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10 Best Shopify Agencies in 2024

Want to grow your Shopify store? Want to launch new channels and marketplaces? Here are the best Shopify marketing agencies you should work with to grow your brand.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated April 30, 2024.

best shopify agencies

Establishing an online presence or optimizing your existing eCommerce platform requires a strategic partnership with professionals who understand the intricate dance of technology, design, and user experience. This is especially true if you're navigating the ever-evolving Shopify platform, which boasts millions of merchants and has made $812 billion in sales since its inception. Here's our pick of the best Shopify agencies to work with if you want to elevate your Shopify experience.

Our top picks for the best Shopify agencies

1. Ruby Street Digital - Best overall

2. Social Kick - Best for health and beauty brands

3. Sensters - Best for experimental yet data-based marketing

4. Tale Digital - Best for collaborative and performance-based marketing

5. Genius - Best for hassle-free marketing campaigns

6. Casa Media - Best for digital marketing campaigns with a creative twist

7. DigiCom - Best for data-based growth marketing

8. The Peachy Company - Best for sustainable eCommerce growth

9. Reach Digital - Best for innovative performance marketing

10. Cedarwood Digital - Best for enhancing online visibility

What is a Shopify agency?

A Shopify agency helps design, develop, and scale Shopify & Shopify Plus stores. This could include web development, digital marketing, running email campaigns, integrating new apps and marketplaces, and handling fulfillment and customer service operations.

Best overall


Ruby Street Digital Cover Image

Empower your business and accelerate its growth

Brief overview

Ruby Street Digital is a dynamic agency helping eCommerce businesses flourish through potent advertising strategies on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. With a keen focus on crafting engaging and result-driven ad campaigns, the agency is all about boosting your online visibility to drive remarkable conversions.

Why we chose Ruby Street Digital

What sets Ruby Street Digital apart is its meticulous approach to ad crafting and strategic placement. The agency is all about creating ads that resonate with the target audience, from dynamic ads to carousel ads, ensuring that every aspect of an ad, including its format and content, is engineered for optimum results.

  • Industry experience - Health and wellness, food and beverage, alternative energy
  • Track record - 4x increase in client bookings, lowering cost per lead by $50
  • Services - eCommerce marketing, PPC, video, Facebook & Google Ads

Pros and cons

Expertise in multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google)

Utilizes advanced tracking mechanisms

Tailored strategies for business growth

No explicit mention of pricing structures

Best for health and beauty brands


Social Kick Cover Image

A stronger, healthier, and more vibrant business

Social Kick uses their expertise in video and creative content to expertly capture each brand's essence and language. Their dedicated team of strategists handles a wide range of services - everything from videos to Facebook and Google Ads, sales funnels, and email marketing.

What sets Social Kick apart is that they position themselves as marketers first and video producers second, ensuring that the content is not only visually appealing but also strategically aligned with your brand’s objectives and audience. Their approach involves a combination of advertising expertise and film direction to create videos that resonate with the target audience, telling a compelling story about why the products are exceptional.

  • Industry experience - Health and beauty
  • Track record - 8x ROAS, 150% increase in sales
  • Services - eCommerce marketing, PPC, strategic video content, Facebook & Google Ads

High-quality video content to enhance brand presence

Tailored packages to suit various business needs

Offers free strategy calls for potential clients

Limited to health and beauty sectors, may not be suitable for diverse industries

Best for experimental yet data-based marketing


Sensters. digital marketing | paid advertising agency | company logo

Digital marketing & creative solutions

Sensters cover it all—digital media strategy, PPC, analytics, A/B testing, email marketing, graphic design, and branding. Positioned as a "nerd rockstar" in the digital marketing realm, Sensters are all about partnership, and they're known for being quite hands-on. Basically, they take the reins in digital marketing so clients can focus on what they do best.

What makes Sensters stand out is their dedication to working hand in hand, their organized and methodical approach, their deep understanding of clients, and their focus on getting real results.

  • Industry experience - Government, media, luxury goods, consumer packaged goods, technology
  • Track record - Over 100 projects implemented in the last five years
  • Services - PPC, social media marketing, digital advertising, content creation

Prestigious clientele, including Forbes and Boucheron, indicating reliability and expertise

Focuses on a data-driven, results-oriented strategy

Team comprises specialists in various fields, ensuring comprehensive solutions

Lack of explicit mention of pricing structures

Best for results-driven performance marketing


Tale Digital

Tell a tale with your digital marketing

Tale Digital, founded in 2014 by a former Google employee, is an award-winning online marketing agency specializing in Paid Search, Display, YouTube, and Paid Social on various platforms, including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Meta Ads, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Amazon Ads. They excel in performance marketing, utilizing tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Hubspot to create effective marketing strategies.

Tale Digital stands out with its extensive European ad network and multilingual skills, providing services in English and Spanish with German, French, Italian, and Dutch partnerships. Their client-focused approach emphasizes giving you, the client, full access and ownership of your ad and analytics accounts, fostering trust and collaboration.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - High client retention, track record going back to 2014
  • Services - Google Ads, Google Shopping, PPC & search ads

Extensive experience and expertise in the digital marketing domain

Comprehensive service offerings across various platforms

Emphasis on client engagement and transparency

Strong testimonials and client satisfaction

Might be overwhelming for small businesses looking for simpler solutions

Best for hassle-free marketing campaigns


A screenshot of Genius Digital Marketing website

Make your marketing dollars work smarter

Genius Digital Marketing isn't your run-of-the-mill agency. They're a full-service outfit serving a bunch of industries. With their innovative data-driven strategies and tactics, they're all about making your marketing budget do the smartest work. It's all about getting you the best bang for your buck.

The agency's strength lies in its diverse team of experts and strategists who are dedicated to amplifying brands and driving revenue. They have a unique approach to marketing, ensuring that every client, irrespective of their niche, is marketed with the intention of continued success.

  • Industry experience - Real estate, B2B lead gen, eCommerce, hospitality
  • Track record - 45% month-on-month social ad conversion rate
  • Services - Google Ads, social media ads, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing strategy, programmatic advertising and content marketing

Versatility and adaptability across various industries

Client-centric approach focused on maximizing ROI

Expertise in leveraging social media platforms for enhanced advertising

Lack of transparency regarding pricing and budget considerations

Best for creative digital marketing


a screenshot of Casa Media homepage

Limitless brand evolution

Casa Media is a one-stop shop for services like SEO, branding, web design, paid ads, and social media management. Their team is all about curiosity, passion, and determination, and they specialize in crafting innovative and creative digital marketing strategies that perfectly match your unique needs and business objectives.

What sets Casa Media apart is their commitment to limitless transformation and customized strategies. Their approach is holistic, ensuring that every client gets the full package of services that not only boost online visibility but also enhance brand presence and overall business success.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - High client retention
  • Services - eCommerce growth, PPC, Search engine optimization (SEO), social media ads

Positive client testimonials emphasizing professionalism and efficiency

Continuous evolution and improvement in strategies and services

Offers a free and personalized digital marketing plan to potential clients

No specific data and metrics are highlighted in their case studies

Best for collaborative marketing



Data-driven and results-focused marketers

DigiCom is an award-winning growth marketing agency that specializes in website development, creative development, and digital marketing. With a focus on transparency and competitive pricing, they have served over 200 clients globally, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

DigiCom is a hands-on partner and data-driven agency that understands that storytelling isn't just about words. It's about weaving a narrative through tone, imagery, and evoking emotions. That's why they have their very own in-house creative studio to help you tell your story. This is in addition to having a handle on more than 30 ad platforms.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - 132% conversion rate increase, 4x increase in conversion volume
  • Services - eCommerce marketing, PPC, Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Over 30 managed ad platforms

Strong client testimonials demonstrating success and satisfaction

Focus on testing and optimization

Lack of detailed information on pricing and specific packages

Best for growth-focused marketing


Very Good
a screenshot of The Peachy Company homepage

Tailored services to maximize your growth

The Peachy Company is an eCommerce-centric growth agency that's all about enhancing your profitability. They offer a comprehensive array of marketing services, with a particular focus on Google ads, social ads, and customer retention strategies. Their main aim is to help you achieve lasting and significant growth metrics.

The Peachy Company's approach is unique, as they emphasize radical transparency, treating customers as people rather than numbers, and providing actionable roadmaps to sustainable growth rather than empty promises.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - 520% increase in ROAS, 124% YoY growth
  • Services - eCommerce marketing, paid search, paid social ads

Strong track record with significant client successes

Tailored services to address specific client needs

Focus on sustainable and profitable growth

The approach might require deeper involvement from the client side

Best for data-driven lead acquisition


Very Good
a screenshot of Reach Digital homepage

Value creation through innovative marketing

Reach Digital is made up of a high-energy marketing team that's passionate about performance, ad creativity, and revenue-boosting A/B testing for websites. Their focus is on enhancing their clients' profits through laser-focused paid media campaigns. What's more, their approach is trusted by a lot of brands, and they've got a rock-solid reputation in the digital marketing world.

For Reach Digital, it's not just about getting people to your website; it's about making that performance translate into some real, tangible growth for you. And the proof is in the pudding: ambitious brands like Goldie Locks and Roam Luggage can't stop singing their praises. They say Reach Digital consistently delivers fantastic ROI and is all about making those conversions happen.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - 4.5x ROAS, 162% YoY growth
  • Services - Performance marketing, social media ads, CRO

Proven track record of delivering high ROI

Strategic revenue optimization through A/B testing

Positive client testimonials highlighting strong partnerships

Lack of public pricing information may deter potential clients

Best for enhancing online visibility


Very Good
Cedarwood Digital

Award-winning digital marketing agency

Cedarwood Digital is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Manchester, celebrated for its comprehensive approach to enhancing business visibility online. With a focus on organic growth, earned media, and finely-tuned paid advertising strategies, Cedarwood leverages a mix of technical SEO, engaging content, and targeted PPC campaigns.

Cedarwood Digital stands out for their fresh take on link-building and digital PR, and with awards like "Best Small Integrated Agency" and "Best Use of PR in Search," they prove their innovative strategies deliver results. The best part is you get direct, expert communication for a personalized and effective campaign.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - 23% YoY organic traffic increase, 1,050% ROAS
  • Services - eCommerce marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads

A proven track record of enhancing online visibility and driving sales for business owners

Direct communication with experts instead of account managers

Tailored eCommerce solutions that align with specific business goals and ROI

Lack of detailed pricing information on their website, with only starting prices provided

Why should you work with a Shopify agency?

Shopify is the largest eCommerce platform in the world. There are over 1.75 million merchants that sell on Shopify and 1.59 million live online stores. The platform has the most apps, plugins, and integrations that can really help propel each eCommerce business forward.

The problem is it takes a long time to figure out which apps and growth strategies to use. Best practices change based on industry, and it could take an eCommerce business months of testing and iterating to nail the user experience and hit their business objectives. That's why it's often better to work with a full-service eCommerce agency that specializes in Shopify marketing and development to be able to scale your store quickly.

What does a Shopify agency do?

There are several things that digital agencies do for online stores.

Development and design

Shopify agencies usually have dev experts who can do custom development to create eCommerce websites from scratch or to develop custom pages. Larger brands create mobile apps that connect with their eCommerce store, so they often require app development experts to create those complex integrations.

The range of services could include:

  • Custom app development
  • Custom themes
  • Checkout optimization
  • Other development services


Shopify agencies cover a variety of areas within marketing. They could conduct CRO campaigns to improve the user experience and pick better app integrations, which would lead to an increase in conversion rates. They may also conduct email marketing and SMS marketing, create and improve the digital strategy, connect new sales channels, and expand to new online marketplaces.

Digital marketing services could include: 

  • Social media marketing - building an online audience of engaged consumers that are ready to buy your product
  • Email marketing - sending email campaigns and newsletters, creating segments, and combining that with SMS and push notifications.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) - content management and optimization of blog posts, product pages and category pages.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) - improving the user experience and conversions of your checkout process
  • Social media advertising and PPC management - running ad campaigns on multiple platforms
  • Amazon Ads - running ad campaigns on Amazon

Ecommerce management

Then there's the third type of eCommerce agency that helps manage fulfillment, operations, and the various sales channels the brand has.

For example, a brand may sell on several marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart, and the digital agency would be in charge of responding to all customer questions, handling tickets, fulfilling all of the orders on time, and running marketing promotions on each marketplace.

Other services that a Shopify expert could provide include:

  • Listing migration services
  • Product fulfillment
  • Running sales and promotions
  • Customer service & returns

Overall, they ensure that each customer has an amazing experience that leads to business growth.

What's a Shopify Plus Partner?

A Shopify Partner is an agency that is certified by the eCommerce platform to have specific expertise. These are the agencies that Shopify deems the most credible and experienced to help eCommerce stores grow. There's also a partnership program component in which Shopify agencies could earn money by upgrading existing merchants to Shopify Plus, selling apps on the Shopify store, and referring new clients through an affiliate link.

Questions to ask your Shopify & Shopify Plus Marketing Agency

  • Which channels do you recommend we use to attract potential customers?
  • Have you worked with similar eCommerce brands in our niche? 
  • What kind of digital marketing campaigns have you run and what were your results?
  • Which marketing channel do you have experience with? Conversion rate optimization? Search engine optimization?
  • Do you have experience developing stores on Shopify or Shopify Plus?
  • What kind of social media content will you create for us?
  • Do you charge a flat fee or an hourly rate?
  • How big is your team? Who will be working on our account?
  • What are the first 5 things you would change about the user experience of our online store?
  • When can you present a comprehensive plan of action to help us grow our store?
  • What kind of return on investment can we expect?
  • Do you have an in-house team of experts? Or do you use freelancers?

Find a Shopify marketing partner you can trust

Want to grow your eCommerce operation but not sure how? Are you struggling to nail the customer experience in your store? Look no further. Mayple has over 1,000+ vetted digital agencies and consultants that can help you achieve your business goals.


How much does a Shopify agency cost?

For basic design or theme development services expect to pay $500-$1,500. To promote your site on different eCommerce platforms or develop eCommerce strategies like conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, or to run ads then you are looking at $3,000-$5,000 depending on the scope of the project.

Why hire a Shopify agency on Mayple?

We have a community of 1000+ vetted Shopify experts with technical expertise running ad campaigns, doing social media marketing, content creation, and testing data-driven strategies to improve your conversion rate and help you reach your business objectives.

How does matching work?

We can match you to the perfect expert who has a record of success running similar campaigns for other brands in your niche. They will work with your in-house team on your timezone and check in with you regularly.

Top Shopify agencies in other locations: