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Our Happy Customers

Fanny J
Project Coordinator

The workflow is very well thought out - Mayple allows everything to be tracked, managed and mediated.

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Jacob D

The fact that we had both a professional expert to work with, as well as a Mayple account manager, who was always there for service quality control, was very reassuring.

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Nikolaus B
Mentor/ Investor

Having the whole bureaucratic setup part handled in Mayple. It's now a very simple process, which traditionally took multiple phone calls and numerous emails.

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Rio I
Marketing Advisor

The peace of mind, knowing I was getting high level service, with an expert who knows how to help me achieve my business goals

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Misha Jonathan K
Head of Growth

I like the way Mayple operates. They only work with the best. Something we can relate to and appreciate

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Gil E

Options. By submitting our needs we were able to meet multiple professionals who came prepared with a plan of attack. We chose the ones that made the most sense.

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Aristide Basque
Co-Founder, SH1FT

ROI increased four-times over thanks to Mayple's performance. Their proactive communication stands out, as does their large number of in-house experts.

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Alon R
Co-Founder & CTO

We like the innovative approach Mayple has to Marketing Management as a service as whole. They are truly on to something.

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Daniel Y
Chief Operations Officer

The fact the Mayple truly cares and remains in the picture to ensure the whole process with their expert applies best practices.

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Bar S
Web Development Specialist

The peace of mind, knowing I was getting high level service, with an expert who knows how to help me achieve my business goals

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Alia Lisha Provido
HR Officer, XCEED Customer Care Solutions Ltd.

Mayple has managed to boost site traffic and leads across various digital channels. Software development firms can expect knowledgeable resources to take on their account.

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Einat m
Digital Advertising Management

Mayple helped us find a a marketing agency to take charge of our digital marketing effort from A-Z. No more waiting around for a lengthy monthly report which is hard to understand.

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Marketing strategy illustration
Marketing strategy

Detailed digital marketing strategy and action plan, built for your business

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Paid Ads & Media

Facebook ads, Google ads, PPC, Paid Social and Paid Search campaigns

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Content & SEO

Creating and optimize content that drives more traffic and conversions

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Social media

Social Media channels management that engages with your customers

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Conversion optimization

Designing high-converting marketing funnels that maximize your budget

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