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Mayple is a trusted, unbiased solution that assures businesses' digital marketing success.
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Mayple is the next generation of managed service marketplaces. We create trust and provide assurance in a fragmented and overwhelming digital marketing industry. We are considered as the #1 digital marketing solution for startups and SMEs.
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Why should you work with us?

A rapidly growing technology brand, managed by an experienced marketing and technology team. A reliable solution, top service and performance for your referrals, more lucrative commissions for our partners.

Reliable brand
Safe payments
Proven conversions
Real-time reporting stats
Advanced marketing tools
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Who should join the Mayple ecosystem?

Large open office
Large performance agencies

Looking for an advanced, flexible and reliable solution for workflow peaks. And seeking to get return over lower budget leads they screen out.

Creative workshop
Creative, content and PR agencies and consultants

Seeking to increase impact and expand their relationship with customer, from creative and content to paid media campaigns.

Laptop with website open on it
Marketing content and solutions websites

That attract CMOs and business owners looking for a scalable income opportunity, which is relevant to their content and aligned with their values.

Infuencer at the stage
Marketing influencers

Searching for innovative solutions that will affect the future of marketing. And wanting to become part of a disruptive and future-thinking community of professionals.

How it works

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Now that you have registered, be sure to schedule a time so we can analyze your strategy and strengthen our common offering.

Let’s get lucrative

To offer real value to customers, you need to have the right messaging, and promotional materials that grab attention. We create custom marketing materials that align with our partners' brands and drive results.

High value

We look forward to cooperating with you and your team. Being a part of the Mayple Ecosystem means mutual collaboration that drives value and results. We offer ongoing performance assurance, service monitoring, and a live dashboard of all your activity.

Commission types


Earn a one-time payout for every customer acquisition


Earn a share of the net revenue, for the first 3 months of the customer life span

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