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10 Best Advertising Agencies in 2024

Want to improve your advertising campaigns? Get a better ROAS from your ads? Improve the copy? Here are the best advertising agencies you should work with.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated January 16, 2024.

10 Best Advertising Agencies in 2024

Let's face it: every business owner wants to take their campaigns to new heights, achieve stellar ROAS, and get the most out of their investment. Working with the right advertising agency can make all these aspirations a reality. Whether you're a marketing director or a business owner, our pick of the best advertising agencies can help you find a reliable partner to build and further enhance your marketing efforts in 2024.

Our top picks for the best advertising agencies

1. Social Kick - Best overall

2. Octopus - Best for B2B advertising strategies

3. Replug - Best for mobile app marketing

4. Result Kitchen - Best for data-driven growth

5. Novi Digital - Best SEO & PPC services

6. Left Coast Agency - Best for growth marketing solutions

7. Bowler Works - Best all-in-one marketing solution

8. Moburst - Best for mobile and app marketing

9. MindAd Media - Best for marketing and sales strategies

10. Zonder Marketing - Best for performance marketing solutions

What is an advertising agency?

A digital advertising agency is a business that is dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising for its clients. Digital agencies often offer creative services such as graphic design and video production; they're involved in content creation and copywriting to create the ads. And then they also manage the technical setup and ongoing optimization of the advertising campaigns. It's like a digital marketing agency but just more specialized.


Social Kick Cover Image

eCommerce | Video | Facebook & Google ads

Social Kick is an advertising agency with a decade of experience specializing in the health and beauty industry. They offer a unique blend of marketing and video production services designed to help businesses of all sizes increase their online sales.

With a creative team that includes both marketers and film directors, Social Kick crafts compelling narratives that showcase the best benefits of their clients' products.

What sets Social Kick apart is their specialized video packages. From showcasing product benefits with stunning visuals to creating high-end, viral content, Social Kick offers a range of packages—Boutique, Retail, and Hollywood—that cater to different business sizes and marketing goals.

Their portfolio reflects a commitment to versatility and creativity, with content that spans various formats and styles, all aimed at driving sales and increasing social proof.

  • Industry experience - Health and beauty
  • Track record - 40% reduction in CPC on ads, 40% increased clicks on videos
  • Services - Video production, graphic design, photography, Facebook & Instagram ads

Tailored video marketing solutions for businesses of every size

A dedicated project manager for each client, ensuring personalized service

A proven track record with a portfolio that showcases a wide range of successful projects

Limited to health and beauty sectors, thus may not have experience with other industries


Octopus Marketing Cover Image

Social media management & ads | Email marketing

Octopus Marketing is a dynamic digital marketing agency that creates comprehensive strategies for a digital-first world. Their services encompass strategic planning, crafting innovative digital identities, and delivering strong results for their clients.

What truly distinguishes Octopus Marketing is its strategic approach, firmly grounded in research and customized to meet each client's unique goals. They go beyond simply creating content; they're your partners in crafting a digital presence that captivates and drives conversions.

  • Industry experience - A variety of industries, including medical, cyber, automotive, and more
  • Track record - Over seven years of experience, particularly in the B2B sector
  • Services - Marketing strategies, social media marketing, multi-channel campaigns, and lead generation

Expertise in a range of digital marketing services

Customized strategies tailored to client-specific goals

Commitment to quality lead generation and campaign optimization

Lack of specific pricing plans


a screenshot of REPLUG website

Product marketing strategy | Mobile ads

REPLUG is an international full-service mobile app marketing agency founded in 2020, known for scaling over 100+ mobile apps globally. The agency prides itself on being an extension of their clients' teams, offering a systematic and actionable framework to meet growth targets.

What sets REPLUG apart is its "zero BS" approach to app growth, focusing on transparency, knowledge sharing, flexibility, and performance-based results. This approach has earned them international recognition, making them a respected name in the industry.

  • Industry experience - A diverse range of industries, including health, gaming, graphic design, and more
  • Track record - 100+ apps scaled globally and substantial revenue generation
  • Services - App store optimization, performance marketing, CRM & retention, creative design, and tracking & analytics

Comprehensive suite of services

Proven track record

A client-centric approach

Being founded in 2020, they are relatively new to the industry


a screenshot of Result Kitchen website

Google ads | Facebook ads | Email marketing

Result Kitchen is a digital marketing agency founded by David Jaeger, an industry veteran with over 13 years of experience. The agency has managed over $100 million in marketing budgets across various challenging markets. They offer everything from PPC management to web design, all aimed at scaling businesses profitably.

What makes Result Kitchen stand out is their dedication to actionable marketing strategies that yield real results. They follow a data-driven approach, using in-depth business metrics to create tailored marketing plans. Their case studies highlight substantial revenue growth for clients, showcasing their ability to greatly enhance PPC campaign effectiveness and overall marketing ROI.

  • Industry experience - Various sectors, including sports apparel and investment businesses
  • Track record - Over $100 million of paid media budgets across over 200 clients
  • Services - PPC management, web design, analytics

Proven track record of managing substantial marketing budgets

Access to executive marketing expertise through fractional CMO services

A commitment to data-driven strategies and analytics

Lack of transparent cost details


a screenshot of Novi Digital website

Google ads | Social media marketing| SEO

Novi Digital, a UK digital marketing agency, has led SEO and PPC strategies since 2009. Their data-driven and holistic approach sets industry trends, evolving with the digital landscape, fostering growth and a loyal client base.

Novi Digital truly shines with its client-first strategy. They prioritize exclusivity by partnering with just one company per specialization, resulting in tailored solutions that significantly boost profitability and ROI.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries, including retail, travel, IT, education, food and beverage, finance, beauty, and more
  • Track record - Over 12 years of specialized experience in SEO and PPC and over 300 businesses served
  • Services - SEO & PPC management, training, and audit services

Long-term strategic focus rather than short-term gains

Strong academic and technological partnerships that inform their strategies

A proven track record with FTSE250 companies and leading universities

May not cater to businesses looking for a multi-agency approach within the same sector


Left Coast Agency website homepage

Growth marketing | SM ads | CRO

Brief overview

Left Coast Agency, based in San Francisco, specializes in performance marketing for startups. Their experienced team is well-versed in all growth stages, from initial funding to going public, and they have a strong track record of successfully scaling paid channel efforts.

Why we chose Left Coast Agency

What sets Left Coast Agency apart is its specialized expertise in helping early-stage startups launch and grow their digital marketing teams. Their distinctive approach involves taking the time to truly understand the unique needs and goals of their startup clients. They have a strong track record of achieving results through scalable and replicable growth processes.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - Operating since 2019
  • Services - Growth strategy, social media ads, conversion optimization, UGC creative, analytics & reporting

Pros and cons

Specialize in growth marketing solutions for startups

Proven track record of delivering results with scalable growth processes

Take a partnership approach, working collaboratively

No clear pricing info provided


Bowler Works advertising agency website homepage

Facebook ads | Email marketing | SM Management

BowlerWorks brings over 30 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and digital expertise to the table. Their extensive capabilities cover various areas, such as social media, search, email, website content, PPC, eCommerce, and analytics.

BowlerWorks is a seasoned authority in marketing, media, and advertising. Their unwavering commitment to tailoring services to meet your specific company's needs is inspiring, and they offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to guide you throughout the process.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - Established track record dating back to 2018
  • Services - Advertising, marketing, Google ads, social media, email marketing, analytics

Ensure your marketing efforts reach the right audience through various channels ( PPC, SEO, paid social, key influencers, CRM)

Continuously optimize marketing campaigns to maximize results and drive growth

Provide valuable insights into the digital, media, and advertising industry

Limited information about specific case studies or client success stories


Moburst advertising agency homepage

Marketing strategy | Social ads | App marketing

Moburst is an award-winning global success agency, known for its expertise in helping businesses expand their digital presence. Their core belief centers on harnessing creative thinking, advanced technology, and data to drive performance at scale, with a particular focus on tackling mobile app development challenges.

What makes Moburst unique is their commitment to thinking creatively and finding new solutions that build strong connections between brands and specific audiences. This helps turn those audiences into loyal users over time.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - Operating since 2013
  • Services - Advertising, mobile marketing, mobile media buying, app marketing, mobile user acquisition, SEO, ASO (app store optimization), viral marketing campaigns

Mobile-first digital marketing agency

Offers a wide range of digital services

Has helped companies achieve hypergrowth

Limited information on pricing


a screenshot of MindAd Media website

Facebook ads | Google ads

MindAd Media specializes in boosting eCommerce store performance and online sales. They use tech adjustments to provide store insights, optimize revenue, and manage media buying, ultimately turning your shop into a profit-generating machine.

MindadMedia stands out for its extensive global reach and expertise in crafting customized marketing solutions. They employ proprietary technology to optimize campaigns, enhance revenue, and effectively target audiences, all while offering HubSpot services and data-driven marketing strategies to support business growth.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - Boasts a proven track record since 2008
  • Services - Marketing, advertising, shop audits, PPC campaigns, Facebook ads, Google ads

Offer customizable online dashboards for clients to track their campaign performance

Over 15 years of experience

Representatives from all over the world

Limited information on team members and pricing plans


Zonder Marketing digital marketing company homepage

SEM | Social media ads | SEO

Zonder Marketing is a growth and performance digital marketing agency that specializes in generating revenue and leads through a data-driven and results-oriented approach. They offer a range of services to help businesses optimize their marketing efforts and maximize their return on investment. They specialize in SEM, paid social, and SEO.

What sets Zonder Marketing apart is its data-driven approach to digital marketing. They excel at helping businesses optimize their marketing efforts and achieve growth through multiple channels. They have a strong passion for analytics and data, enabling them to pinpoint the most effective results that align perfectly with each company's unique key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - 20–30% increase in client revenues
  • Services - SEM and shopping, paid social, advertising, social media ads, SEO, CRO

Offer a wide range of services covering various aspects of digital marketing

Utilize various digital marketing channels

Focus on revenue generation, helping businesses achieve tangible results

Lack of pricing information

Why work with an advertising agency?

Digital advertising blew up in the last decade with the rise of social media platforms and new ad formats. This digital transformation in the advertising space has created a knowledge gap for business owners who want to scale their advertising efforts. Each platform has its own algorithm and rules, and it's tough to master any particular channel for a business owner or an in-house team.

Hiring advertising experts in-house is a very costly proposition and often takes much more time to train and determine if they are a good fit than when working with an agency. Creative agencies usually have a team of graphic designers and copywriters on staff. You could also hire them for some consulting work to just look at your overall strategy and suggest specific tactics you should work on.

Types of advertising agencies

There are 3 main types of advertising agencies that you should know about:

1. Creative agencies

Creative agencies are focused on the design of your ads and your overall brand. They often offer branding services such as creating your branding strategy and enhancing your site and social media pages with creative branding assets, very similar to a branding agency.

2. Social media advertising agencies

Another type of advertising agency focuses on social media ads because there are so many different platforms. And each one requires its own expertise. For example. some agencies only focus on one channel, like Facebook Ads, while others work with several channels. Some of the largest advertising agencies struggle to assemble a team of experts knowledgeable enough in all the variety of social media platforms that are used today.

3. Full-service advertising agencies

The full-service agency offers all the various digital advertising services—from copywriting to designing user experiences and managing the campaigns and the advertising budget.

What does an advertising agency cost?

Most advertising agencies charge a management fee that is a percentage of the marketing budget (or marketing spend). On average, a typical management fee is between 15% and 30%. At Mayple, the agencies that we would match you with charge around 10%, and that number goes down as the marketing spend increases.

Who should use an advertising agency?

Marketing directors or managers who don't have the right expertise on their team for specific digital platforms. It could also be business owners who require digital advertising services or a new digital strategy.

What are the four types of advertising?

Advertising in periodicals and journals is a thing of the past. Digital advertising is where most of the world's biggest names play. There are several types of online advertising services that an advertising company would offer for both B2C and B2B clients, namely:

  1. Display advertising - usually referred to as banner advertising, it is when a business places a banner on a blog, website, or search page. They are either horizontal or vertical banners and are mostly visual, with very little text.
  2. Video advertising - video ads are eye-catching, entertaining, and great for telling a story. They're used in social media marketing on channels like Facebook Ads and on video sites like YouTube. Video ads are great for a brand awareness campaign.
  3. Mobile advertising - this is any ad that's displayed on mobile devices and includes a wide range of options like video, display, banner, search, and social ads. Mobile marketing is a huge area of advertising, and it will only get bigger and more impactful as time goes on.
  4. Native advertising - this is when an ad is integrated into a piece of content. It could be on an online publisher site or a blog. These ads are considered less disruptive because they usually match the style and flow of the piece.

What are the five roles of an advertising agency?

I know what you're thinking—who am I going to actually be working with? And you're right. It could get pretty confusing. There could be a wide range of roles at an advertising agency. Here are the main ones you should know about:

1. Copywriter

First and foremost, every good agency (even if it's a boutique agency) needs to have a good ad copywriter. That's the person who writes the copy for all the ads and landing pages.

2. Media planner / digital strategist

The media buyer or planner is in charge of setting up each advertising campaign, the audience tracking, and managing things on a daily or weekly basis. They could also do creative strategy as well.

3. Social media expert

You guessed it! Every advertising agency needs a social media marketing expert on the team. They should know how to create content for each platform and how to increase engagement and grow followers.

4. Graphic designer

A graphic designer is someone who will be creating the designs for your ads. That could include doing animations, creating videos, and doing touchups on your ads. It's like having your own design firm.

5. Website designer

What's a web designer for? For coding the landing pages, if you have specific ones you use for your advertising campaigns.