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10 Best Amazon PPC Experts to Hire for More Sales in 2024

Drive more conversions and sales to your Amazon product pages by working with the best Amazon PPC specialists.

Ben Kazinik
By Ben Kazinik

Updated February 8, 2024.

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Amazon presents an incredible opportunity for eCommerce brands. The platform is responsible for more than 40% of all online sales in the US and it's expected to surpass Walmart as the world's largest retailer (CNBC).

Marketers are spending more money than ever on Amazon advertising. Just look at these stats: 

  • Marketers are spending 165% more on Amazon Sponsored Products ads
  • ï»ż34% of advertisers plan on increasing Amazon ad spending
  • Amazon Ads convert at more than three times the rate of Google Shopping ads

The Amazon advertising platform is complex and has a lot of products and the right Amazon PPC specialist needs to know how to use it to scale your business. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't be attempting Amazon Ads alone (or at home 😋).

Our top picks for the best Amazon PPC experts

1. Stephen R. - Best overall

2. Barbara H. - Best for brands that need a strategy

3. Stephen H. - Best for eCommerce and B2B brands

4. Kate H. - Best for eCommerce brands that want SEO + ads campaigns

5. Solomon K. - Best for 7 and 8-figure brands that want to unlock growth

6. Irina B. - Best for eCommerce brands looking to scale

7. Raja D. - Best for home decor and nutrition brands

8. Mick B. - Best for brands that want omnichannel strategy and performance

9. Laureen B. - Best for brands that run omnichannel campaigns on multiple platforms

10. Nik H. - Best for brands that are looking to scale with Amazon Ads campaigns


What is an Amazon PPC Expert?

An Amazon PPC expert specializes in creating and managing Amazon PPC campaigns. Their job includes managing bids, keyword research, audience targeting, optimizing campaign structure, tracking metrics, and conversion optimization. 

Best overall


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Stephen R.

A data-driven Amazon PPC expert


11+ years



Industry focus

Finance, electronics, automotive, travel

Brief overview

Stephen is a passionate paid advertising expert who specializes in running campaigns on a variety of channels and platforms. He's worked for numerous Amazon brands in the finance and electronics niche, and is excited to pick up his next challenge!


  • Amazon PPC
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Display & Programmatic

Why hire Stephen?

Stephen is an expert performance marketer who has in-depth experience and knowledge in not only Amazon PPC but also Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo, and Pinterest Ads. He's a go-getter and can really help broaden an Amazon seller's horizons and meet business goals across many different advertising channels.

Best for brands that need a strategy


a black and white photo of a woman

Barbara H.

A data-driven Amazon Ads strategist


14+ years



Industry focus

Vitamins & supplments, gaming, baby products, fashion & cosmetics, tax and accounting, consulting services

Barbara uses her experience as a performance-driven data analyst to dedicate enough time to researching and familiarizing herself with every client’s business, industry and target audience. She doesn't use a "one size fits all" formula but rather puts a lot of thought into how an account or strategy could be set up to be successful.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Amazon Ads
  • Outbrain / Taboola
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Some brands already have a strategy and just need to launch new PPC campaigns or optimize existing ones. Barbara's strength is in creating a winning advertising strategy from scratch, that's tailored to your business needs and goals.

Best for eCommerce and B2B brands


a man in a plaid shirt is posing for a picture

Stephen H.

Versatile Amazon marketer


12+ years



Industry focus

Art, home decor, insurance, auto services, fashion, eCommerce, medical care

Stephen has over 12+ years of experience as a digital marketing expert with a focus on Search Engine Marketing and Paid Media (SEM/PPC). He has extensive experience and deep understanding of both B2C as well as B2B brands in several different industries. Stephen is skilled in working with eCommerce and service-based businesses looking for lead generation services to increase calls, form fills and online website sales. Expert in Paid Media, Amazon Ads, and in Google and Bing Ads.

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Amazon advertising
  • Google Shopping

Stephen has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the type of advertising strategies that work for brands in the home decor, fashion, and medical care niches. He's also well-versed in text, shopping, and remarketing ads. He can help you target the right search terms to reach potential customers at scale and blow past all of your campaign performance goals.

Best for eCommerce brands that want Amazon SEO + Ads campaigns


a woman in a black dress posing for a picture

Kate H.

Performance-focused Amazon PPC manager


20+ years



Industry focus

Baby products, health, alcoholic beverages, clothing, CBD, vitamins & supplements, gourmet food

Kate is a hard-working, detail-oriented marketing strategist who believes in taking a holistic approach to improving business KPIs. Campaign creation and optimization are just a piece of the larger objective to assist business growth and ensure maximum performance across all digital channels.

  • Amazon Ads
  • Amazon Sponsored Brands
  • Google Shopping
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing strategy

Kate is the ace up your sleeve. She not only does PPC but she is also an expert in Amazon SEO, content marketing, and digital strategy. She can optimize your Amazon product listings, run a keyword analysis, improve your conversion funnel on your eCommerce site, help you get more qualified traffic, and improve your branding.

Best for 7 and 8-figure brands that want to unlock growth


a man with a beard smiling at the camera

Solomon K.

Talented Amazon Ads strategist


5+ years



Industry focus

Bath & body, gardening, home decor, home improvement, clothing, fashion, shoes

Solomon has worked for many different brands in the food and supplements space. He is experienced with working in tandem with internal marketing teams and running Amazon campaigns by himself. He also has extensive experience with all things Amazon including listing optimization, store optimization, geographic expansions, and more.

  • Amazon PPC (Sponsored Products and Brands)
  • Paid management services
  • Amazon marketing
  • Content & copywriting
  • Marketing strategy

Solomon has run Amazon Ads teams, managing large-scale operations for several brands. He's efficient, creative, and a joy to work with. If there's anyone that could bring your brand to the next level, it's Solomon.

Best for eCommerce brands looking to scale


a close up of a woman with long hair

Irina B.

eCommerce manager and Performance Marketer


10+ years



Industry focus

Vitamins & supplements, health & wellness, bath & body, home improvement, fashion, accessories, cosmetics

Irina is a high-energy and passionate marketer obsessed with driving profitable growth. Her superpower is being able to put herself into the target consumer's shoes and understand how to create a strategy to drive sales and profitable marketing investment while working through the lens of a consumer.

  • Amazon PPC
  • Google Ads / Google Shopping
  • Facebook Ads
  • eCommerce marketing

Irina has worked for small and large brands. Most recently she's run the entire eCommerce marketing strategy for a multi-national retailer. She's super talented and ready to take on any challenge.

Best for Home Decor and Nutrition brands


a man wearing glasses and a red sweater

Raja D.

Dedicated Amazon Ads consultant


12+ years



Industry focus

Home decor, furniture, medication & supplementts, fitness, camping & outdoors, wellness, pets

Raja is an independent Amazon expert with abundant knowledge of all departments with more than 12 years of experience. He's passionate about achieving high-end results and has managed a wide range of marketing projects in the world of eCommerce.

At a recent project he was able to optimize a brand's Amazon campaigns to achieve a 50% better ROAS (return on ad spend) than they expected. He has experience with both Amazon Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brands campaigns.

  • Amazon PPC
  • Amazon marketing
  • Product Ads
  • Amazon listing optimization

Raja is a multidisciplinary performance marketer that has extensive experience in a variety of niches including home decor, outdoors, wellness, pets, and fitness. He can increase your advertising budget and ad spend without hurting your bottom line.

He has worked for several successful digital agencies and continues to bring that experience to every client's account he gets to scale.

Best for brands that want omnichannel strategy & performance


a man in a blue checkered shirt smiles at the camera

Mick B.

Omnichannel marketing strategist


15+ years



Industry focus

Home decor, wellness, nutrition, fashion, hair & makeup, jewelry, accessories

Mick is a Strategic Growth Marketing and eCommerce Leader with 15+ years of experience in the beauty, fashion/apparel, and health & wellness spaces among others. He specializes in helping small and large brands optimize omnichannel marketing activities with a special focus on finding opportunities at the intersection of performance marketing, algorithms, conversion optimization, content and creative.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Amazon Ads
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Influencer Marketing

Mick isn't your regular run of the mill Amazon marketer. He has managed social media and influencer teams on organic social and influencer outreach efforts. He has also run email content and implemented highly successful SMS programs. He can help your brand expand to new channels with a high ROAS and increase your LTV.

Best for omnichannel campaigns on multiple platforms


a woman in a white suit smiling at the camera

Laureen B.

Versatile growth manager and performance marketer


12+ years



Industry focus

Tech, automotive, fashion, makeup, gaming, banking, photography, music, events, travel, home decor, accessories

Proactive, data and results-driven growth marketer with 10 years of hands-on experience in advertising performance strategy, across 360 paid channels & platforms. Laureen has worked in-house (startups + public companies) and in an agency for B2C|D2C|B2B|P2P, eCommerce, marketplace, subscription-model businesses and scaled $10M+ global campaigns (eg. Turo, Shutterstock, HelloFresh, Best Buy, WestJet, Telus, L’OrĂ©al).

  • Amazon PPC
  • YouTube Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Growth hacking
  • Marketing strategy

Laureen has experience targeting 20+ countries in various advertising campaigns across multiple platforms. She's done Apple Search Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube Ads, and could really look at the bigger picture and create a holistic strategy for all of your advertising efforts.

Best for brands that need an Amazon makeover


a man in a tuxedo smiles at the camera

Nik H.

Entrepreneurial Amazon advertising expert


9+ years



Industry focus

Vitamins & supplements, vision care, nutrition, camping, outdoors, sports, fitness, food & beverages, pets

Nik founded and scaled his own eCommerce brand Vitafive to a multiple 7-figure business and took their Amazon from $20k to $84k within 3 months. Hen then decided to start helping others that are wanting to either scale or cut costs on Amazon.

He has a very successful portfolio and is very picky about the brands he takes on. I like brands that have a unique proposition, great branding and a reasonable price point.

  • Amazon Ads
  • Amazon Marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Nik has achieved some incredible results for Amazon brands. He has decreased advertising cost of sale (ACOS) for one brand from 150% down to 28% in just 3 weeks. And has grown some brands from $100k to $500k per month. He has a talent for identifying what will work to improve conversion rates and doubling down on it.


Why have an expert work on your Amazon Ads? 

So why do you even need an Amazon Ads expert? Can't you do it all yourself? Unfortunately not. Amazon Ads is one of the most robust and complex ad platforms out there. Without an expert working on your campaigns, it's very hard to reach your target audience, improve your advertising costs, and hit your campaign goals.

Amazon PPC is a specialized skill

Every ad platform is different and there are definitely nuances, skills, and expert specialties that you want your expert to have. Amazon Ads are not the same as Google Ads (even though they share a lot of the same advertising principles), so a Google Ads Expert who's never worked with Amazon before is not going to be the best fit for your project.

Amazon PPC experts have experience using the right tools

If you want to run your advertising campaigns correctly you need to use the right tools and Amazon experts should certainly know of the best ones. These can be tools that help automate keyword research, find negative keywords, manage bids better, and A/B test campaigns. 

Save time and ad budgets by working with the right experts

Don't waste your time working with beginners. There's a huge learning curve with any marketing discipline and if you work with an advertising agency or expert from the get-go you can save thousands of dollars and scale your brand much faster. An experienced Amazon marketer who has proven experience in your niche knows the best campaign strategies, campaign types, relevant keywords and bid optimizations you should start with. 

So skip the learning curve, and come meet your hand-picked vetted expert on Mayple's platform!


What does an Amazon PPC expert do? 

An Amazon PPC specialist creates and manages advertising campaigns, monitors their performance, optimizes the ad copy and creatives, and creates bidding strategies to ultimately increase the eCommerce sales for Amazon sellers.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of the main tasks of an Amazon PPC expert:

  • Keyword research - identifying the right search queries to build the campaigns around to attract your target audience. This includes looking at things like keyword match types, negative keywords, 
  • Campaign creation and launch - launching Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products campaigns with the right bidding strategy and creatives.
  • Campaign management - monitoring your campaign performance and making sure you hit your advertising goals every week/month/quarter and not exceed your monthly ad spend.
  • Amazon SEO / listing optimization - make sure your product listings have high-quality images and have all the right search terms and information for the shopper to improve your organic rankings.

How do I succeed with Amazon PPC?

Here are some of the most effective strategies to create successful ad campaigns:

  1. Use negative keywords
  2. Bid on branded keywords
  3. Turn off low-performing campaigns
  4. Structure your campaigns the right way
  5. Use automatic campaigns 
  6. Monitor your performance on a daily basis
  7. Use broad match keywords for brand awareness campaigns
  8. Use phrase match or exact match keywords for bottom-of-the-funnel campaigns
  9. Launch Sponsored Brands campaigns

What are you waiting for? Want to scale your brand like never before? Jump on a call with one of our experts today!


What is a PPC expert?

A PPC expert is a person who deals with online advertising on many different platforms. It could be Amazon but it could also be Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, and even Pinterest. They are responsible for creating and managing online advertising campaigns and ensuring the maximum return on investment possible.

What are the 3 types of Amazon PPC ads?

The three most common types of Amazon PPC ads are - Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Brands ads, and Product Display ads. Each one has its merits and often different ad management agencies or Amazon PPC specialists work on different ad types.

What skills are required for PPC?

The top 9 skills to become a PPC expert are:

  • Time management
  • Data analytics
  • Technical skills
  • Creativity
  • Love for learning new things
  • Understanding customer intent
  • Communication
  • Ability to adapt to changes
  • Passion for experimentation