How to find the right marketer for your eCommerce brand

If you are lucky enough to build an eCommerce brand that makes at least $50K a month, you probably wasted so much time and money trying to get the marketing going. You want to set higher KPIs but got lost trying to find a marketing expert to help your business grow.

You were offered so many different services at so many different prices that you don't know where to start. Without benchmark standards of formal monitoring, no wonder businesses lost trust in digital marketing experts.

Finding a digital marketer is very hard. It's impossible to identify which are better than others. And making bad business decisions can be costly in terms of thousands lost in marketing spend.

Many businesses risk choosing a marketer based only on sales pitches and not knowing whether they provide work and results of high standards. And if they have a modest advertising budget, they can't seem to get good service from any agency. That makes it harder for SMBs to compete with big brands.

Is there another way to find outsourced digital marketers that'll help you achieve your business goals? Where can you find a professional marketing agency that would take charge of our digital marketing effort from A-Z?

Where can you find the top 1% of marketing experts in your niche

Meet Mayple: The 1st deep job platform for eCommerce marketing services.

Mayple believes each business should access top experts and technology, just like big brands can. That's why they developed a three-layer process to help you connect with the worlds' top 1% marketing professionals.

The first layer is the data-based vetting Process. To gather only A+ Players, Mayple uses over 140 vetting criteria in more the ten categories and skillsets. Out of thousands of requests they get each month to join the Mayple platform, they handpick only a few who meet those criteria.

mayple expert vetting

For example, One aspect of our thorough vetting process is checking proven past results. Mayple accesses the expert's account and analyzes the results they've achieved for brands by niche. Mayple checks how they run a/b testing, how well they structure the campaigns, how they track KPIs, and more.

Furthermore, Mayple even determines the expert's service level and communication skills by asking them to take a personality exam. This way, they can match the right marketer to the brand's needs and character, whether they need more hand-holding or prefer not to be bothered.

Overall, only 12% of those who enter the vetting process are qualified to work as Mayple experts. So you can rest assured you will get to work only with the most skilled marketers.

How to find the perfect marketing expert in 3 days or less

The second layer in Mayple's unique method to help eCommerce brands connect with the right marketing pros is their AI-based matching process.

After filling a short marketing brief, Mayple's algorithm analyzes and identifies 25-50 matching success factors. The niche, target audience, business stage, budget, and channels are to name a few.

Then, the algorithm compares those factors with the marketers' database. Out of 3-5 marketing experts, the algorithm found, Mayple cherry-picks the best match for the brand.

mayple registration

Using this AI-based algorithm, Mayple can match your brand with the perfect vetted marketing experts in three days or less. Compared to the traditional hiring process, which can sometimes take weeks, that's a true breakthrough.

Mayple have a 92% matching success rate. But if your marketing expert is not doing a great job, Mayple would find you a new, better one for you. This way, you won't ever have to make the painful decision about which marketer to choose.

Sometimes they'll even tell you when it's time to change a marketer because of an advertising budget increase or a change in the marketing strategy.

Tracking your marketing numbers doesn't have to be a complicated

The third layer is the monitoring system. Mayple regularly monitors the project performance from an unbiased perspective and continuously challenges your marketing expert in delivering better results.

Hate to look at long and confusing reports to know where your money goes? Now you can view all the KPIs in the simple real-time dashboard Mayple provides. This way, you can keep an eye on the budget and always see the ROI at a glance.

mayple audit

Also, you get a marketing supervisor that makes sure your metrics and goals are on the right track. If any KPIs go off the charts, your supervisor receives an alert to check what went wrong. He'll communicate with the marketing experts on your behalf and try to get things back in order without you having to lift a finger.

The future of marketing outsourcing

Marketing can be complicated. But Mayple makes it simple to grow your business. So stop wasting time on mediocrity. Now you can get better results with Mayples' three-layered process for marketing outsourcing.

If you're looking to get better results from your marketing campaigns or expand to a new channel, I highly recommend checking out Mayple. Start by filling out an online marketing brief, and they'll take it from there.

Today, you wouldn't book an apartment in another country without using Airbnb. So you shouldn't run marketing campaigns without using Mayple.

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