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Best eCommerce Email Marketing Agencies to Hire in 2024

Looking to increase your email revenue for your eCommerce shop? Here's a list of Mayple's vetted eCommerce email marketing agencies to hire in 2024.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated April 30, 2024.

Best eCommerce Email Marketing Agencies to Hire in 2024

Whether your goal is to improve customer retention, fine-tune promotional campaigns, or optimize automated email sequences, these agencies can help you navigate the complex world of email marketing and elevate your eCommerce brand to new heights.

Our top picks for the best eCommerce email marketing agencies

1. Pixated - Best overall

2. KAMG - Best for innovative email marketing strategies

3. ROI Escalator - Best for global eCommerce success

4. Snap Advantage - Best for B2B collaboration

5. Aspekt - Best for high-performance marketing

6. Mind Ad Media -Best for store profit optimization

7. The Email Marketers - Best for customer bond building

8. Taken Digital - Best for data-backed email marketing

9. Dido Agency - Best for automated email marketing

10. King Pixel Digital Marketing - Best for women-led businesses

What is an eCommerce email marketing agency?

It's a type of eCommerce agency that specializes in email marketing for eCommerce stores. Their role involves designing, creating, and sending transactional, promotional, and lifecycle email campaigns. A really good email agency would create an email campaign calendar, build automated email sequences, improve your email deliverability, and perfect the entire customer journey for your email subscribers.

Best overall


a screenshot of Pixated Agency website

Amazon ads | Paid media | Web design

Brief overview

Pixated takes a results-oriented approach, prioritizing concrete and measurable results over flashy presentations and industry jargon. Their primary goal is to deliver tangible growth for your business, emphasizing real, bottom-line results. The agency offers a range of services, including email marketing, PPC advertising, Facebook ads, branding, Amazon ads, paid media, and web design.

Why we chose Pixated

What makes Pixated special is its refreshing commitment to transparency. They don't hide the bumps in the road; they tackle challenges head-on and believe in keeping things straightforward to ensure your email marketing campaigns succeed.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries, especially health & wellness
  • Track record - 2500% increase in sales, 450% increase in eCommerce sales
  • Services - Email marketing, PPC, Facebook ads, branding, Amazon ads, paid media, social media marketing, web design

Pros and cons

Clients can expect real, measurable results

Transparent communication keeps clients well-informed

Personalized support

There's no clear pricing on the website

Best for innovative email marketing strategies


KAMG ecommerce email marketing agency homepage

Email marketing | eCommerce marketing | FB ads

KAMG approaches its work as a unique blend of art and science. Their email marketing toolbox combines top-notch copywriting and effective Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to turn clicks into gold. They're creative, data-driven, and all about making your business thrive.

As a client, you'll get full access to their dashboards, giving you a front-row seat to your own success story. Plus, their month-to-month contracts offer you the flexibility to adjust your marketing strategies as needed.

What's striking about KAMG is their unwavering passion for their craft, which shines through in their work. Their team brings a wide range of perspectives geared towards helping your business grow and reach its goals. And unlike agencies that may leave clients waiting for days, KAMG is known for its lightning-fast responses.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries, particularly eCommerce
  • Track record - $3 million and 81,000 unique visitors generated in one year
  • Services - Email marketing, eCommerce marketing, Facebook Ads, search engine optimization (SEO)

Innovative and data-driven approach to email marketing

Full transparency with real-time access to performance data

Proven track record of delivering impressive revenue boosts

Some may prefer a more traditional marketing approach

Best for global eCommerce success


ROI Escalator powerful digital marketing website homepage

Email marketing | SM marketing | CRO

ROI Escalator is a boutique eCommerce email marketing agency whose main goal is to help you not just meet but totally crush your goals through expert skills and innovative strategies. They're the go-to for businesses looking to increase website traffic, enhance conversion rates, and maximize ROI.

What sets ROI Escalator apart is their unparalleled expertise. Their team comprises seasoned marketing professionals, including email marketing specialists, traffic acquisition experts, and PPC advertising gurus, who collectively bring a wealth of experience to the table.

  • Industry experience - eCommerce, Finance, Medicine
  • Track record - Generated over $66,000,000 in revenue for clients, 500% average return on ad spend
  • Services - Email marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization

High level of expertise and specialization

Cutting-edge optimization techniques

Proven track record

As a boutique agency, they may have limited capacity for handling a large volume of clients simultaneously

Best for B2B collaboration


Cover image for SnapAdvantage

eCommerce marketing | Paid media | SMM

Founded by an entrepreneur who understands the challenges of aggressive growth, SnapAdvantage is a top-tier eCommerce email marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses grow and succeed through high-performing digital marketing strategies that prioritize creativity and integrity.

SnapAdvantage really knows their stuff when it comes to eCommerce – they'll craft email marketing strategies that are just right for your business. Plus, they're all about results you can see and measure, so you'll know exactly how your email marketing is boosting your growth and revenue.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries, particularly social media
  • Track record - Established track record dating back to 2016
  • Services - eCommerce marketing, paid media, Social media marketing

Offers measurable results

Holistic approach

Industry expertise ensures tailored strategies

No clear pricing info on their website

Best for high-performance marketing


ASPEKT ecommerce email marketing agency website homepage

Email and SMS marketing | Facebook ads

Aspekt specializes in eCommerce email marketing, creating emails that not only catch the eye but also boost sales. Their main goal is to help eCommerce businesses like yours reach their targets. They have a fantastic team of experts in eCommerce email marketing who use data and proven strategies to help your business grow.

If you want a partner to help your eCommerce business succeed, Aspekt is the real deal. They're exceptional at exploring creative and inventive solutions. Plus, their strategies are firmly rooted in data-driven insights and proven systems, guaranteeing effectiveness and dependability.

  • Industry experience - DTC brands
  • Track record - $10M+ in email-attributable revenue, 30% average revenue growth
  • Services - Email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook ads

Free audit

Passionate about delivering tangible results

Innovative solutions maximize the impact of email marketing campaigns

Their top-tier services may come with a higher price tag

Best for store profit optimization


a screenshot of MindAd Media website

Facebook ads | Google ads

MindAd Media is renowned for its commitment to improving online store performance and driving sales growth. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum of critical eCommerce elements, including in-depth performance analysis, meticulous tracking, revenue optimization, and savvy media buying.

What really makes MindAd Media stand out is their unwavering commitment to achieving top-notch results. They're all about creating, optimizing, and scaling to help your brand reach its full potential.

  • Industry experience - eCommerce, IT
  • Track record - 15-year track record
  • Services - Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon Ads, content marketing, and email marketing

They're an ideal choice for online retailers seeking growth and excellence

Offer customized strategies

Versatility in adapting to various platforms and audience targeting

No clear pricing structure on the website

Best for customer bond building


a screenshot of The Email Marketers website

Email marketing | SMS marketing

The Email Marketers is an eCommerce email marketing agency that specializes in collaborating with scaling eCommerce brands. They're passionate about boosting your revenue, making your customers feel valued, and forging strong, lasting connections through email marketing.

The Email Marketers team is about ensuring your success in two vital areas: growing your revenue and building strong, lasting relationships with your customers. What makes them truly special is their unwavering commitment to your success as they become your dedicated, outsourced email team.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries, mostly eCommerce
  • Track record - 43% email marketing list growth, 310% revenue from email
  • Services - Email marketing, SMS marketing

Personalized revenue and customer-centric strategies

Focused on fostering genuine relationships with customers

Customized solutions that address your specific needs and growth goals

Smaller eCommerce businesses may find their services more cost-prohibitive

Best for data-backed email marketing


Taken Digital Cover Image

Email marketing | SMS marketing | CRO

Taken Digital is a renowned eCommerce email marketing agency with a remarkable track record of success spanning over 15 years. Their aim is to help Shopify eCommerce stores thrive and grow profitably by creating customized email marketing strategies and executing them with an extraordinary level of care and precision.

What sets this agency apart is its commitment to personalized solutions and the fact that it bases its strategies on solid data, ensuring that every email and SMS campaign delivers maximum impact and ROI.

  • Industry experience - eCommerce, technology, consumer packaged goods (CPG), financial services, and telecommunications
  • Track record - Boasts 15 years of consulting and marketing experience
  • Services - Email marketing, SMS marketing, conversion optimization

A wealth of experience in e-commerce email and SMS marketing

Tailored solutions

Expertise in conversion strategies

Proven ability to help businesses scale profitably

As a remote agency, clients may seek in-person interaction or have time zone concerns

Best for automated email marketing


a screenshot of Dido Agency website

Email and SMS marketing | Klaviyo gold partner

Specializing in "done-for-you" email marketing solutions, the DIDO Agency boasts a stellar record of monthly email revenue exceeding $3 million for clients. Their gold partnership with Klaviyo underlines their expertise, harnessing top-tier tools for remarkable client results.

What makes them stand out is how they're all about building genuine relationships between brands and customers. They focus on creating connections right from the first interaction, and these connections grow into long-lasting loyalty over time.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - 95x quarter ROI, 64% email revenue, 8M+ returns from email
  • Services - Email marketing (Klaviyo Gold partner), lead generation, SMS marketing

Proven revenue generation

Data-driven strategies

Enhanced services due to Klaviyo gold partnership

Their quality services may be pricey for smaller businesses on tight budgets

Best for women-led businesses


King Pixed Digital Marketing Agency website homepage

Email marketing | Facebook ads | Copywriting

KPDM's core mission is to provide marketing solutions that convert. They offer services such as email and SMS marketing, shopping experience optimization, and advanced chatbot implementation for Shopify eCommerce stores.

They're truly dedicated to helping you achieve great results —using ingenious funnel strategies to drive more leads, bookings, and profits your way.

  • Industry experience - Retail, fashion and beauty
  • Track record - 7x revenue increase in 90 days, $30k to$130k/mo in 4 months
  • Services - Email marketing, Facebook ads, copywriting, lead generation

Industry-specific expertise

Offers a wide range of marketing services

Conversion-focused strategies

Pricing is not clearly indicated on their website

What does email marketing mean for an eCommerce brand?

Email marketing is a marketing channel that uses email messages to convert potential customers and leads. For eCommerce brands, email marketing usually includes promotional email marketing campaigns and automated email flows such as the cart abandonment flow, welcome flow, and shipping and delivery notifications.

How can an email marketing agency help?

Email marketing has the biggest ROI of any marketing channel for eCommerce businesses. All the various traffic channels flow into your email list, and it's crucial for brands to take advantage of that and power up their email campaigns. The challenge is that often, brands are limited on resources and lack the design skills and the email automation chops to really grow their email marketing program.

Business owners need email marketing experts who have experience working with the particular email marketing tool the business uses, have designers on the team, and can create emails that look good and have high conversion rates.

How to find the perfect email marketing agency

How do you find the perfect email marketing agency for your eCommerce business? Here are a few things to look out for.

Track record of success

First and foremost, the agency must have a successful record working with similar brands. They have to be good at what they do. Most of the time, all you see are customer testimonials and fancy case studies, but you need to look under the hood. Ask to see the actual campaigns the agency has set up and see their email designs, the type of sequences they've built, and their sales funnels. With Mayple, you get to see that data.

Experience in your niche

The agency should also have experience working with other brands in your specific niche. They have to be comfortable working with a similar audience and a similar budget and know what works and what doesn't. They have to be able to create email content that works and maximize your email marketing ROI.

Highly responsive and adaptable

It's also important for any email marketing partner you work with to be responsive and adaptable. They should report on the results of each campaign and keep you in the loop with all the metrics they're tracking, like open rates, click-through rates, and email revenue. They should also be able to adapt to changes in your audience and seasonality and do a lot of A/B testing.

What are the skills of a perfect email marketing agency?

There is a wide range of skills that any agency offering email marketing services should have. Here are the most important ones:

Automated email sequences & flows

A good eCommerce email marketing agency should be able to build email marketing funnels for different segments of your audience. They should be able to take your existing flows and improve them based on industry best practices. In short, they should know email marketing automation like the back of their hand.

Promotional email campaigns

Promotional campaigns are the backbone of a healthy email program. They're made for sending out promotions, product launches, holiday campaigns, and email newsletters. They're also great for sending out referral and customer loyalty messages to your loyal customers.

Knowledge of email tools & platforms

The agency you pick should be familiar with a variety of email marketing software and how it integrates with your specific eCommerce platform. They should know how to create advanced flows using email list segmentation and personalization. They should also be experts in email deliverability and help you improve those open rates.

Each tool requires both implementation and frequent testing and troubleshooting (based on data and customer behavior). You don't want to launch your email campaigns only to discover that the data isn't syncing correctly in your email service provider (ESP), so make sure the agency knows the specific tool you're using and has the expertise to use its advanced features. For instance, if you're using Mailchimp, you should work with one of our top-notch Mailchimp experts.

Detailed eCommerce email marketing strategy

Don't just settle for the first email strategy proposal you get. Get several proposals from your agency candidates and make sure they're comprehensive, thorough, and realistic.

Expertise in omnichannel strategies

Last but not least, it's critical that the agency you work with has a good understanding of the other channels you're using. No email marketing solution is complete without complementary channels like SMS marketing, retargeting, and push notifications.

These other channels are needed to maximize email marketing performance. And not all email marketing companies have the expertise with them. So make sure you pick a full-service email marketing agency that can work on all these channels and integrate them.

Questions to ask your eCommerce email agency before you hire them

  • Do you have experience with similar brands in our niche or a similar target audience?
  • What's your campaign strategy? How will you help us increase our customer lifetime value?
  • Which email marketing tools / email platforms do you have experience in?
  • Will you be running SMS marketing campaigns as well as email?
  • Could you design custom email templates for us?
  • Who are notable clients that you've worked with?
  • What are your suggestions for our audience segmentation? Are we using the right segments?
  • How would you charge us for the project? Would it be a fixed fee or an hourly rate?

Hire the perfect eCommerce email agency with Mayple

Are you tired of sifting through lists of candidates and not knowing who to choose? Simplify your whole hiring process with Mayple. We have 600+ top digital marketing agencies with proven experience and a track record in your niche.

Here's how our process works:

  1. You fill out the information about your business and your marketing goals
  2. We match you with the best agencies based on 50+ factors and our proprietary AI platform
  3. You approve them, and they get started

The whole process takes 3-5 business days. It's simple, transparent, and the best part is—you get a dedicated strategist to review your account, make sure the agency is doing its job, and help you expand to new channels.

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