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10 Best Facebook Ads Agencies for Hire in 2024

Need help optimizing your Facebook Ads campaigns? Want to spruce up your creatives, sharpen your ad copy, or increase your ROAS? Here are some of the best Facebook Ads agencies in the world.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated March 31, 2024.

The 10 Best Facebook Ads Agencies

Facebook boasts three billion monthly active users that you can tap into when marketing your products and services. And with help from the right Facebook ads agency, you can take your Facebook advertising strategy to the next level.

Explore our curated list of the 10 best Facebook ad agencies, each recognized for their expertise in crafting compelling ad campaigns, targeting the right audience, and delivering unparalleled success for businesses of all sizes.

» Check out our Facebook advertising guide for helpful tips.

Our top picks for Facebook Ads agencies

1. Mind Ad Media- Best overall

2. PPC Boost- Best for paid search marketing

3. ThinkSocial.Media- Best for comprehensive social media management

4. Mashrokit- Best for strategic social media marketing

5. Three Beacon Marketing- Best for across-the-board social media marketing

6. Delta Marketing- Best for large-scale organic reach

7. Lean Digital- Best for diverse marketing options

8. Ruby Street Digital- Best for combining Facebook and Instagram advertising

9. Social Kick- Best for video content

10. K6 Agency- Best for Facebook focussed marketing

What is a Facebook Ads agency?

It's an advertising agency that is primarily focused on Facebook advertising. A Facebook Ads agency creates the advertising strategy, sets the advertising goals, and creates and optimizes the various advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram.

A full-funnel ad agency usually has a team of Facebook ad experts, copy editors, and graphic designers. The scope of the work they do depends on your monthly budget, meaning an agency would charge you a monthly retainer on top of your advertising costs.

Best overall


a screenshot of MindAd Media website

MindAd Media

Facebook Ads | Google Ads

Brief overview

MindAd Media is renowned for its commitment to improving online store performance and driving sales growth. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum of critical eCommerce elements, including in-depth performance analysis, meticulous tracking, revenue optimization, and savvy media buying.

Why we chose Mind Ad Media

MindAd Media's unwavering commitment to achieving top-notch results makes it stand out. They're all about creating, optimizing, and scaling to help your brand reach its full potential.

  • Industry experience: eCommerce, IT
  • Track record: 15-year track record
  • Services: Facebook ads, Google ads, Amazon ads, email marketing

Pros and cons

Ideal choice for online retailers seeking growth and excellence

Offer customized strategies

Versatility in adapting to various platforms and audience targeting

Limited industry experience

Best for paid search marketing


PPC Boost Image

PPC Boost

Google Ads | Paid Social | Amazon Ads | SEO

PPC Boost is an ROI-focused agency specializing in scaling campaigns for high-growth companies on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Amazon Ads. With a niche in 7-9 figure revenue eCommerce businesses, they excel in helping ambitious businesses grow and scale.

PPC Boost stands out for its ability to target specific audiences, build brand awareness, and effectively leverage visual content. Plus, their expertise ensures precise audience targeting, enhances brand visibility, and creates engaging ad campaigns.

  • Industry experience: Multiple, with main focus on eCommerce
  • Track record: 200% increase in profit, 36.68% YoY increase in ROAS
  • Services: Google ads, paid social, Amazon ads, SEO

eCommerce focused

Strong track record with proven results

Offers a complimentary account audit

No transparent pricing guidelines

Best for comprehensive social media management




SMM | Marketing Strategies | Facebook Ads

ThinkSocial.Media specializes in strategic digital marketing services. They excel in building and maintaining online relationships, focusing on highly targeted social media marketing campaigns.

They craft strategies tailored to your goals, customers, and competition. They also deliver comprehensive end-of-month reports to track, benchmark, and optimize your Facebook advertising performance.

  • Industry experience: Hospitality, fitness and health, specialty contractors
  • Track record: Over 20 years of experience
  • Services: SMM, marketing strategies, social media ads, Facebook ads

A holistic approach to digital marketing across various platforms

Strong social media ads focus, especially Facebook

They offer a trusted advisor relationship

Possible premium pricing for clients

Best for strategic social media marketing


Mashrokit Website


SMM | Content Marketing | Facebook Ads

The team at Mashrokit is passionate about transforming daily activities into compelling social media content, utilizing images, graphic design, and advanced tools to captivate your audience and achieve high click rates.

Mashrokit has attracted large brands, putting them on the map in Israel as a desired digital marketing agency specializing in social media management, specifically Facebook advertising.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Dozens of satisfied client testimonials
  • Services: SMM, content marketing, Facebook ads

Google partnered

Multi-lingual marketing solutions

Proven SMM track record

Small agency offerings, so you may need to substitute some services with other agencies

Best for across-the-board social media marketing


Three Beacon Marketing website

Three Beacon Marketing

Google Ads | Facebook Ads | SEO | Email Marketing

Three Beacon Marketing is a full-service online marketing agency that helps brands create and use content across multiple channels. They'll help you create a holistic content marketing strategy that syncs well with any digital marketing campaigns you may be running.

They are a highly experienced digital marketing firm with many years of experience using various marketing strategies to deliver results. Their expertise is particularly suited to ensuring your advertising efforts reach the most relevant and valuable potential customers.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 211% increase in monthly revenue, $1.5 million in monthly sales, 23+ years of experience
  • Services: Google ads, Facebook ads, SEO, email marketing

Unbeatable track record

Dynamic range of social media marketing solutions

Experience in multiple industries and marketing tactics

May be an expensive option for smaller clients

Best for large-scale organic reach


Delta Marketing Website

Delta Marketing

Social Media Ads | SMM | Marketing Strategy | PPC

Delta Marketing was founded to harness big-agency, big-brand know-how and make it available for all businesses across the UK & Ireland. They work to improve social media marketing ROI by delivering all aspects of digital marketing, including branding, social media, advertising, and design.

Their expertise caters to businesses at every stage, from start-ups to established companies looking to transform their marketing.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 3.14 typical ROI, 1400% social media uplift, 13% return on ad spend
  • Services: Social media ads, SMM, marketing strategy, PPC

IPA approved (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising)

Good option for small businesses

Specialized eCommerce marketing

No pricing guidelines

Best for diverse marketing options


Lean Digital Website

Lean Digital

Social Media Ads | Google Ads | CRO

Lean Digital is a data-driven paid media agency with expertise in PPC, Paid Social, and Programmatic media. Renowned for being a proven strategic partner, they're good at navigating campaign complexities to deliver effective and efficient results across diverse categories.

As an analytical-focused marketing firm, Lean Digital has a solid digital presence and a commitment to results-driven advertising, making it an ideal fit for businesses with ambitious goals.

  • Industry experience: SaaS, FinTech, Retail, and more.
  • Track record: Partnered with Amazon and Microsoft
  • Services: Social media ads, Google ads, conversion rate optimization

A highly diverse range of marketing services

Offers online analytics for clients to monitor growth progress

Programmatic advertising

No pricing available

Best for combining Facebook and Instagram advertising


Ruby Street Digital Cover Image

Ruby Street Digital

Facebook Ads | Google Ads

Ruby Street Digital specializes in driving business growth through strategic advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Their focus is on developing winning ads that span various formats, including dynamic and carousel ads. The agency's commitment lies in engineering both the format and content of ad strategies for optimal results.

Through superior tracking, Ruby Street ensures effective conversion tracking, promising a flood of conversions for businesses seeking impactful and results-driven advertising solutions.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Strong video testimonials
  • Services: Facebook ads, Google ads

Strong focus on Facebook and Instagram

Google partnered


No pricing on the website

Best for video content


Social Kick Cover Image

Social Kick

eCommerce marketing | Video | Facebook Ads

Social Kick offers entrepreneurs a one-stop solution for marketing needs, providing a complete team for videos, Facebook and Google ads, sales funnels, and email marketing. With experts in funnel design, development, digital marketing, and video production, entrepreneurs can streamline their marketing efforts without the need for in-house hires or multiple agencies.

Social Kick's expertise with Facebook and professional video content makes for a winning marketing strategy, especially as video content becomes ever-prevalent in marketing and social media.

  • Industry experience: Moin the style health and beauty sectors
  • Track record: 10x ROAS, 2M in tracked sales, 150% increase in sales
  • Services: eCommerce marketing, video, Facebook & Google ads

Proven track record of thousands of clients

Specialists in emerging video content creation

Diverse teams with multiple marketing mediums

Limited industry expertise may not cover your industry

Best for Facebook focused marketing


K6 Website

K6 Agency

Facebook Ads | Google Ads | SMM

The K6 agency has over 6 years of experience in Facebook ads, social media management, and Google ads for eCommerce brands. They offer borderless performance marketing with experience in CRO, SEO, and web design on smaller projects. Their mission is to help their clients generate results by bringing both ideas and execution to the table.

Having helped over 150 clients generate millions in revenue, K6 is the perfect fit for businesses looking for results-driven Facebook advertising.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 7.8x ROAS, 70% engagement rate, generated over $1M in revenue
  • Services: Facebook ads, Google ads, social media management

Committed to helping clients with everything from strategy to implementation

Highly communicable

Google and Shopify partners

No transparent pricing guidelines

What are the benefits of working with a Facebook Ads agency?

The Facebook algorithm is constantly changing and after the recent iOS 14 changes destroyed Facebook's ability to track iPhone users, it's becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to know how to optimize advertising campaigns on social media platforms.

That's why you must work with an experienced Facebook advertising agency that has worked with businesses in your industry or niche. It's your best shot at creating impactful ads that'll enable you to scale your business.

Do Facebook Ads even work anymore after iOS 14?

Yes, they do. Just because Facebook can't track its users doesn't mean your Facebook ad isn't working. It's just that you can't attribute your sales to it. What you need to do is analyze other metrics such as click-through rates, engagement levels, and website traffic to gauge the effectiveness of your Facebook ad.

How do we evaluate each Facebook ad agency?

Mayple has a rigorous vetting process that every Facebook advertising expert and agency has to go through to be accepted into our community. Here are things that we look for in an ads agency.

We look at their past successes

The most important thing to consider when choosing a Facebook advertising agency is their experience. These are the questions we ask them:

  • Do you have experience with working with a similar target audience? A similar advertising budget?
  • Do you have experience working with brands in a similar niche or industry? What other types of businesses have you done ads management for?
  • Do you have experience with these specific ad types?

We evaluate their skills

Social media advertising takes both experience and skill. There is a whole lot to learn on every social network from the best ad types to use to the best account structure, campaign setup, audience targeting, you name it.

A good digital marketing agency would have an entire team of experts with complementary skills to deliver the best results. To that end, we ask the following questions to determine their skill level:

  • Do you have experience creating custom audiences?
  • Do you have a creative team available?
  • What type of campaigns would you create to target potential customers in every part of the marketing funnel?
  • What other advertising channels do you have experience in?

We make sure they go above and beyond for each customer

Every Facebook Advertising agency we've ranked goes above and beyond in their responsiveness and customer support. We know because, as part of our due diligence, we ask them questions like:

  • How often do you communicate with the customer?
  • Do you check Facebook Ads Manager on an ongoing basis?
  • How transparent are you with your successes as well as failures?

Is Facebook Ads your bread and butter?

If you want to smash your business goals and scale your enterprise using Facebook ads, then you're better off working with an agency focused on Facebook ads or one with a dedicated Facebook ads team.

Specialized agencies focused on Facebook ads provide optimal campaign management, improving your chances of accelerated business growth. To harness these benefits, book a consultation with a top agency on Mayple today and elevate your digital marketing efforts.

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