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How does Mayple identify my business needs?

We are dedicated to providing you with good marketing results for your unique business needs. That’s why we learn about your business needs before planning a tailored-made digital marketing strategy to reach your goals.
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Launch new product or service

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Who will manage my project?

We are calculated! Our unique algorithm matches you with vetted Mayple experts that are a perfect fit for your business strategy.

Vetted experts with a proven track record

Specialized in your business niche and unique marketing challenges

Matched to your business based on the most important factors for your marketing success


How do I know they are ‘that good’?

We are fierce! Mayple only works with high performing experts, with proven experience and skills who have been vetted by us. We sink our teeth into our experts’ accounts & data to see their track record ourselves, evaluating past results in specific industries and channels. We fight against mediocrity every step of the way.

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How do I choose the best strategy?

We are protective! Strategies can be tricky. That is why you are assigned a personal Maypler to escort you throughout the process who’ll make sure the strategy is simple to understand and includes everything your project needs.

How can I be sure I’m getting top results?

We despise comfort zones! Mayple persistently monitors and challenges the work of your project’s marketing experts with bi-weekly reviews, monthly audits, and ongoing professional guidance to keep them improving.
Your success is our success. If something’s not working out, we are the first to identify it and will act proactively to change it.



How can I manage all of it?

In Mayple of course! View all of your project’s activity at a glance with our real-time monitoring tool and dashboard.

No need to analyze data from various ad platforms separately

No more scrolling through long and complex reports

No more lost correspondences or endless email chains


High-end services for growing businesses

Marketing strategy

Detailed digital marketing strategy and action plan, built for your business

Paid Ads & Media

Facebook ads, Google ads, PPC, Paid Social and Paid Search campaigns

Content & SEO

Creating and optimizing content that drives more traffic and conversions

Social media

Social Media channels management that engages with your customers

Conversion optimization

Designing high-converting marketing funnels that maximize your budget

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How to choose a digital advertising agency?

The best digital marketing agency is the one that best fits your business goals and the one you can also trust to deliver the results you wish to achieve. To minimize the risk involved in taking on any new marketing agency, you need to make sure you have all the right information, by asking the right questions.

For example: What industry-relevant experience does the digital advertising company possess?What is the agency’s professional background with each advertisement channel (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.)? How does the digital advertising agency plan a campaign? Which KPIs does the internet marketing company plan to track for you?

An Online marketing company you can trust would be transparent about the past results it succeeded to achieve for businesses similar to yours. The best digital marketing agencies will also assure you stay the owner of your advertising accounts on Facebook, Google, and other advertising channels. This is very important. No agency should ever own the accounts you use to manage your campaigns.

Why Mayple?

Whether you’re looking to boost your online sales or to generate more results from your online marketing budget, Mayple is your digital marketing home.

Mayple is a top-rated digital marketing agency that enjoys 5-star reviews by its customers. We developed a unique cost-effective model, that allows us to deliver top digital marketing results for businesses across the UK and the US.

We are an award-winning digital advertising agency that was listed as one of the best Google marketing agencies in the UK, the best digital marketing agencies in London and was recently announced as a Google Eco-System Enabler.

At mayple, we will work with you to make sure your marketing budget is optimally invested across different channels, and provide you a big heart service throughout our work together. Want help choosing the right internet marketing company for your business? Insert your details and we’ll help you pick the best digital marketing agency for you, even if it’s not us.