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10 Best Amazon Experts to Grow Your Store in 2024

Want to sell more, build customer loyalty, and supercharge your online business? Connect with the best Amazon experts who can help you grow your store with their proven strategies and in-depth knowledge of the platform.

Dyllan Hopewell
By Dyllan Hopewell
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Updated July 16, 2024.

Intimidated by Amazon's colossal $1 trillion marketplace? Struggling to scale your Amazon sales? Don't panic. You're not the only one! You can work with an Amazon consultant to guide you through making it big on Amazon. After combing through our database, we've created a list of the 10 best experts to guide you on your journey to improved ROI, increased sales, and a highly optimized Amazon store.

Our top picks

How we choose the best experts

Every expert must go through a data-based vetting program before their profile can go live on This is how we vet our experts:

  • Proven track record of results: We get view-only access to the experts’ accounts and analyze the results they’ve achieved for different brands, according to their niches. Only the marketers that have achieved above-benchmark results can become official Mayple experts
  • Professional practices: We have a long list of best practices per skill set that determines whether a marketer is professional or not. This is compared against their actual past work, for example, their account structure, A/B testing methodologies, and 100+ other criteria so we don’t miss a single thing.

Other than that, we also provide unbiased monitoring services. Our monitoring system checks over 180 parameters relating to the professional level of work and your campaigns’ KPIs, to help ensure a high chance of success. Here are some of the parameters we monitor:

  • A/B testing methodology

  • Account structure

  • Naming convention

  • Targeting approach

  • Shopping ads methodology

  • Attribution models

  • Revenue & ROAS

  • KPI's: CTR, CVR, CPA & more

  • Change-log

  • Funnel conversion rates

Top 5

1. Nik H. - Best for growth and scalability on Amazon's marketplace

2. Irina B. - Best for consumer insights into Amazon marketing

3. John H. - Overall best Amazon expert

4. Solomon K. - Best Amazon expert overall

5. Barbara H. - Best for unconventional and creative Amazon marketing

Brief overview

Nik, the founder of eCommerce brand Vitafive, has scaled his business to multiple 7-figure success and selectively works with other brands. He favors those with unique propositions, strong branding, and reasonable pricing, applying his expertise to help them achieve significant growth.

Why we chose Nik

Nik's impressive portfolio showcases his ability to achieve outstanding results for Amazon brands, significantly reducing advertising costs and growing monthly revenues. His talent lies in identifying conversion-boosting strategies and strategically scaling them for maximum impact. Having elevated brands from $20,000 to $84,000 in just three months, Nik now focuses on helping others scale or cut costs on Amazon.

  • Budget: Up to $100k

  • Experience: 9+ years

  • Industry focus: Vitamins & supplements, vision care, nutrition, camping, outdoors, sports, fitness, food & beverages, pets

Brief overview

Irina is a passionate marketer focused on driving profitable growth. She excels at understanding target consumers and crafting consumer-centric strategies. Her approach leads to increased sales and strong returns on marketing investments.

Why we chose Irina

Irina's diverse experience spans small and large brands, most recently leading a multinational retailer's eCommerce marketing strategy. Her exceptional talent and readiness to tackle challenges make her a valuable asset. She is well-positioned to deliver outstanding results in marketing and eCommerce.

  • Budget: Up to $100k

  • Experience: 10+ years

  • Industry focus: Vitamins & supplements, health & wellness, bath & body, home improvement, fashion, accessories, cosmetics

Brief overview

John is an Amazon and paid media expert with more than 15 years of experience in driving fantastic results: 120% sales growth in one project, 1000% ROAS in another, and the list goes on—whatever project John touches becomes an amazing success.

Why we chose John

John's consultative approach maximizes your marketing investment by combining his expertise with your company's insights. This synergy allows for swift and effective realization of objectives, regardless of your business stage. Whether you're just starting out or have an established web presence, John helps achieve your goals.

  • Budget: Up to $100k

  • Experience: 15+ years

  • Industry focus: Art and entertainment, Technology, Sports and outdoors, Real estate, Fashion and beauty, Health and wellness, Home and garden, Professional services

Brief overview

Solomon, a seasoned food and supplements industry professional, has collaborated with numerous brands. His expertise includes working with internal marketing teams and independently managing Amazon campaigns. He brings extensive experience to his projects.

Why we chose Solomon

Solomon excels in all aspects of Amazon, from listing optimization to managing large-scale ad operations. His efficiency, creativity, and collaborative spirit make him invaluable for brand growth. At Solomon Solution, he recruits top talent and has achieved remarkable success for clients ranging from startups to global enterprises.

  • Budget: Up to $100k

  • Experience: 5+ years

  • Industry focus: Bath & body, gardening, home decor, home improvement, clothing, fashion, shoes

Brief overview

Barbara is a seasoned digital marketer specializing in data-driven Amazon advertising strategies. With over a decade of experience, she prioritizes in-depth research to develop tailored solutions for each client. Her expertise lies in crafting customized advertising campaigns from scratch, aligned with specific business objectives.

Why we chose Barbara

Barbara's professional journey highlights her exceptional Amazon marketing skills and leadership in creating effective marketing tools and programs. Her strategic marketing insights, gained from her educational background, are directly applied to her work. Her expertise makes her an ideal choice for driving successful marketing initiatives.

  • Budget: Up to $100k

  • Experience: 14+ years

  • Industry focus: Vitamins & supplements, gaming, baby products, fashion & cosmetics, tax and accounting, consulting services

Brief overview

Stephen, with over a dozen years of experience as a digital marketing expert, specializes in search engine marketing and paid media (SEM/PPC) on Amazon.

Why we chose Stephen

Stephen has successfully worked with both B2C and B2B brands across various industries, specializing in eCommerce and service-based businesses seeking lead generation. His expertise in paid media includes optimizing campaigns on Amazon, Google, and Bing Ads to drive calls, form fills, and online sales. His proven track record makes him an ideal choice for businesses looking to boost their digital marketing efforts.

  • Budget: Up to $100k

  • Experience: 12+ years

  • Industry focus: Art, home decor, insurance, auto services, fashion, eCommerce, medical care

Brief overview

Kate, a detail-oriented marketing strategist, champions a holistic approach to improving business KPIs. She excels in campaign development and optimization, focusing primarily on driving growth and maximizing performance across digital channels.

Why we chose Kate

Kate excels in PPC, Amazon SEO, content marketing, and digital strategy. Her diverse skills include optimizing product listings, keyword analysis, enhancing conversion funnels, attracting qualified traffic, and elevating branding efforts. She is a versatile expert who can significantly boost your online presence and drive success across various digital marketing aspects.

  • Budget: Up to $500k

  • Experience: 20+ years

  • Industry focus: Baby products, health, alcoholic beverages, clothing, CBD, vitamins & supplements, gourmet food

Brief overview

Raja is an Amazon expert with 10+ years of experience, known for delivering exceptional results. His extensive agency background equips him with diverse knowledge. Raja helps clients scale their businesses and meet their objectives on Amazon.

Why we chose Raja

Raja's expertise spans diverse niches, adapting to various market segments. He skillfully increases ad budgets while protecting clients' bottom lines, maximizing their marketing investments. His successful management of eCommerce projects has led to impressive results, such as improving ROAS by 50% for a brand. Raja excels in both Amazon Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brands campaigns.

  • Budget: $1M+

  • Experience: 12+ years

  • Industry focus: Home decor, furniture, medication & supplements, fitness, camping & outdoors, wellness, pets

Brief overview

Camila, a paid media expert, excels in digital marketing across platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. She leverages diverse channels and collaborates closely with clients. Her comprehensive funnel strategies aim for long-term success.

Why we chose Camila

Camila has successfully strategized and grown companies in SaaS, lead gen, and eCommerce industries, resulting in at least 2x ROAS increase for each eCommerce client and a reduction of CPLs by at least 20% for lead gen and SaaS clients.

  • Budget: Up to $500k

  • Experience: 10+ years

  • Industry focus: Art & Entertainment, Beauty, Education, Health & Wellness, Style & Fashion, Technology

Brief overview

Laureen is a proactive, data-driven growth marketer with 10 years of experience in advertising performance strategies across various paid channels. She has worked in-house and at agencies, serving diverse business models, including B2C, D2C, B2B, P2P, eCommerce, marketplace, and subscription-based enterprises. Her expertise spans crafting strategies for a wide range of 360 paid channels and platforms.

Why we chose Laureen

Laureen has successfully scaled global campaigns exceeding $10 million for renowned brands across over 20 countries. Her expertise spans multiple platforms, including Apple Search Ads, Bing Ads, and YouTube Ads. She excels at analyzing the bigger picture and developing holistic strategies that encompass all facets of advertising efforts, making her a valuable asset for driving impactful results.

  • Budget: $1M+

  • Experience: 12+ years

  • Industry focus: Tech, automotive, fashion, makeup, gaming, banking, photography, music, events, travel, home decor, accessories

Do I need to hire an Amazon expert?

Short answer? Yes.

Not every business selling on the Amazon platform is going to need assistance from an Amazon expert. That being said, there is a lot to master when it comes to selling on the various Amazon platforms, and it can be more efficient and cost-effective to hire an Amazon expert to handle the nitty-gritty than trying to do it yourself. 

By hiring an Amazon consultant you’ll not only have faster increases in ROI and ROAS, but you can also avoid potential roadblocks such as fulfillment issues, compliance difficulties, and ineffective advertising campaigns. 

What does an Amazon expert do?

There are many things that an Amazon marketing expert could help you with. What exactly that is depends on your niche, the scope of the project, and your marketing budget. Here are some of the main aspects of Amazon that they could handle:

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Ads are the bread and butter of many Amazon experts and Amazon marketing agencies. Over 50% of all Amazon sellers spend more than $40,000 monthly on ads. The big spend is partly due to the wide range of ads the Amazon platform offers. Amazon advertising includes product ads, display ads, video ads, Amazon PPC ads, and even sponsored brand campaigns.

Pro tip: work with an experienced Amazon PPC expert to scale your campaigns the right way.

Amazon SEO

Like every platform, Amazon has its own algorithm and a wide variety of ranking factors that influence the visibility of your product listings. Many niches are seasonal, so it can get more complex than regular website optimization. Hiring an Amazon advertising expert will help improve SEO rankings and conversion rates.

Listing management & optimization

Besides Amazon SEO, you also need to optimize your Amazon listings. That includes the design of your images, videos, and sections and making sure that you provide all the needed info for your customers. First impressions count, and your listings must look their best on the search results and your store pages.

Product research & fulfillment

Another aspect of an Amazon expert's job is to find the next product your business should sell. This involves a lot of research into the latest Amazon trends and the A/B testing of different products. Fulfillment is another crucial aspect. Many brands ship their products via Amazon FBA to significantly improve shipping and delivery times.

Account management

Last but not least, some Amazon consultants also deal with the day-to-day operations of Amazon stores. This can include things like:

  • Processing returns & refunds
  • Dealing with Amazon's customer service team
  • Troubleshooting suspensions and warnings
  • Setting up Amazon FBA and other fulfillment methods
  • Setting up your Amazon Seller Central account

An Amazon expert needs to know how to improve organic search rankings, run ads, optimize listings, properly set up your Amazon Seller Central, and troubleshoot various operational issues as they come up. Wow, that's a lot. And there are a whole lot of skills required to manage all of that.

But the last thing you want is to hire an Amazon virtual assistant to try to save some marketing dollars only to find out that they don't have the expertise to increase your sales. You need to hire an Amazon expert who can get your product visibility up, has hands-on experience with Amazon Ads, can create a marketing plan, and can help you reach your long-term goals.

How to choose the best expert for your business

There are some key things to consider before starting the hiring process, to ensure that you know exactly what your business needs. This is something that Mayple will help you with, but it's useful to get an idea of what you’re looking for before starting the process.

Here are some key considerations:

  • Identify your primary goals and objectives for using Amazon's platform. These can include things like increasing sales, improving product visibility, expanding to new markets, streamlining logistics, and more.

  • Which areas of your Amazon operations are currently underperforming or causing the most significant challenges? (e.g., listing optimization, advertising, inventory management, seller metrics, etc.)

  • List any specific product categories or niches that require specialized knowledge or expertise.

  • Are you looking to sell only on Amazon, or do you need assistance with an omnichannel strategy across multiple marketplaces?

  • Define the scope of your Amazon business. Take aspects such as the number of products, sales volume, fulfillment methods, etc. into account.

  • Let us know if you need expertise in Amazon's advertising solutions (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Amazon DSP) and if you currently use (or plan to use) Amazon Web Services.

  • Define your budget and timeline for hiring an Amazon expert or consulting services.

  • Decide whether you are looking for a long-term strategic partnership with an expert, or short-term project-based support.


How do you hire an Amazon expert?

The best way to hire an Amazon expert is through Mayple. We have a community of 600+ vetted experts that have proven experience and results driving revenue for similar brands in your niche.

You don't need to spend hours and hours listening to sales pitches, looking through candidates, and verifying the authenticity of their reviews. With Mayple, you get a short list of hand-picked experts that check all the right boxes and can actually scale your business.

Can I hire someone to set up my Amazon seller account?

Yes, you can hire someone to manage your Amazon seller account. You don't have to do it all yourself. There are a ton of experts and Amazon agencies that could help you set up your account and manage the mundane aspects of the business.

What are the top must-have skills for Amazon experts?

There a ton of general digital marketing skils and Amazon-specific experience that's required to grow your online presence and sales on the platform. These skills include:

  • PPC: You need an Amazon PPC expert with proven results for similar products to run effective ads.
  • Copywriting: Good copywriting by expert copywriters across all listings and campaigns is essential to convert Amazon customers.
  • Competitive analysis: Frequent competitor analysis using analytics and research tools is crucial to keep pace in Amazon's highly competitive marketplace.
  • Content creation: An Amazon marketing expert may need versatile content skills for affiliate pages, blogging and influencers.
  • Customer service: Strong customer service skills are vital for an Amazon expert handling operational issues.

What does an Amazon expert do?

An Amazon marketing expert handles various crucial tasks, depending on your niche, project scope and budget. Key responsibilities can include:

  • Running Amazon Advertising campaigns like product, display and video ads to drive sales through Amazon PPC (Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands)
  • Improving organic rankings by optimizing SEO factors across product listings, product descriptions, product images, tags, and store pages
  • Amazon listing optimization - enhancing listing design and content so first impressions entice customers to purchase
  • Researching trends to identify top-selling products and handling fulfillment via Amazon FBA
  • Managing day-to-day store operations like processing returns, liaising with Amazon support, preventing account suspensions, configuring fulfillment and building customer relationships

A knowledgeable Amazon expert will use their advertising, SEO, listing optimization, product research and operational skills to boost your store's sales and growth.

What is an Amazon expert?

An Amazon expert is a professional who's well-versed in increasing online sales, optimizing your product listings, and navigating the complexities of selling on Amazon's platform. They possess deep knowledge of Amazon's algorithms, marketing strategies, and operational intricacies to help sellers achieve high visibility. They can assist sellers in driving sales and managing various aspects of their online businesses. No matter which Amazon selling platform you're using, there will be a consultant with the right expertise to get your business thriving.

What is the importance of hiring an Amazon Listing expert?

An Amazon Listing expert can be a valuable asset for boosting your product's visibility and sales. They'll craft compelling descriptions with targeted keywords to ensure your listing shows up in relevant searches. Experts can also optimize your product information and high-quality images to grab attention and convert viewers into buyers. By staying up-to-date on Amazon's algorithms and best practices, they'll give your product the best chance to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

What questions should you ask your Amazon expert before you hire them

  • Do you charge an hourly rate or a monthly fee?

  • How much experience do you have with Amazon Seller Central? 

  • What should we improve on our product listings? Our product photography? Content?

  • How would you improve our organic rankings? 

  • What other advanced tools would you use to improve our sales?

  • How much experience do you have with Amazon Ads? And which ones? Amazon DSP? Sponsored Products? Sponsored Brands?

  • Would you handle our customer care and returns? 

  • When market trends change what do you do?

  • What makes you unique from other service providers?

Hire an Amazon Ads expert with data-backed results

Finding the right Amazon Ads expert can be tiresome, and that's where Mayple steps in, offering a smart solution by connecting you with proven Amazon Ads pros. Their dedication to improving your ROAS and increasing your ROI lands them the title of Amazon Ads expert with us. 

Stephen R. is the go-to guy for anyone wanting to give their Amazon store an overhaul, refining and improving it for maximum sales. For enahncing your Amazon advertising with creative and innovative campaigns, speak to Barbara H. And if you need help across all aspects of your Amazon business, Solomon K. has you covered.

None of the above seems like the right fit? Not to worry. With Mayple you’ll find the perfect match for your business needs by harnessing the power of AI. Just because someone’s a marketing expert, doesn’t mean they’re right for your brand. Our AI algorithm uses multiple data sources and matching factors to ensure the experts you work with are the perfect fit to help you grow and scale. Exponential business growth is just one call away!