step 3 - Have a call with the Houzz team

Once you’re approved Houzz will schedule a call with you and get your inventory file uploaded.

Step 4 - Optimize listings & storefront

From there, you just need to optimize your storefront page and make sure that all of your product images and descriptions look right, and off you go!

Here’s an example of a storefront of a lighting seller on Houzz:

brightech houzz storefront seller page

Step 5 - Launch on Houzz

That’s it. Ready set go!

Now that you know how to launch your store on Houzz, let’s talk about some of the top marketing strategies that will help you increase your sales.

Houzz Best Practices

What’s nice is that there are a lot of aspects of this platform that can help you gain more exposure and sales.

Houzz badges

There are a few activities that get you a Houzz badge and it gets displayed on your seller page.

Here’s what they look like:

These are great for social proof and make you more trustworthy as a brand on the platform.

So keep that in mind as you read through our list of actions, a lot of them can help you get more badges and get more recognition that way.

Let’s dive in.

Interact with experts

Houzz is the best platform to find home decor experts & interior designers, and they often write articles featuring different products.

Reach out to them and ask if your product could be featured in their next article. This will bring you more exposure and eyeballs on your product pages.

When you read any article, you can click on an image to zoom in and take a closer look.

houzz article about christopher strom architects

Houzz then displays the actual product in the picture, and similar products to it, using visual search.

So if you liked a product you saw, you could buy it right on Houzz.

houzz image tagging tool sellling

So when you get featured by a Houzz Pro in their article, that could bring impressions and clicks to your actual products.

Post idea books

Another great feature is what Houzz likes to call idea books.

Here’s an example:

floor lamp idea books on Houzz marketplace

It’s a collection of images that a seller could group in folders.

These images are really powerful because if you optimize them they can start ranking on Houzz’s image database and can start getting shared by other users and/or featured by experts.

So if somebody was searching for a pink couch, they could find and buy it from Houzz’s image search.

houzz photo of a pink couch marketing selling marketplace ecommerce

Answer questions & post comments

Another great way you could get exposure is by answering the questions that users post on Houzz.

People ask thousands of questions every month about their various home decor projects.

So head over to the discussion section and bring some value to these Houzz users.

Here’s an example of someone asking for input on which couch they should choose.

Optimize your listings with Houzz tags

Houzz tags were just renamed to just “keywords”.

These are the specific keywords that you want to rank for on Houzz.

Make sure to pack this section with all the relevant keywords for each product and this will increase your sales.

houzz tags keywords selling on houzz marketplace ecommerce marketing

Use Houzz ads to grow your business

Houzz’s advertising platform is not as robust as the one on Amazon but it does have its advantages.

You can’t pick which keywords you want to target or where your ads will be placed, all of this is automated through their system.

But you can choose which products you want to advertise.

The system displays your ads spend, # of impressions, and # of clicks.

houzz product ads clicks

Your dedicated Houzz account manager will have to pull the sales report manually for you, so that’s the only drawback.

But since you only need to optimize every other week or so, you can get a lot of value from this setup.

It’s just a little less automated and takes a bit more time than on platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Houzz Promotions

Promotions are a great way to sell your products on Houzz.

Click on “Promotions” on the left menu and create a new promotion.

create a new promotion on Houzz marketplace eCommerce

We’ve seen a lot of success with offering 10-15% off for 30 days or so.

Launching a promotion could boost your sales, get you more reviews and get the momentum going.

This is super useful and you should launch a promotion on day 1 of your selling journey on Houzz.

Apply to the larger sales events

Every few months, Houzz launches a site-wide sale.

Here’s the Fourth of July sale they did:

Houzz fourth 4th of july sale event home decor ecommerce

As a Houzz seller, you will get an email asking you to apply to one of these.

All you have to do is to select the products that you want to advertise and state your offer.

Then Houzz’s team evaluates your offer based on a variety of factors, and if you get accepted your product could get in front of thousands of users on the big day.

Note that Houzz chooses very specific products for each sale, so don’t be discouraged if your product doesn’t fit what they are looking for.

You can still succeed on Houzz even if you don’t get into every one of their promotions.


Selling on Houzz is a HUGE opportunity for any eCommerce store in the home decor space.

It’s a social network with a variety of tasks and pages you could get exposure on.

It has a very loyal online community of buyers.

And finally, there are a variety of advertising options and promotions you could take advantage of.

So if you haven’t sold your products on Houzz yet, now is a great time to start.

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