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Top 5 SEO eCommerce Agencies in 2024

Looking to improve the SEO of your eCommerce shop? Get more organic traffic? Here is the list of the top eCommerce SEO agencies, all vetted by Mayple.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated January 16, 2024.

Top 5 SEO eCommerce Agencies

Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of online visibility and has the potential to propel your business into the digital spotlight by optimizing its presence on Google, the most visited search engine in the world.

One of the best ways to make the most of SEO is with help from an eCommerce SEO agency. Below is our selection of top eCommerce SEO agencies that excel at cleverly weaving in keywords, refining content, and implementing technical upgrades to steer organic traffic straight to your website.

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Our top picks for eCommerce SEO agencies

1. Common Ground- Best overall

2. Sortino Marketing- Best for niche-focused SEO marketing

3. Sure Oak- Best for technical SEO solutions

4. Pearl Lemon- Best for long-term SEO experience

5. Conversion Media- Best for organic reach from SEO

What is an eCommerce SEO agency?

An eCommerce SEO Agency is a type of eCommerce marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) for online stores. It can help with many different aspects of your website, including product descriptions and keywords, optimizing your technical SEO, building backlinks, gaining PR mentions, and much more.

Best overall


Common ground digital | digital marketing agency

Common Ground Digital

Search Engine Optimization | PPC | Paid Social

Brief overview

The team at Common Ground Digital is all about delivering results that matter. From boosting visibility to driving traffic, generating leads, and securing conversions—they're committed to providing exceptional service. With a proven track record across various sectors, they specialize in designing and implementing campaigns across both organic and paid channels, resulting in double or triple-digit growth for their clients.

Why we chose Common Ground

Common Ground understands that digital marketing isn't just about ticking boxes, it's a pathway to real business growth. Thus, they focus on deliverables that matter, making them the agency of choice for a growth-oriented approach.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 820% ROAS, 162% conversion rate increase
  • Services: Search engine optimization, PPC, paid social

Pros and cons

Committed to delivering impactful results

Targeted audience reach

They offer tailored solutions and strategies

There's no specific pricing information available

Best for niche-focused marketing


Sortino Marketing | Paid advertising company

Sortino Marketing

SEO Agency | PPC | CRO | SMM

With a rich history dating back to 2012, Sortino Marketing is deeply committed to online marketing and they boast a track record of successful collaborations with startups and large enterprises across various industries. They specialize in personalized performance marketing and use platforms like Google, Facebook, Native Ads, and more to ensure that the right visitors find their way to your website.

Sortino has generated millions in net profits for clients, and we're confident in their ability to replicate this success for any B2B and B2C business. Their solutions cater to both eCommerce and B2B, offering bespoke dashboards for comprehensive data visualization at every stage of our journey.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries, especially eCommerce
  • Track record: Established track record dating back to 2012
  • Services: SEO agency, PPC, CRO, SMM

Focus on rapid, organic traffic growth

Tailored performance marketing services

Data accuracy

No clear pricing info

Best for technical SEO solutions


Sure Oak Website

Sure Oak

SEO | PPC | Content Marketing

Sure Oak is a full-service SEO firm with deep expertise in everything search-related including content. They specialize in on-page SEO, technical SEO, strategic link-building campaigns, and SEO content development.

Sure Oak provides end-to-end support, covering consultation, implementation, and reporting. Their commitment to offering free strategy sessions further emphasizes their dedication to ensuring your SEO efforts are not just successful but strategically aligned with your goals.

  • Industry experience: Small business, eCommerce, and more.
  • Track record: 171% increase in organic leads, boosted organic conversions by 1100%
  • Services: SEO, PPC, content marketing

Strong track record

Large, diverse team of experienced professionals in the industry

Multiple marketing strategies and solutions

No clear pricing guidelines

Best for long-term SEO experience


Pearl Lemon Website

Pearl Lemon

SEO | PR | Lead Generation

Pearl Lemon, with a global team, offers round-the-clock services to drive your marketing success. Specializing in SEO and PPC across diverse industries, they promise to double your organic traffic in 180 days. Their little-known process generates an impressive 119 inbound leads per month, making them the go-to agency for efficient and impactful marketing solutions.

Their emphasis on providing valuable and legitimate work, coupled with robust reporting and transparency, is what sets this agency apart. They're a results-driven partner that will collaborate with you and build out an SEO strategy that resonates with your needs.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 3x increase in organic traffic, 25+ years of collective digital marketing experience
  • Services: SEO, PR, lead generation

Large team of marketers spread across various continents

Transparent and robust reporting

Strong SEO focus

Limited information on pricing

Best for organic reach from SEO


Conversion Media Website

Conversion Media

SEO | Content Marketing

Conversion Media is a micro agency that prides itself on creating content that actually brings results. Instead of focusing on the fluff and the vanity metrics (how many likes you got) they create content that attracts qualified leads, converts them to paying customers, and helps retain them in the long term.

Conversion Media stands out by incorporating lead magnets and interactive elements in its content strategy to convert visitors into leads. Recognizing the challenges in the SEO landscape, they emphasize clean and scalable practices, making them an ideal choice for driving sustainable and profitable growth.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 274% in organic traffic growth, 1,000,000 monthly visitors
  • Services: SEO, content marketing

Strong track record

Can increase traffic by up to a million visitors monthly

Thorough marketing plans

No pricing guidelines for services

Why do you need an eCommerce SEO agency?

Ranking an eCommerce store on search engines differs dramatically from other businesses. First of all, it's much more competitive, and business owners are usually unable to optimize their pages themselves. And second, there is much more work to do. A typical search engine optimization campaign could include hundreds of product pages and thousands of keywords and may require a lot more expertise than an average SEO company could provide.

How long does it take to improve your search engine rankings?

SEO is definitely a long-term game. You won't be able to rank on the first page of Google overnight. It usually takes 6 to 12 months of hard work to get a page to rank really well, and it could take longer with an eCommerce site.

What kind of ROI can I expect?

The ROI varies for every company, with some studies citing that SEO brings $2.75 for every dollar spent while others claim it's between 5x and 12.2x. The main KPI for SEO is organic traffic. So, the job of any eCommerce SEO expert is to get you more traffic from Google. What happens after they land on your site depends on the quality of your product, your offer, and your site's conversion rates.

What eCommerce SEO services do agencies offer?

Ecommerce SEO agencies provide a range of services, including:

SEO audit

The first thing that every SEO agency should do is conduct an eCommerce SEO audit. It should conduct extensive keyword research, look at all the internal links, and the blog content to make sure there's quality content on the site, and get a sense of the backlinks the site has. This audit would then influence the type of SEO strategies the agency would recommend for your business. They may even create a comprehensive marketing strategy for the channel and present it to you.

Content creation

Some SEO agencies do full-on content marketing for brands. A full-service content marketing agency would offer a content audit first and then create a comprehensive content strategy that includes:

  • What topics to cover (with lists of relevant keywords)
  • Which target keywords to focus on
  • How many posts to publish in a month
  • The type of posts to write to increase organic revenue and hit your business goals

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is the core offering of any eCommerce SEO company. It involves optimizing your existing content for your selected keywords to better align with your target audience and get more traffic from organic search.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO could include testing the speed of the site, fixing broken links, improving metrics on Google Analytics, fixing errors on Google Search Console, and putting more schema code on the site. It's that technical stuff that most eCommerce business owners try to avoid doing.

Link building involves getting external links to your eCommerce site. This is one of the most important elements of SEO and even Google admits it (they confirmed that it's one of the top 3 search ranking factors in the Google algorithm).

Building links is one of the most time-consuming processes in SEO. You have to find the right sites, evaluate their SEO stats, reach out to them, and make sure these inbound links are published.

Marketplace optimization

A lot of brands advertise on marketplaces (like Amazon or eBay) but with the right effort, they could get a ton of organic conversions on these channels by improving their organic rankings. This involves optimizing the product titles and descriptions, uploading engaging videos and images to your product pages, and improving the design of these pages.

Local SEO

If your business has a physical presence, then you also need some local SEO. This involves optimizing your Google My Business page and creating a variety of content to target the specific communities that you sell to.

How much does an eCommerce SEO agency charge?

A typical SEO agency charges between $3,000 and $5,000 per month, based on the scope of the project. If you're looking for a one-time consultation from an SEO consultant (or SEO strategist), it would cost you around $100-$300 per hour.

How do you do SEO on a product page?

A typical eCommerce SEO campaign involves adding the right keywords in the right places on the page. That means optimizing the product titles, product descriptions, tags, and schema code you have. It also involves optimizing existing content for the right intent to better attract and convert potential customers.

How do you optimize your eCommerce store for SEO?

You have to first develop a comprehensive eCommerce SEO strategy that would look at all of your pages, evaluate existing content, and pick the eCommerce keywords you're trying to rank for. You would then optimize your existing product pages and create new relevant content to get more organic traffic for your store.

However, there's no one-size fits all so each brand would have its own eCommerce search engine optimization strategy in place for maximum results.

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Questions to ask your eCommerce SEO agency

  • How big is your in-house SEO team?
  • What kind of SEO activities would you be carrying out on a regular basis (weekly/monthly)?
  • Have you worked with other eCommerce websites in my niche?
  • Do you have a team of content writers? Or would I have to hire one?
  • Do you write long-form blog content for your customers or only product descriptions?
  • Does your content development service include the design of blog thumbnails and other assets?
  • Which keyword research tools do you use?
  • What does the process look like from start to finish?
  • Do you check each piece of content for duplicate content?
  • Would you be able to create a custom strategy for my business? How long does that take?
  • What's your level of expertise in my specific niche?

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