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Enjoy the freedom to choose your clients and define your workload without worrying about business back-office bureaucracy
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Why is joining Mayple such a sweet deal for marketers?

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Easily connect with your customers
Mayple facilitates a positive customer relationship:
Receive a clear business brief that’s easy to follow
Connect to customer’s ad accounts with just a few clicks
Built-in advanced reporting to share your progress
Have any work disputes mediated
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Get paid on time!
Get paid for the work you do each month
Make use of our professional and service support teams
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Choose your own projects
Mayple’s AI matching process fits you with the best-suited projects for your expertise. You determine your workload, project types, and work process
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Free use of technology tools
As a Mayple expert you’ll have access to an ever-growing array of advanced technology tools to support your professional performance: proposal builders, automatic ad account integration, advanced analytics and reporting, shared creative hub and more
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Expand your skillset as part of an exclusive marketers’ community
Mayple’s AI matching process fits you with the best-suited projects for your expertise. You determine your workload, project types, and work process

How to become a Mayple Expert

Create your Mayple expert profile
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Introduce yourself
We and your future clients want to get to know you. Tell us about yourself and your professional passions
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Add your skills
Your set of skills is all the knowledge and tools you’ve collected along the way that make you an expert marketer.  Let us know about them
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Get vetted
Our vetting process is part of the assurance we give our customers. We’ll review your past performance so clients can feel confident enough to trust you and your level of expertise
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Start Maypling!
Choose the projects you want to work on, submit your offer and make the magic happen.. We’re here to back you up with technology, management tools, and a dedicated account manager. Your success is our success as well

Welcome to the largest digital marketing distributed team in the world

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Dunstan Tough
Digital Marketing Consultant
"As a freelancer, it's great to have Mayple as our support team to help with any customer-related matters. Thanks to Mayple we have gotten to work with some really exciting startups and growing companies. We’d recommend them for both freelancer and marketing agencies alike."
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Aleksandra Szkopek
Facebook Instagram Marketing Solutions Consultant
"Mayple has made me an even better PPC expert than I was before. They have a very high standard of service and are devoted to ensure I continuously provide better results for my campaigns. This is done with friendly advice, best practice tips I can implement, and information resources I learn from and my work is better for it."
Tom photo
Tom Murzenski
Director of Technology, Online Marketing at Impel Digital
"Being a PPC expert with Mayple is really the best of both worlds. I enjoy the flexibility and independence of being a freelancer without all the messy shortcomings such as complicated account set-up and running after clients to get paid."
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Marketing and Advertising agency
“Mayple has been the main factor in our recent growth as a marketing agency. Not only do they match us with potential clients they enable us to give our customers a positive marketing management experience, which in turn builds their loyalty, trust, and retention.”
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