Mayple assures your marketing expert stays focused on continuously growing your business and ROI

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Ongoing monitoring and quality assurance

Quality is achieved by constantly challenging and striving for more
Mayple challenges your project’s marketing experts so they keep delivering better results.
We provide monthly audit reports that identify the gaps that need to be overcome, and the opportunities that should be seized.

What do we check?

Use of advanced tools
Your results compared to the industry benchmark
Implementation of best practices
Trends of your project results
The marketing experts’ service level

Meet your personal account manager, a.k.a the Maypler

Someone you can rely on and trust will keep an eye on your project
Technology allows us to drive results based on data. The Mayplers are here to work with you, hand in hand.
We have the resources and the know-how to fight and ensure your project is managed in the most professional way, so you get ‘the win’ your business deserves
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