How Fair Fintech Went from 0 to 1,062 New Customers in 60 days

Wow, you guys rock! We couldn't believe it at first, but here we are. Working with Mayple has been a wonderful experience for our business.







About Fair Fintech

GoodStuff Juice sells juice cleanses and organic, cold-pressed juices.
The brand was stuck at around $12k/month in revenue and wanted to scale to $20k/month in revenue.

Previously, they were just relying on word of mouth from their brick and mortar store customers, organic social media, and an email list. But they knew it wasn't enough.

They decided to invest in improving their Facebook ads to bring more traffic and conversions to their Shopify store.

Challenge & goals:

The brand did not find ways to grow beyound $12k/month in revenue and was looking to scale dramatically.

Fair is a new player in the crowded neobanking space and did not have the budget for marketing headcount. We needed a budget-friendly solution to help us kick-start our marketing initiatives.

The agency we engaged before working with Mayple was inexperienced and simply couldn’t produce the profitable results growth we were looking for.

A new, inexperienced agency was hired shortly after the launch of Fair, but was ultimately eliminated due to lack of expertise and results.

That’s why Pedro was the perfect match for Fair Fintech

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Pedro M.

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Fair Fintech was an exciting project to work with, in the rapidly growing and challenging Fintech industry. Their mission, product, and vision really inspired me to do my best and help them grow. 

Strategies the expert used


Pedro identified key steps from the long account creation process to track and send meaningful data so the ad-platform algorithms could better optimize towards the main goal.


Pedro did extensive audience and persona research based on the client’s insight and historical advertising performance data to improve ad targeting.


He implemented audience segmentation strategies to test and analyze which audiences were driving the best results so we can scale.





I really enjoy working with Mayple. They're very organized and have an excellent support team to help us along the way to ensure we're set up for success.