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Looking for the best person to manage your email marketing campaigns? Look no further, find the perfect candidate through Mayple.

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Looking for the best person to manage your email marketing campaigns? Look no further, find the perfect candidate through Mayple.

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Email Marketer

Looking for the best person to manage your email marketing campaigns? Look no further, find the perfect candidate through Mayple.

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Deepak Shukla

Deepak helped Rivalry to rank for 20k+ organic keywords in the US and over 70k+ keywords globally in under 12 months with an extensive on-page and off-page SEO strategy.

Ashna Rana CRO

Ashna was the lead CRO manager for PrettyLitter, a subscription product, where she optimized the marketing funnel and was able to increase the conversion rate 35% test after test. As a result, the company was able to expand to Pinterest Ads, Facebook ads, and affiliate marketing.

Kelly Benson - Marketing manager & Growth marketer

Kelly developed a 6-month marketing strategy that included paid ads, SMM, mobile marketing, and marketing automation, resulting in an increase in ROI by 1200% in just 6 months.

Kelly Beaudin Strategy

Kelly created a partnership with BuzzFeed, launched a financial BootCamp for customers, and created viral content using influencers and UGC. The campaign resulted in a +6.5% lift in awareness and a +25% increase in customers' perception of the brand, helping to drive loyalty and sales.

Igor Zvagelsky

Igor promoted NY Fashion Week events using Google Ads, increasing the number of attendees at events and decreasing the cost per lead by 50%.

Jason Hui

Jason helped Vitamin Energy grow monthly email marketing revenue 6x in less than 6 months and increased attributed revenue from email to 40% of the total sales of the business.

Jack Nelson - CRO

Jack led the CRO strategy for BeatBread, launched various conversion optimization campaigns, implemented advanced tracking & analytics, and exceeded KPI target by 75%.

Marija Todorovic

Marija grew Brightech's Instagram page to over 30k followers and its cumulative online presence to 200k followers using secondary accounts in just 12 months.

Brenna Kleiman

Brenna led advertising campaigns at Jessica Simpson where she increased ROAS by 250% using Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram ads, and Google Shopping.

Katrina Julia

Katrina led an influencer marketing & PR campaign for this tourism brand that resulted in a funding round of $3M.

Jamie Simoni

Jamie helped build American Eagle Outfitter's online community to 15M+ followers and was integral in setting up the award winning Live Your Life influencer marketing campaign.

Angel Djambazov

Angel led influencer marketing campaigns for Keen and helped them grow to over 200k+ followers on Instagram and become one of the most loved apparel brand in the world.

Dhariana Lozano

Dhariana grew Remy's Instagram account to 10k+ followers, increased leads from social media (LinkedIn and Instagram) by 120% and increased organic views on Linkedin by 310%.

Roman Hotsiak

Roman created seven email campaigns that led to this beauty brand's revenue to increase by 56% in just 6 months.

Dan Ware

Dan created a strategic marketing plan for Mountain Dew and produced and executed 360 engagement platforms - Dare to Do, All Star Weekend, and others. These campaigns improved brand awareness, affinity and sentiment levels.

Dorian Reeves SMM

Dorian grew Lenskart to over 10k followers and increased engagement by 50%.

Jay Neyer

Jay executed a comprehensive SEO strategy that increased organic traffic by 98%, increased top 10 keywords by 190% and total keywords by 262%.

Pete Opakunle - PPC

Pete increased ROAS for Gillette by 4.2X, increased CTRs by 40%-60%, achieved the desired CPA within 2 weeks of the campaign launch using Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram ads.

Kelly Beaudin social media

Kelly grew Adobe's LinkedIn community by 97% and increased monthly engagement by more than 1,000% within one year. Adobe was recognized as one of the "Best LinkedIn Company Pages" for two years in a row. Kelly also grew Adobe Creative Cloud to 1M subscribers with a comprehensive social media strategy.

Edwin Gan - CRO

Edwin helped CloudWaitress generate 2x conversions for 3+ consecutive months. They gained 10,000 new users and became one of Australia's fastest-growing startups with 700% growth.

Limor Gurevich

Limor grew our email list by 200% and took our email program from $0 to $6k/month in just a few months using popups + email flows + email marketing automation.

Gustavo Morais

Gustavo took Amaz, a Yerba Mate sparkling drink brand, from $0 to $50k sales per month in just a few months by designing and launching their eCommerce website and executive a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Hire Email Marketer

Table of contents

Why is Email Marketing so Powerful? 

Email marketing is by far the most lucrative marketing channel of them all. Brands make $44 for every $1 they spend on email marketing, and on the B2B marketing side, companies are still expected to be contacted through email. Ecommerce brands live and thrive because of correctly executed email marketing campaigns.

The best way to engage with your audience on a consistent basis is through email. All your marketing channels ultimately lead to your email list. The traffic from your Facebook marketing, Google ads, organic social media marketing, or SEO efforts all land on your site and hopefully convert to either paying customers or at least new email subscribers. At that point, the best way to communicate with current and potential customers to keep them engaged with your brand is through email marketing.

An expert email marketer needs to know the specific industry of the brand or business intimately. If it’s an eCommerce brand, there are some very specific touchpoints along the customer journey where the brand needs to delight the customer and send them the appropriate email. 

What does an email marketing strategy include?  

Email marketing is powerful because every traffic source and online marketing channel lands on your site. If you set up a popup and connect it with very specific email marketing flows or sequences (sometimes called email drip campaigns) then you end up converting that traffic.

Every comprehensive digital marketing strategy contains a variety of channels that all depend on the conversion rate of your site. Through the right email marketing efforts, brands are able to improve those conversions and increase their sales. 

Successful email campaigns combine UGC, product reviews, automation, and good design to help you increase the conversion rate of all of your traffic. 

We’re talking about the order confirmation email, shipping confirmation, delivery confirmation, the thank you email, the cart abandonment, and the post-purchase email. It’s hard to get each of these email campaigns right.

A true email marketer needs to be an expert in email copywriting, sales writing, content writing, graphic design, have the email platform knowledge, and the digital marketing automation chops to truly excel in this role.

That’s where Mayple comes in. We are veteran marketers ourselves and we’ve built an extensive community of the top email marketing experts in the world. We can match your brand with the perfect vetted email marketer, with proven industry-specific results, that will make sure your brand is firing on all cylinders.

Grow your leads and sales with the right email marketing strategy

Email marketing is a really cost-effective strategy to grow your leads and sales. Email tools and platforms are fairly inexpensive and the results you get from each campaign can make a massive difference in your business.

Email marketing also improves the conversion rates and success of all your demand generation (organic or paid), whether that's Facebook advertising campaigns, Google ads, customer loyalty programs, so it works really well in combination with the other digital marketing channels you already have.

Another powerful feature of this channel is email automation. An expert email marketer can literally power up a tool, set up custom flows for 10-15 different scenarios, and automate it all with AI software. That way, the right email gets automatically sent to the right customer at the right time.

Another huge opportunity is email segmentation. There are myriads of tools and techniques that allow you to segment your audience in a smart way to maximize profit and engagement. This allows you to focus on the lifetime value of the customer (CLV) instead of burning your lists with mindless discounts and having to continue investing in more Facebook ads. With a focus on CLV, you can improve the rate of repeat purchases and ensure the long-term growth and scalability of your business.

What should you look for when hiring an email marketer? 

The most important thing to look for is a proven track record of managing similar email campaigns for similar companies. They should also have experience in your industry or business niche. They should be analytical, be savvy with tools like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and Shopify Analytics, and be able to A/B test and optimize email campaigns. They should also be organized, excel at marketing communication, and genuinely love everything that has to do with email marketing. 

Which skills should every great email marketer have?

Email marketing is both an art form and a science. It takes good copywriting, elegant design, and some very technical skills to provide an unforgettable brand experience for the customer. Here are some of the most important skills that an expert email marketer needs to have.


The email subject line and preview text are the two most important sentences in the email. They need to be compelling enough for the user to click and open the email. Then comes the headline of the email and the rest of the text. 

The email content is super important and because most of us are checking email on our smart devices, it needs to be short, sweet, and to the point, just like the call to action (CTA). A good email marketer needs to be a master copywriter. Some email specialists get asked to help with social media content creation as well so content marketing skills are essential for this role. 


Whether you are working with an in-house or freelance designer, the email marketer needs to have some design chops to lead the charge. They need to be able to understand the best image sizes to use, color contrasts, and be up-to-date with all the latest email design standards. People absolutely do judge a company by the look of their email, and design is by far the most important element of each email. 

Even if you already have a design team it’s important to have an email marketer in your company who is skilled and knowledgeable and can quickly edit an image at the last minute.


An expert email marketer needs to know how to segment their list. This is a key aspect of digital marketing automation that can literally drive your sales through the roof. A smart email marketer knows to create different customer segments, send out different messaging to each, and optimize as they go.

Customer journey

It’s super important for the email marketer to see the big picture and keep messaging consistent throughout the customer’s through the digital marketing funnel. Email newsletters are meant to target the lead in the awareness stage, promotional emails are meant to close a lead with high-intent, while post-purchase emails are meant to delight the customer after they purchase.


Retention is absolutely key. It’s so easy to burn through an email list with incorrect email campaign messaging. Sometimes novice marketers rush to close the customer by blasting them with coupons and last-minute offers. That may work in the short term but it can certainly decrease customer retention in the long run. That’s why you need a veteran email marketer that knows the delicate balance between increasing sales and ensuring long-term retention.

A/B testing

Every audience is different and it’s crucial to test different messaging, subject lines, and email copy and continue to optimize. A lot of email marketing consultants may suggest a broad A/B testing strategy but you need someone that is able to plan and execute every test and interpret the data. 

Light HTML coding

A good email marketer needs to know how to code in HTML, change email templates, and create customizations. Even if you have an in-house team of developers working with an email marketer that knows how to edit HTML templates or create templates from scratch is a huge advantage. 

Email deliverability & list cleaning

It’s important to continuously monitor how many emails actually get to the recipient's inbox, and continue to clean your email list. If you keep a lot of un-engaged leads on your list your email deliverability will slowly go down and it will affect your active subscribers. This is another technical aspect of email marketing that’s absolutely crucial.

SMS & omnichannel integrations

Email marketing becomes even more powerful when you combine it with other channels like SMS, push notifications, and chat messages. Every digital marketing strategy needs to have a number of channels that all work together. A good email marketer needs to know how to use all the various omnichannel tools and how to make them all work together to improve the overall of the brand’s email list and turn those leads into sales.

Email tool generalist

There are a ton of different email tools on the market today. We’re talking about Mailchimp, Klaviyo, ReSci, Zaius, MailerLite, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more. Your company needs a versatile email marketer that can work with any of the tools and marketing platforms in your marketing tech stack. 

Every year there is new email marketing software coming out on the market and an email marketer needs to know each new generation of tools intimately. They also need to work well with your internal team of in-house employees.

Analytics expert

Last but not least, every freelance email marketing expert you hire should be a master in analytics. They should be able to use Google Analytics to see how all the various channels interact with each other, and which campaigns and leads work best for each target audience.

Which KPIs should an email marketer focus on? 

An expert email marketer would first audit your account and then create an email strategy based on your current metrics and your future goals. The most common key performance indicators (KPIs) that you should ask about when you interview candidates are - open rates, bounce rates, deliverability rates, and click-through rates (CTR). 

When should you hire an email marketer?

Sadly a lot of brands don’t put enough time and effort into email marketing. Some brands don’t put the energy into creating winning emails, or segmenting their lists, or even making sure that their lists are healthy and their emails actually get delivered to the customer. 

If you don’t have anyone working on your email marketing it’s a great idea to hire a freelance email marketer that has proven experience in your specific niche. And even if you already have a marketing team that is handling all the email marketing campaigns, it’s great to get an expert to take a quick look and see what quick fixes need to be made. 

Hire an expert email marketer to give you a clear picture of your campaign performance what improvements and optimization you need to implement to grow your sales and bring your company to the next level.

Should you hire a freelancer or an email agency?

Email marketing freelancers are great if you want to deal with one person and get projects done quickly. Their prices are often lower than the prices that email marketing agencies would charge you. Freelance email marketers are also much more flexible and can dedicate more time to your project. 

On the other hand, email marketing agencies usually have more experience and can handle and execute large projects.

Hire an email marketer with proven results

Don’t spend two to three weeks hiring an email marketing specialist, vetting through the applications, and then hoping that they will be able to deliver the right results. With Mayple, we vet all of our marketers and only match you with email experts that have proven results in your industry.

Want to find an expert email marketer? Mayple is the best place to hire an email marketing expert.

Extensive vetting process

Gone are the days when you had to look through phony testimonials and call professional references. Mayple’s vetting process is unlike any other. We have an extensive assessment of the marketer’s skill, we look at their data and their track record, and we have them pass a preliminary assignment or mini-project.

Unbiased monitoring

We don’t just match your brand with an expert marketer, we monitor their progress and have regular calls to make sure that you are satisfied with their work. Joining Mayple is like having an All-star team of marketing veterans at your side. We brainstorm solutions, send ideas for the experts and do everything we can to make sure you meet your ROI goals.

Full visibility & transparency

One of the greatest challenges of working with email marketing agencies and freelancers is that it’s hard to view all the data in one place. Sometimes asking for a better dashboard is like pulling teeth. With Mayple, we’ve built a system to display all the relevant data for you in one place that makes it easier both for the brand and for our expert marketers.

A fraction of the cost of a marketing agency

Digital marketing agencies often charge an arm and a leg and have a ton of other clients they are servicing. At Mayple, you can get an expert email marketer with proven industry experience at a fraction of the cost. And you also get a dedicated member of the Mayple team to monitor your project and make sure that everything is firing on all cylinders. With Mayple, your brand gets the expertise and attention it deserves to succeed, all for a fair price. 

Mayple makes it easy to find the perfect email marketer

Our onboarding process is very simple.

Step 1 - you fill out a quick marketing brief about your business. You provide information like your ideal customer personas, business goals, digital marketing campaigns you’ve done so far, and what you are looking to achieve.

Step 2 - we match you with an expert email marketer.

Step 3 - Mayple’s email marketing expert presents their marketing plan for your business.

Step 4 - Once you approve the plan, we get to work. Sit back and watch the magic happen.

Hiring with Mayple


Vetted and backed by AI tracking


Avg. Growth of 380% in 6 months


Monthly subscription


3 min to marketing brief


1/3rd of typical agency costs


What does an email marketer do? 

An email marketer creates original content to engage customers through email. They usually design the emails, send out email newsletters, promotional email campaigns, use audience segmentation and advanced A/B testing techniques to increase sales. 

The email marketer is usually managed by the marketing manager and is part of a larger marketing team. They often help with creating emails to target various parts of the sales funnel such as traffic coming from paid social campaigns or direct response campaigns. 

What is the most popular email marketing tool? 

The most popular email marketing platforms are Mailchimp and Klaviyo. Mailchimp is used for traditional email marketing and is one of the cheapest tools on the market while Klaviyo is specifically made for eCommerce brands to increase their engagement and sales. So if you use Klaviyo you should work with Klaviyo agencies or Klaviyo experts, dedicated marketers that know the tool like the back of their hand.

How much does an email marketer charge? 

On average, email marketing freelancers charge around $1,500-$2,000 per month, while email marketing agencies cost $3,000-$5,000 per month. It depends on the scope of the work, and you might be able to get a quote that's based on the number of campaigns that you want to send out each week/month. 

Top freelance marketers tend to charge more than the average so you really have to look at their track record and whether they have experience in your specific industry. 

What degree do you need for email marketing?

Most marketer jobs require the candidate to have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university. However, that's not indicative of the skill or expertise of the email marketer. You should hire freelance email marketers that have a proven track record in running email campaigns in your particular industry or niche.

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