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Revolutionizing Customer Revenue: How to Increase NRR at Scale

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July 15th




Greg Daines

Ceo of ChurnRX

Jay Nathan

COO at ChurnKey

Irit Eizips

CCO & CEO of CSM Practice


In a world where customer success teams face increasing pressure to demonstrate ROI, strategic leaders must find innovative ways to combat churn and drive expansions.

This exclusive webinar is tailored for senior leaders who are ready to tackle these challenges head on:

Dedicated CS resources are not available to all customers due to scalability considerations.

Partners excel in high-value projects but are less effective and measurable for SMBs.

Digital touchpoints are limited in impact and rely on self-learning curbs of customers.

Many SMBs struggle to maximize the value of the platforms they invest in due to a lack of knowledge and time, leading to dissatisfaction and eventual churn.

Implementing AI in a manner that enhances rather than detracts from the human touch customers expect, ensuring its full impact is recognized.

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Watch an exclusive event where industry experts Greg Daines, Irit Eizips, and Jay Nathan will share actionable strategies that SaaS companies can implement to reduce churn and turn long-tail customers into a significant revenue stream.

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Agenda & Speakers:

Business expertise: The Secret Weapon for Customer Success

Dedicated CS resources are not available to all customers due to scalability considerations.

Declining customer loyalty trends and why customers really stay.

The 3 laws of customer retention: How customer behavior change is the missing link.

Why business expertise is crucial for customer results, retention, and expansion.

Greg Daines

CEO of ChurnRX

about speaker

Greg, also known as “the churn doctor,” is a leading expert on customer churn and driving durable growth. As a founder, CEO, customer success leader, and consultant, he challenges conventional thinking. Known for his groundbreaking research on customer churn, Greg helps companies solve churn issues and build durable growth. He is a frequent keynote speaker and podcast guest, and works closely with industry leaders as an executive coach and business transformation consultant. Greg holds advanced degrees in business and economics from MIT and Cambridge University.

Rethinking Customer Success: Are your customer success efforts leading to inefficiency and mediocrity?

Enhance departmental processes and foster genuine empathy to transform your customer success strategy.

The white-glove customer success model often leads to inefficiency and mediocrity.

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) handle multiple tasks, creating a "jack of all trades" scenario.

Internal process weaknesses, such as sales-to-onboarding handoffs and product feedback management, pose challenges.

Jay Nathan

COO at ChurnKey

about speaker

Jay Nathan is one of the foremost customer success experts in the world and a major thought leader in the CS space. As the EVP and CCO at Higher Logic and the co-founder of Gain Grow Retain, Jay has played a crucial role in shaping modern customer success practices. With his extensive experience, Jay is an expert in building scalable customer success programs that drive customer retention and growth. He frequently shares his insights at industry conferences and through various publications, making significant contributions to the customer success community.

A fireside chat: Increasing NRR to 120% at scale

Join us for an exclusive fireside chat with Irit Eizips, a world-renowned thought leader in Customer Success. Recognized since 2013 as a top Customer Success strategist and influencer, Irit founded CSM Practice, the first customer success strategy consulting firm. She has helped hundreds of companies optimize their customer success practices. Gain insights from her extensive experience and learn from her valuable educational content shared through her YouTube channel, podcast, and resource library.

Irit Eizips

CCO & CEO of CSM Practice

about speaker

Irit Eizips is a world-renowned thought leader in Customer Success methodologies and best practices. Since 2013, she has been consistently voted among the top Customer Success strategists and influencers. In 2014, Irit founded CSM Practice, the first customer success strategy consulting firm in the world. The firm has worked with hundreds of companies to optimize their customer success practices and produces educational content for the Customer Success community, including the ‘CSM Practice’ YouTube channel, podcast, and CS resource library.

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