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Hire Social Media experts based on data

The challenge of assessing social media skills is real. With Mayple you don't need to rely on reviews and fancy sales pitches.
Here you can find from social media freelancers to the best social media marketing agencies.

How Do We Vet The Top Social Media Marketing Experts?

We actually look into the experts’ social media accounts with view-only access or screen-sharing, to see with our own eyes that they are as good as they say they are.

We check their actual past work, account structure, A/B testing methodologies, and 100+ other criteria.

Only the social media marketing experts who have achieved above-benchmark results can become official Mayple experts.

Looking for social media agency? You've come to the right place.

"Your social media expert is definitely amazing thank you for him. He's knowledgeable and we are going to win!" Doreen D.

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Freelance marketplace

Huge effort-low reward

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Dedicated account strategist
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3-4 days
2-4 weeks
8+ weeks
3-4 days
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Based on 1,000+ companies.

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Jade Beason

Founder & CEO

"They match you with a social media company, but then they also provide continuous support and monitoring to ensure that the freelancer who you’re working with"

Doreen D.

Agency Owner Media People

“Mayple’s matching process takes into account so many variables that I wouldn't even have thought of when trying to hire a marketing agency ”

Victor Henning

Ph.D. Founder & CEO, Fjorden

“We found Mayple's mix-and-match approach to be the perfect solution for assembling our marketing dream team”

Jack Benzaquen

Founder & CEO, Duradry

“My secret weapon for success! Whatever you get from Mayple will be FOR SURE above average. You can't go wrong with Mayple. Highly recommended!”

We’re Mayple, And We’ve Got Your Back

Looking for the best social media agency? You've come to the right place. Mayple analysts have compiled a list of top social media agencies across the world. We've rounded up the best social media companies - from full-service to specialty services. Our list of top social media agencies consists of over 6,000 social media marketing agencies based on Mayple's proprietary research methodology—by far the most comprehensive list of top marketing experts across the world.