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Top SMS Marketing Software

Top SMS Marketing Software

There are a ton of software and tools that you could use for SMS marketing for your eCommerce store.

Here are a few:

Tatango - a great platform for the beginner as well as an experienced marketer. It has a variety of features including messaging, workflows, subscriber analytics, automation and a great API if you really need something advanced.

Klaviyo - one of the most famous email marketing tools for eCommerce. Has a great SMS feature that lets you send text message campaigns. And the great part is that you have all of your SMS + email marketing in one place.

Avochato - a great tool if you don’t want to pay per text. They charge you a flat monthly rate for a certain number of texts that you want to send. They also have a great live chat feature, a shared inbox, templates and a slack integration.

Cartloop - this isn’t just another SMS tool. With Cartloop, you can set up an automated SMS cart abandonment flow and once the client responds the team at Cartloop takes over and you get a live team of agents to service your customer, solve their problem and get another sale. It’s pure genius.

cartloop sms cart abandonment tool for shopify stores

BirdEye - this is a marketing platform that includes not only text messaging but also other chat solutions (web, video, etc.). It’s more geared towards enterprise business.

Birdeye mass text messaging sms marketing software solution ecommerce

HeyMarket - a great affordable tool for all teams large and small. They have some unique features that allow customer service teams to better respond and tag customers.

heymarket shared inbox private comments sms marketing software text messaging tool for ecommerce

And that wraps up our section on SMS Marketing.

Up next is Influencer Marketing.

top sms marketing software playbook for ecommerce
What is SMS Marketing for eCommerce

Here's a quick breakdown of the how & what of SMS Marketing for eCommerce brands. Step-by-Step guide on how to send a text message campaign.

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