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Top 5 Facebook Ads Agencies to Hire in the UK

Find local talent for hire to optimize your Facebook ads in the UK!

Dyllan Hopewell
By Dyllan Hopewell

Updated March 31, 2024.

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Running successful Facebook ad campaigns requires expertise that goes far beyond just boosting a post. From detailed audience research and laser-focused targeting to compelling ad creative and continuous campaign optimization, being well-versed in Facebook's ever-improving ads platform can be a lucrative solution for your business if you're looking to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Our picks for the best Facebook Ads agencies in the UK

1. Pixated - Best overall

2. Tale Digital - Best for a small team focusing on personalized Facebook Ads

3. Growth Spin Ltd. - Best for diversified UK-based marketing

4. Common Ground - Best for establishing or optimizing SEO factors in Facebook Ads

5. Cedarwood Digital - Best for a wide range of digital and eCommerce services

With Mayple, you get:

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  • The flexibility to hire or change your experts quickly, based on what’s needed to help drive your brand’s growth at every stage

  • Unbiased monitoring of your Mayple experts on an ongoing basis

  • Easy-to-use dashboards, tools, and more all in one platform

Best overall


a screenshot of Pixated Agency website


Facebook Ads and paid media marketing agency




Facebook Ads | Paid media | Website design| Branding

Pixated is a paid media and web design agency that provides specialist services to startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and brands aiming to increase their return on investment (ROI) from online channels.

Pixated's service offerings encompass Facebook and Instagram advertising, Google ads, and web design. Pixated's expertise is helping businesses maximize their online presence and achieve their marketing objectives through strategic and effective digital marketing solutions.

Strong focus on Facebook and Instagram marketing

Offers influencer marketing and video production/marketing

Partners in Meta Business, Google, Shopify, TikTok, and more

No specific pricing information available online

Best for a small team focusing on personalized Facebook Ads


Tale Digital

Tale Digital

Facebook Ads and paid search agency




Facebook Ads | Google Ads| Instagram Ads | Amazon Ads

Tale Digital is a company founded by an individual who previously worked at Google in the online marketing field since 2008.

Instead of advising leading agencies in London on how to best run their online marketing campaigns, this former Google employee decided to take matters into their own hands and launch Tale Digital. With years of experience and insider knowledge gained from working at one of the tech giants, Tale Digital offers a unique perspective and expertise in executing successful online marketing strategies for its clients.

Strong focus on paid search and paid social advertising

Award-winning Microsoft and Google Partner agency

10-year track record

Small team of experts, if you're looking for a large all-in-one firm

Best for diversified UK-based marketing


a web page for a marketing company

Growth Spin Limited

Facebook Ads and social marketing agency




Facebook Ads | Search ads | Marketing strategy| Design

Growth Spin Ltd. is a growth marketing performance agency based in London, run by an experienced professional. The agency specializes in working with funded startups and scale-ups, helping them plan, build, and execute their marketing and digital strategies.

With a strong focus on user acquisition and retention, Growth Spin Ltd. leverages paid social and search spends to drive effective campaigns for their clients. Their expertise lies in developing and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies and designs that fuel growth and deliver measurable results for businesses looking to expand their reach and customer base.

Experienced in ever-growing FinTech and B2B SaaS services

Strong presence of client testimonials adds to an impressive track record

Free guides and journeys available

Diverse team of marketing professionals available for any task

Their site offers no insight to pricing or packages

Best for establishing or optimizing SEO factors in Facebook Ads


Common ground digital | digital marketing agency

Common Ground Digital

Facebook Ads and SEO agency




Facebook Ads | SEO | Google Ads | PPC

Common Ground is a SEO-focused digital marketing agency that consistently delivers the visibility, traffic, leads, and conversions their clients need, while providing the highest levels of service they expect.

With a proven track record across multiple sectors, Common Ground excels in designing and implementing campaigns across organic and paid channels like Facebook that drive double or triple-digit growth for their clients. The agency's expertise lies in crafting and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies that are tailored to meet each client's unique goals and objectives.

High presence of SEO in their marketing strategies

Offers a kickoff analysis to measure KPIs for optimization

Multiple branches across the UK, including Oxford, Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham

Lacks pricing transparency which may indicate high costs of services

Best for a wide range of digital marketing and eCommerce services


Cedarwood Digital

Cedarwood Digital

Full-suite digital marketing agency




Facebook Ads | SMM | SEO | Copywriting & content

Cedarwood is a digital marketing agency with more than a decade of experience in the industry, having worked with some of the biggest and smallest names in the UK. The agency boasts a proven track record and an exceptional client retention rate, a testament to their expertise and client satisfaction.

Cedarwood's team holds certifications in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Bing Ads, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and best practices. Additionally, Cedarwood's professionals serve as Digital Skills Trainers for industry giants like Google and Facebook, further solidifying their position as thought leaders in the field.

With a deep understanding of digital marketing strategies and a commitment to delivering results, Cedarwood provides clients with tailored solutions to meet their unique business objectives.

Offers digital skills training

Award-winning agency in UK and Europe

Very strong and comprehensive track record of achievements available

No offers of packages or pricing which may be hefty from such a prestigious agency

How hiring on Mayple works

Hiring a Facebook Ads agency on Mayple is super simple. It’s a quick 3-step process.

1. Schedule a call with Mayple

Jump on a quick call with us and tell us your business type, main challenges and goals, current marketing efforts, and what type of marketer or agency you’re looking for.

2. Meet your expert

Our awesome AI will match you with the perfect expert, and you will jump on a short meeting with them to discuss strategy.

3. Start your project

Once you've picked your expert, you can start your project. There are no contracts; it’s a flexible month-to-month plan with full transparency. And you get a marketing strategy from Mayple’s team to help you strategize.


How do I hire a Facebook Ads agency in/near the UK on Mayple?

You fill out a quick brief, jump on a call with our team, and tell us your needs and challenges. Then, we will use our awesome AI software to help find the ideal candidate for your needs, and you will be able to schedule a call with them. Once you approve their plan you are ready to start your project.

When I hire a freelancer/agency on Mayple, does Mayple help manage the project?

Our job is to connect you to the best marketing expert or agency for your needs. You will be able to communicate directly with them, and we will be there in the background, making sure that the work is done up to standard, and will be able to help you create a marketing strategy and touch base on a regular basis.

How much does it cost to hire a Facebook Ads agency?

We have standard pricing plans that you can find here. The monthly amount will depend on your needs - how many channels you want the expert to manage and how many campaigns they would be running.

Why hire a Facebook Ads agency in/near the UK on Mayple?

All our experts are vetted by us and have proven experience in your specific niche and marketing channel. Unlike other marketplaces and platforms, we do all the work for you. Our AI matches you with the best expert or agency, that’s vetted by us, so you don’t have to waste hours of your time vetting, interviewing, and checking references for your candidates. Skip the learning curve and hire a true expert on Mayple.

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