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10 Best Email Marketing Agencies for Hire in 2024

Looking to improve your ROI with email marketing? Here's a list of our top email marketing agencies for campaign management, email segmentation, flows, and more.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated April 30, 2024.

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With a remarkable return on investment of $40+ for every dollar spent, email marketing is a cornerstone of successful digital marketing strategies. Make the most of it with these ten top-tier agencies. They specialize in creating compelling content, visually striking templates, and more to drive targeted campaigns that convert.

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Our top picks for email marketing agencies

1. Inbox Integrity - Best overall

2. Social Kick - Best for improving brand value and ROI

3. Cedarwood Digital- Best for personalized email marketing strategies

4. Tale Digital- Best for hands-on email marketing campaigns

5. TakenDigital- Best for email and SMS marketing mix

6. Razor Clicks- Best for eCommerce store email marketing

7. Hardy Digital Co- Best for data-driven growth email marketing

8. SEM Booster- Best for search engine marketing

9. AdCore- Best for intent-based email advertising

10. Digicom- Best for high-converting email ads

What is email marketing?

Email marketing involves sending targeted messages via email to promote products, services, or content. It's an effective way for businesses to connect with customers, nurture leads, drive sales, and foster brand loyalty. Using personalized content, newsletters, promotions, and updates, you can actively engage and convert recipients into customers or advocates for your brand.

Best overall


Inbox Integrity Website

Inbox Integrity

Email Marketing | eCommerce Marketing

Brief overview

Inbox Integrity is a boutique email marketing agency specializing in optimizing, rehabilitating, and building email programs for clients across various industries. They specialize in end-to-end email marketing program management and can be utilized to boost existing email marketing campaigns or build campaigns from scratch.

Why we chose Inbox Integrity

Inbox Integrity promises to take your email marketing campaign from nothing to everything. And with a track record spanning over a decade, and a proven track record, they are more than capable of keeping that promise.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Over 10 years in digital marketing
  • Services: Email marketing, eCommerce marketing

Pros and cons

Great for start-to-finish email marketing campaigns

Wide range of industry experience

Targeted email marketing campaigns

No clear pricing info, though they do mention free initial consultations

Best for improving brand value and ROI


Social Kick Cover Image

Social Kick

Digital Marketing Experts | Google Ads | SMM

Social Kick's video content creation skills are second to none, and they're capable of leveraging said skills through email marketing, Facebook ads, and more to create winning strategies.

With Social Kick, there's no need to hire an in-house team or work with multiple agencies as they provide a complete marketing team for emails, videos, Facebook, and more.

  • Industry experience: Mostly in the health and beauty sectors
  • Track record: 10x ROAS, 1M views in 1 year
  • Services: Digital marketing experts, Google ads, social media ads, Amazon ads

Proven results through video creation

Strong marketing techniques for your email campaigns

They offer a free strategy call

Their limited range of industry experience may not be beneficial if yours differs

Best for personalized email marketing strategies


Cedarwood Digital

Cedarwood Digital

Email Marketing | Google Ads | Bing Ads

Cedarwood is a UK-based agency that has built extensive expertise in a few specific areas of marketing, namely email, search engine optimization (SEO), and PPC. They work in a uniquely refreshing way. Instead of assigning each customer to an account manager, they let the experts on their team speak to the client directly.

Cedarwood boasts a high retention rate, with a few clients working with them for over 5 years. They've also received many awards, including the UK and European Search Awards in 2022 and the prestigious UK eCommerce Award in 2022.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 170+ links achieved, 23% YOY organic traffic increase
  • Services: Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google ads, Bing ads

Multi-award winning agency

Impressive client stability

Personalized approach to email marketing

May be an expensive option for smaller clients

Best for hands-on email marketing campaigns


Tale Digital

Tale Digital

Google Ads | Email Ads| PPC

Tale Digital is the go-to for managing paid search (PPC) campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, to name but a few. This means you have a wide array of advertising channels to mix with email marketing thus improving your chances of connecting with your target audience.

Tale Digital has carved a niche for itself by skillfully managing eCommerce across diverse platforms, like email marketing. Thus, they stand out as a top choice for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and maximize their advertising ROI using multiple channels.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 50% sales increase, strong client retention
  • Services: Google ads, Email ads, PPC

Expertise in managing diverse marketing platforms

Fosters personalized marketing approach

Google partnered

Mostly Google focused

Best for email and SMS marketing mixture


Taken Digital Cover Image

Taken Digital

Email Marketing | SMS Marketing

Taken is a data-driven agency that offers a highly personalized experience. Their goal is to remove you from the over-saturated marketing landscape and help you get and retain clients over time through email and SMS marketing.

Taken Digital is not a boxed-service agency. They want to get to know you and build a professional marketing relationship that accelerates your email marketing reach and revenue.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: High client retention
  • Services: Email marketing, SMS marketing

Strong focus on personalization

High rate of client retention

Data-driven tactics

You may need to substitute other marketing services with more agencies

Best eCommerce store email marketing


Razor Clicks Website

Razor Clicks

Email Marketing | eCommerce Marketing

Razor Clicks is a digital marketing agency focusing on eCommerce email marketing. Their firm specializes in creating engaging campaigns and flows for eCommerce stores ranging in revenue from $2-10 million in annual sales.

They are great for clients in the eCommerce industry looking to get more traffic to their online stores and drive traffic right down the sales funnel.

  • Industry experience: Mainly eCommerce
  • Track record: Captures up to 30% more emails from existing traffic, 250% increase in sales
  • Services: Email marketing, eCommerce marketing

Strong focus on eCommerce store marketing

Smart and effective email marketing tactics

Various methods for increasing conversions

Limited to eCommerce industry

Best for data-driven growth email marketing


Hardy Digital Cover Image

Hardy Digital

Email Marketing | SMM | Creative Copywriting

The Hardy Digital team is made up of data-driven growth marketers with a passion for helping companies grow and reach their goals. Their skill sets cover various disciplines, from PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, creative management, and online marketing strategy.

What sets Hardy Digital apart is that they can take your small or large business with zero marketing and do it all for you. They offer possibly everything you may need to kickstart and grow your target audience and increase your ROI.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Five-star rating, dedicated to driving 10x results
  • Services: Email marketing, social media marketing, creative copywriting, content marketing, web design

Experiment-driven marketing force

Wide range of services for an all-in-one marketing experience

Offers influencer marketing, a growing reach

No clear track record on their website

Best for results-driven email marketing


a homepage for a digital marketing company SEM Booster

SEM Booster

Email Marketing | Social Media Ads | eCommerce Ads

SEM Booster is an agency specializing in search engine marketing (SEM) services and can tailor this with email marketing to boost your outreach. They can increase your website traffic and conversions through email advertising campaigns, social media ads, and LinkedIn marketing.

SEM Booster specializes in SEM, meaning they deeply understand how to create effective paid advertising campaigns on search engines and how to tailor email marketing strategies and solutions for each client.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 10+ years experience and Google partnered
  • Services: Email marketing, social media ads, conversion rate optimization, eCommerce ads

Obvious and concise pricing info on their website

Broad range of services

Different marketing packages and options

Can be a pricey option with multiple chosen packages

Best for intent-based email advertising


Adcore digital marketing agency | paid advertising company


Email Marketing | PPC | Google Shopping

AdCore is driven by a commitment to performance and growth. Backed by prestigious certifications like Google Premier Partner and Facebook Partner, their mission is to amplify your online presence through optimized email marketing, among other digital marketing solutions.

We chose Adcore for its unique ability to seamlessly guide clients from planning to execution. What sets them apart is the fully customizable service they offer, which is tailored to fit the individual needs of any industry, whether it's brand building, lead generation, or eCommerce advertising.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 40% YoY client growth; 74% of clients double ROAS in 5 months
  • Services: Email marketing, PPC, Google shopping

Prioritize transparent and honest communication

Proven track record

Fully customizable service options

No mention of pricing online

Best for high-converting email ads




Email Marketing | Lead Generation | SMM

DigiCom specializes in a range of growth-focused services, including email audits, email and SMS strategy development, email design and development, A/B testing, and more. This breadth of services underscores DigiCom's holistic approach to growth marketing, ensuring that every facet of your brand's digital presence is optimized for success.

With DigiCom, every strategic move is meticulously backed by a trifecta of data, insights from other markets, and valuable experiences gained from working with venture-backed clients. So you can be sure that every decision is not just a leap of faith but a calculated step towards success.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 4x increase in conversion volume, 300% growth in leads, 179% revenue increase
  • Services: Email marketing, lead generation, SMM, growth acceleration

Management of 30+ advertising platforms

Partnered with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Offers influencer marketing to heighten your campaign reach

Their services may not be as personalized if you're a smaller client

Why is email marketing important for your brand?

In the era of post-iOS 14 and data privacy, email marketing is one of the few effective ways to retain customer data. It's certainly the only channel where you can keep first-party data and interact with your customer base on a more personal level.

With email, you can take leads from all your other marketing channels (like paid media, inbound marketing, or ads on social media platforms) and move them from the awareness stage to the consideration stage, all the way to making a purchase.

Email marketing is especially compelling for eCommerce brands, where a lot of the revenue comes from email marketing campaigns such as promotional emails, email newsletters, abandoned cart emails, etc.

» Learn all about specific email campaigns and how to set them up for your business.

What does an email marketing agency do?

An email marketing consultant or agency provides a range of email marketing services. They could do any number of things for your business depending on the kind of emails you already have set up and the size of your internal team.

Email marketing strategy

If your business doesn't have a comprehensive email strategy, then any good marketing agency's priority would be to start there. The first step would be to establish an email marketing plan and establish which email segments you have and which email campaigns you should have (promotional or transactional emails).

Tasks could include:

  • Creating email segments
  • Using email personalization
  • SMS marketing strategy
  • Conducting an email audit
  • Launching a customer loyalty program

Email campaign management

Any digital agency specializing in email marketing usually creates your campaigns from scratch. That could include graphic designs, content creation, and even designing custom templates from scratch. A full-service email marketing agency usually has a copywriter, graphic designer, email strategist, and project manager on staff. If you're an eCommerce business, you want to use a specialized Klaviyo agency to manage your campaigns.

Tasks could include:

  • Optimizing your cart abandonment campaigns
  • Upgrading email newsletter design
  • Improving email marketing funnels

Email automation

Another super important element of their work would be marketing automation—setting up the various email flows, personalized emails, and promotional campaigns to target specific segments of your email list. The science of email marketing is knowing how to send the right email messages at the right time to your potential customers, and that's where you need a professional email marketing firm to understand how to target your email audience optimally.

A/B testing

Then there's A/B testing, which is super important. It's the key to a successful email campaign. You want to maximize your customer engagement by testing different subject lines, promotions, CTA text, and content in the body of the email. Professional email agencies run tests to optimize the click, conversion, and open rates of emails.

Email deliverability

Last but not least, another service that a professional email marketing company could provide is email deliverability. Some business owners make mistakes and either break rules (like the CAN-SPAM Act) or buy mailing lists (a big no-no), and their reputation goes down with their email service provider (ESP).

So their emails stop getting into their customers' inboxes and instead either bounce or land in the spam folder. A professional email marketer would be able to warm up your domain, help improve your reputation with ESPs, and improve your deliverability rates.

Questions to ask your email marketing agency before you hire them

  1. Which email marketing platforms do you have experience in?
  2. What type of email content would you recommend we focus on?
  3. Do you have experience launching successful SMS marketing campaigns?
  4. How would you tweak our campaign strategy to help us increase our email revenue?
  5. Do you charge a flat monthly fee or an hourly rate?
  6. How would you increase our customer lifetime value?
  7. Do you have extensive experience running omnichannel campaigns?

Mayple has over 600+ marketing experts and can help you find the perfect email marketing agency to work with. You could also use the platform to build a team of email marketing experts to handle every aspect of this channel. Want to boost your email marketing efforts?

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