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Finding the right marketing expert or agency is an impossible task

Finding the right marketing expert for a specific project has never been this hard. Companies spend months and months interviewing and recruiting candidates only to find out that they either can’t deliver what they promised, don’t have enough experience, or aren’t a good fit.

This can really slow you down, especially if you’re in a time crunch trying to launch a new channel or promotion for the holiday season.

In-house marketers take a huge effort to hire

A lot of companies prefer hiring internally but it’s by far the longest way of hiring marketers. The entire interview process takes around 2-3 months and could then take another 1-3 months to see the results and truly evaluate the performance of the new hire. So you’re talking about six months of working with a new hire before finding out they’re not the right fit.

Qualified freelancers are rare

The challenge with hiring freelancers is that it’s really hard to verify their past results. Do they have the experience you’re looking for? Can they deliver the results you need? You’re left relying on their customer reviews, and not much data to base your decision on.

Working with agencies is like rolling the dice

Companies are really tired of sales pitches. Either you have the experience we need or you don’t. When you talk to agencies you have to sit through these demo calls and look at their sales decks and fancy case studies. It’s tough to know if the agency has shown success for other companies in your niche.

Plus, the bigger the agency the more people are involved in your project, and you never know who you get. Your account might be given to a junior marketer or a recent college graduate, with virtually no experience. There’s often very little transparency and a lot of risk involved in working with marketing agencies.

Online marketplaces are a waste of time

At this point you may be thinking - “yeah, but what if I use a marketplace like UpWork or Fiverr?” And you’re right, these platforms do have hundreds of marketers (and micro-agencies) for any kind of skill imaginable but the challenge is - you don’t know who you get.

All you have to go on is their online reviews, which can be fake. There is no data, no transparency, and worst of all - you have to spend hours looking through these long lists of freelancers, communicating with each one, and going back and forth on every project. In the end, these online sites prove to be one giant waste of time.

A new way to find and hire the perfect marketer

There’s gotta be another way to hire marketing talent! What if there was a platform that vetted marketers and then matched them to your business? And what if the payment, communication, and reporting tools would all come built-in?

That’s exactly what Mayple is.

Finally, a platform that matches your business with hand-picked talent based on data

Here at Mayple, we automate three key parts of the process:

1. Matching
We have an exclusive community of 600+ marketing experts that we vet based on their experience in your niche, skillset, communication, reporting, and 50+ more data points. We then match the perfect expert to your business, saving you hours of research.

2. Management
Our platform makes managing these marketers a breeze. We have all the communication, payment, and automation features built in.

Need to update your marketing budget?
Want to see how your campaign is doing?
Want to update your payment?

You can do all of that inside the platform in just a few clicks.

3. Reporting
Finally, here comes the crucial reporting piece. Even if you are already working with a great marketer, you may not know how the rest of your business is doing. We have some of the top reporting and BI tools built into the platform so you could see all your marketing channels and how all of your traffic is converting at a glance.

Find the perfect marketer on Mayple, in 72 hours

It’s finally possible to find and hire the perfect marketing talent for your business. No more hassle, no interviews, no headaches. Mayple makes it super easy to find the right marketer or marketing agency for your needs.

Simply fill out a quick form, jump on a call with one of our team members, and we will match you with a top vetted expert. You’ll meet them, approve their marketing plan, and voila! Your project is live.

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For a limited time, you can get $300 off on your first month with Mayple.

Applies to all our plans. No headaches, no interviews, hire in 72 hours.

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