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Mayple's in your corner to help you make the right choices and ensure you're reaching the best results for your brand.


Hire Thoroughly vetted marketers

Hire from 600+ (exhaustively vetted) top-performing marketers.

Your experts come with proven track records to make your working relationship a success.

Perfectly matched with your brand

Work with experts that are already smashing it with brands similar to yours.

Expert matches are based on 25+ success factors from niche experience to personality.



One platform with full confidence

See exactly who is doing what, where, and when with clear campaign and channel performance dashboards.

Get continuous updates and insights from your Experts and Growth Strategist.

Forget Everything You Know About Marketing


Avg. Growth of 380% in 6 months


Monthly subscription, no commitment


3 min to marketing brief


1/3rd of typical agency costs


Vetted and backed by AI tracking

Mayple VS. your alternatives

Here's why working with Mayple is unlike anything you’ve tried before.


Like rolling dice

Guaranteed talent quality
Top experts in your niche
Impartial Growth Strategist
Unbiased monitoring
Modular marketing team

Meet the NEW Way to Scale Your Business

Were generated in sales by our marketers for our customers in 2021

Mayple is not a regular digital marketing agency and we are not like those marketing freelance websites you might have seen. We are a marketing outsourcing platform that matches your business with the best marketing experts for your project. Our advanced AI matching algorithm uses over 50+ factors such as their experience in your niche, expertise, real data from their past campaigns, and even their personality. 

On top of that, we provide another level of quality assurance - a dedicated Mayple Growth Strategist. It’s like having a dedicated marketing consultant in your corner that monitors the expert’s activity, makes sure that they are staying on track and delivering on their promises. And they also give ideas and suggestions on new digital channels to expand to and marketing strategies to test out. 

Even the best digital marketing company is limited. They try to sell you the specific services that they can provide. At Mayple, we have over 600+ marketing experts and digital advertising companies so we are not limited to any one particular service. We are dedicated to helping you grow your marketing team for your small business.

How it works

One easy-to-use platform that help online businesses and expert marketers to match up, collaborate, and grow their businesses together.

Create your marketing brief.

Create brief

Create your marketing brief.

Find a match

Find a match

Meet your perfect marketing team.

Grow your business

Grow your business

Get ongoing monitoring and strategic advice.

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Here’s why businesses LOVE Mayple

Mayple client photoMayple client photoMayple client photo
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Andrew White
Chief Marketing Officer
Makes it works
"The same way I wouldn’t book an apartment in Rome without using Airbnb, I certainly wouldn’t run marketing campaigns in the future without using Mayple. Mayple just makes sure it works."

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Olivia Evans
Owner & Marketing manager
Taking care of every step
"Mayple is taking care of every step of the process, from the management, to the quality assurance.
I feel like now I’m able to set higher and obtainable KPIs for my business growth."

client's photo
Nicole Davies
Co-owner and marketing manager
Gets us the results we need
"Mayple just takes us hand in hand and gets us the results we need. For the first time, I feel we can actually grow thanks to digital marketing."

Real results for real brands

Here's how Mayple's marketers are helping these brands grow.


Medical technology

* Return on Advertising Spend
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Financial Music Service

Decrease in CPA
* Cost per acquisition or action
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Eva Metal Art

Metal art gallery

* Return on Advertising Spend
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The Farmers On Wheels

Produce food delivery

Increase of purchases
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Natasha Denona

Make up art

Increase in ROAS
* Return on Advertising Spend
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Handcrafted tool belts

Increase in purchases
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Were generated in sales by our marketers for our customers in 2021

Were generated in sales by our marketers for our customers in 2021