Using Mayple VS freelancer marketplaces

To scale successfully, you need to work with experts that don’t just get “digital marketing.” They need to deeply understand your audience, your brand, and the marketing channels you want to use, to help you grow with confidence.

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Will P.

Location Orlando, United States

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Toys & Home Styling

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US & Canada

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Full-funnel strategist

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Your marketing can make or break your business. So why settle for anything less than the very best?

Your brand deserve more than being served a long list of freelancers, with no other context. Some could be good, but most of them won’t be. Some might be a good fit, but most of them aren’t.

Freelance Marketplaces

It’s the wild-wild-west…

Everyone's a self-proclaimed "expert", they’re unvetted, and reviews are hard to believe these days

Can be cheap when you're on a tight budget


Guaranteed talent quality

Data-driven vetting

Top experts in your niche

AI-powered matching

Impartial Growth Strategist

We'll recommend a different channel/expert if needed

Unbiased monitoring

Our platform tracks key metrics and campaign performance

Modular marketing team

Build your a-team with a few easy clicks


Freelancer marketplace

Mayple matches the perfect marketer for your business growth

Brands who switched from freelance marketplaces to Mayple

DuraDry, an eCommerce brand that sells health products to deal with extensive sweat switched from using freelance marketplaces to Mayple in February 2019 and has never looked back

Jack Benzaquen

Jack Benzaquen

My secret weapon for success!

I continuously hit my head against a wall by trying marketers referred by friends, sourced from Upwork, or that I met at a conference. It seems that nowadays everyone is a "digital marketer".

Maple understands the industry and vets marketers based on metrics, not by how friendly or good at talking they are. So whatever you get from Mayple will be FOR SURE above average. You can't go wrong with Mayple. Highly recommended!

When comparing Mayple to freelance marketplaces, ask yourself these 5 questions


Can freelance marketplaces provide me with top-performing or expert marketing talent?

Freelance Marketplaces

Marketplaces are unvalidated or do not vet their service providers


Mayple uses a data-driven, exhaustive vetting process based more than 141 criteria, with full visibility of our experts’ past performance


Can freelance marketplaces provide me with top-performing or expert marketing talent?

Freelance Marketplaces

Basic matching based on industry experience


Mayple uses 25-50 matching success factors to match you with a top-performing marketing expert, including niche experience, target audience, professional skill set and even personality!


Do Freelance Marketplaces invest in ensuring my success?

Freelance Marketplaces

Transactional deals only


Your Mayple platform includes:

  • Unbiased,  continuous monitoring system of your experts’ performance
  • Live reports & management tools
  • Monthly recommendations


Do Freelance Marketplaces know my business well enough to recommend the right experts or services for my growth?

Freelance Marketplaces

Basic introduction calls and data collection from your business


Mayple does because before you begin, you get:

  • An in-depth marketing brief
  • Ad account integrations
  • A 1 on 1 growth strategy meeting
  • An impartial, dedicated Success Strategist who is by your side to help make sure you grow

Trusted by industry leaders

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