Which payment methods can I select ?

You are welcome to select the following payment methods for Mayple: ● Payoneer ● PayPal

How do I keep track of my payments?

As an affiliate, you are able to login to your account and review your payments whenever you’d like.

How often do I get paid and in what currency?

Mayple processes payments until the 10th of each month. Payments are transmitted in your local currency.

How do I check my account, and keep track of my performance?

As a Mayple partner, you gain access to your account via HasOffers platform. Here, you can update your information and check your balance and statistics. To provide you with the most accurate stats, we update your account daily with the most recent information. Reports can be generated anytime you wish.

What is an exclusive affiliate program?

Mayple is a non-exclusive program, which means you are free to join other affiliate programs.

Are there marketing tools provided?

Mayple offers a real time cross channel dashboard to keep track of your performance at any given time, among other marketing tools.

How do I create links and add them to my site(s)?

Mayple uses the automatic tracking code generator to create HTML code, which you can embed into your site. On the Mayple site you can pull the tracking code on your own. You are encouraged to place as many links as you see fit on your site(s), and if you have a special banner, or any other marketing tool requests, feel free to contact your account manager directly.

How does Mayple's affiliate program work?

When you join Mayple, you will be assigned a unique ID. Your ID is used to produce tracking codes for each link placed on your website(s). We include additional variables to be included in the links, and this dedicated tracking code will enable us, and yourself, to analyze the overall behavior of visitors to your site.

Can my application be rejected?

Mayple carefully reviews each partner application prior to acceptance. As we treat each partner with good faith, we reserve the right to deny participation in the partner program at our own discretion.

Is payment or commitment required?

Absolutley no payment is required. As for a commitment, we do require that you accept our terms & conditions once you register.

I do not live in the UK or the US but I want to join.

Mayple works with partners around the world, with no exclusion. However, please contact your affiliate manager as this may change from time to time.

What if I operate multiple websites?

Partners operating multiple sites are welcomed. Your account manager will provide all of the necessary information to help you manage your campaigns in the most effective way possible.

Do I need a website to join?

Yes. In order to be an affiliate, you must have a website and register it with us. Our team will review your application, and once approved one of our representatives will contact you.

How long is the registration process?

Registering with Mayple is fast and simple. Your account will be reviewed, and once you are approved you can begin earning money within 48 hours.

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