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10 Best PPC Consultants to Hire in 2024

Find the best PPC consultant to help you run effective ads that actually drive attention, clicks, and conversions.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated March 31, 2024.

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In the past, you could easily amplify your content and build a social media following by posting regularly and spending very little on ads. But, as social media becomes saturated with brands vying for attention, standing out is more challenging than ever. That's why it's important to work with a PPC consultant who can help you create and optimize targeted ad campaigns for maximum visibility.

Here are ten vetted PPC consultants you can work with to strategically reach your desired audience.

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Our top picks for the best PPC consultants

1. Gary E. - Best overall

2. Brad J. - Best for start-to-finish solutions

3. Gabriela O. - Best for digital marketing strategies

4. Tom M. - Best for programming and development

5. Michael M. - Best for performance marketing

6. Alex M. - Best for social media marketing

7. Philip J. - Best for B2B and B2C strategies

8. Cody W. - Best for analytical proficiency

9. Katia G. - Best for numbers-based results

10. Ben D. - Best for travel marketing

What is a PPC consultant?

A PPC (Pay-Per-Click) consultant comes up with and manages online advertising campaigns, often on platforms like Google Ads or Bing Ads. They specialize in optimizing ad spend, selecting keywords, and crafting compelling ad copies to drive targeted traffic to websites.

Their expertise lies in maximizing return on investment (ROI) by continuously analyzing data, adjusting strategies, and improving campaign performance through bid management, keyword research, and ad optimization techniques.

Best overall


Gary E Icon

Gary E.

Digital marketing guru with a proven track record.


9+ years


United Kingdom

Industry focus

Automotive, electronics, finance, professional services

Brief overview

Gary is a director-level marketing professional with experience achieving business results with digital technologies. Gary possesses a diverse range of expertise and skills, including proficiency in digital technologies such as SEO, SEM, social, UX, analytics, and marketing automation.


  • PPC
  • Email marketing
  • Google Ads
  • SMS marketing
  • eCommerce

Best for start-to-finish solutions


Brad J Icon

Brad J.

Concept-to-execution marketing expert.


12+ years



Industry focus

Beauty, education, finance, nonprofit & government, professional services

With 12+ years of marketing expertise and a degree in Marketing, Brad has successfully collaborated with both large corporate enterprises and small mom-and-pop establishments.

His commitment lies in nurturing and expanding ideas, utilizing a blend of education, extensive experience, and innovation. Brad specializes in transforming concepts into executable programs that provide long-term benefits for his clients.

Brad has a proven track record in corporate and small business settings, and focuses on home improvement, mortgages, and loans, in addition to assisting colleges and universities with advertising.

  • PPC
  • DSP
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Native ads
  • CRO

Best for digital marketing strategies


Gabriela O Icon

Gabriela O.

KPI-driven digital advertising strategist.


8+ years



Industry focus

Automotive, finance, health & wellness, travel, art & entertainment

Gabriela is a seasoned digital marketing professional with over 8 years of experience. She has worked in advertising agencies and various companies, particularly within the US, gaining expertise in global marketing strategies.

With a focus on digital advertising, Gabriela excels in launching and managing advertising accounts, prioritizing client goals, and consistently delivering successful outcomes while optimizing marketing investments.

  • PPC
  • Marketing strategy
  • Digital advertising accounts

Best for programming and development


Tom M Icon

Tom M.

Data-driven digital marketing expert.


20+ years



Industry focus

Finance and banking

Tom has over 20 years of experience as a digital marketer and programmer, developing a wide variety of mission-critical systems. Data and results-driven, he holds numerous certifications from Google and Microsoft.

Having collaborated with diverse clients, ranging from the Sales Force Automation department of Bristol-Myers Squibb to sole proprietors, Tom's expertise lies in crafting perfect code.

  • PPC consulting services
  • Programming and development
  • CRM

Best for performance marketing


Michael M Icon

Michael M.

Results-driven creative PPC expert.


10+ years



Industry focus

Professional services, electronics

Michael is an experienced PPC ad management professional driven by creativity and innovation with a results-driven approach.

Michael has worked with internet-based industries since 2008 and in performance marketing since 2011. He possesses a mix of managerial skills, along with massive experience as a PPC expert, and the ability to bring to the table game-changing creative concepts along with analysis that makes an impact on high-budget marketing plans.

  • PPC management services
  • Performance marketing
  • Ad management

Best for social media marketing


Alex M Icon

Alex M.

Brand growth and performance marketing expert.


15+ years



Industry focus

Art & entertainment, finance, style & fashion

Alex is an experienced marketer with experience across all channels, including growth, performance, content, and brand.

He has extensive experience helping business owners expand their online presence through brand development, acquisition, and growth marketing, He has expert-level proficiency running PPC advertising campaigns on multiple advertising networks, bidding on competitive keywords, and ongoing management. Ready to blow past your acquisition goals? Work with Alex.

  • PPC consulting
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing consulting
  • Data analysis
  • Branding

Best for B2B and B2C strategies


Philip J Icon

Philip J.

B2B and B2C growth marketing specialist.


10+ years



Industry focus

Beauty, home & garden, social & community, sports, outdoors & fitness, style & fashion, travel

Philip strategically drives robust growth initiatives for B2B and B2C products, leveraging over 10 years of expertise in diverse channels like paid marketing, Google's display network, email, SMS, influencer marketing, and SEO campaigns.

His proven track record includes boosting revenue, enhancing user retention, and elevating customer lifetime value for startups and established businesses.

  • PPC
  • SMS marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Paid marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Growth marketing

Best for analytical proficiency


Cody W Icon

Cody W.

Proficient in managing high-value campaigns.


10+ years



Industry focus

Electronics, finance, home & garden, pets, sports, outdoors & fitness, style & fashion

Cody is a seasoned digital marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in marketing. He has extensive experience in managing search, shopping, social, and Amazon campaigns.

Cody has a proven track record of success in optimizing accounts to achieve aggressive year-over-year growth and return on ad spend (ROAS), resulting in over 100% growth in some accounts.

  • PPC
  • DSP
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Amazon ads

Best for numbers-based results


Katia G Icon

Katia G.

Experienced B2B SaaS marketing strategist.


9+ years



Industry focus

Education, professional services, technology

Katia is a highly skilled specialist in PPC, SEO, and content marketing, with a strong focus on B2B SaaS and subscription-based businesses. She has successfully developed and implemented marketing and growth strategies as a CMO for subscription-based companies.

Additionally, Katia specializes in marketing online courses and has a specific focus on the tax and accounting industry.

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Content marketing

Best for travel marketing


Ben D Icon

Ben D.

Digital marketing for eCommerce and startups.


15+ years



Industry focus

Style & fashion, technology, travel

Ben, an entrepreneur with a passion for building and scaling technology products, has played pivotal roles in co-founding and investing in diverse ventures spanning e-commerce, marketing, and social networking.

Proficient in digital marketing, e-commerce, and startup dynamics, he channels his expertise to propel growth and ensure profitability. A TEDx speaker and a mentor to budding entrepreneurs, Ben stands at the vanguard of innovation in the travel industry, eagerly applying his skills and experience to steer the triumph of #forevervacation and future ventures.

  • PPC
  • eCommerce services
  • Email Marketing
  • Tracking Implementation
  • Marketing strategy
  • CRM

Why hire a PPC consultant?

Hiring a PPC consultant can help to ensure that your paid advertising money is well-spent. They'll provide a comprehensive analysis of your campaigns and help you identify areas of improvement. They'll help you optimize your search campaigns and ensure you're on top of the latest algorithm changes, trends, and industry developments.

A PPC consultant can also help you develop and execute your long-term strategy for success. With their knowledge and expertise, you can maximize your campaigns' effectiveness and minimize costs.

Hiring an experienced PPC specialist is often much more cost-effective than trying to do it yourself or hiring multiple in-house employees. A PPC professional will chip in whenever necessary to help you avoid wasting money on ineffective strategies or ad campaigns.

What does a PPC consultant do?

A PPC (Pay-Per-Click) consultant performs a variety of tasks to manage and optimize online advertising campaigns. Here are the main tasks they typically handle:

  • Keyword Research: Identifying and selecting relevant keywords to target for PPC campaigns to ensure ads appear in front of the right audience. This is where ads and search engine optimization intersect.
  • Campaign Strategy Development: Creating a comprehensive PPC strategy based on the client's goals, market conditions, and budget.
  • Ad Creation and Optimization: Designing and testing various ad formats, including text, image, and video ads, to determine which perform best. This could include launching ads on search engines, social media networks, or eCommerce marketplaces.
  • Bid Management: Setting and adjusting bids for each keyword or ad placement to maximize return on investment (ROI). Testing different bidding strategies to get more leads on each campaign.
  • Performance Analysis: Monitoring campaign performance using analytics tools to assess the effectiveness of ads in terms of clicks, click-through rates, impressions, cost per conversion, conversion rates, qualified leads, and overall ROI.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Ensuring the landing pages to which ads direct traffic are optimized for conversion, relevance, and user experience.
  • A/B Testing: Conducting comparative tests on different elements of PPC campaigns, such as ad copy, landing pages, and call-to-action buttons, to improve performance.
  • Budget Management: Allocating and managing the budget for PPC campaigns to ensure spending aligns with goals and delivers optimal results. This could include testing different bidding strategies to improve conversion rates.
  • Competitive Analysis: Researching and analyzing competitors' PPC strategies to identify opportunities and threats.
  • Reporting: Creating detailed reports on campaign performance, insights, and recommendations for future strategy adjustments.
  • Client Communication: Regularly updating clients on the status of their PPC campaigns, discussing performance, and making recommendations for adjustments to hit business goals.
  • Compliance and Best Practices: Ensuring all PPC activities adhere to search engine guidelines and industry best practices and that your PPC marketing strategy doesn't break any rules.

To summarize, the benefits of hiring an experienced PPC consultant are:

  • They are usually cheaper than hiring a paid advertising agency or a full-time employee
  • They have more experience and have worked with tens or even hundreds of clients
  • They can go down to critical metrics and hit campaign goals faster
  • They can integrate well with your internal team
  • They can improve your campaign management over time
  • They can grow your sales and traffic without the learning curve
  • They can work on various customer acquisition channels (Amazon PPC, Bing Ads, Google Ads, search ads, native ads, etc.

» Follow these tips to pick the right PPC agency for your business.

Questions to ask your PPC consultant before you hire them

  • Which key metrics do you typically look at?
  • What types of digital advertising campaigns should we launch next?
  • How many years have you been in the digital marketing industry?
  • What other marketing services do you offer?
  • Do you have experience with organic search and Google Analytics?
  • Which keyword research tools do you use?
  • Will you be checking and optimizing our campaigns on a daily basis? weekly/bi-weekly basis?
  • What type of campaigns have you run? social media ads? search ads? banner ads? Google Shopping ads?

Hire a PPC Consultant with data-backed results

PPC consultants emerged alongside the growth of online advertising platforms like Google Ads in the early 2000s. As businesses sought practical ways to target audiences, these consultants surfaced, offering expertise in managing pay-per-click campaigns.

Over time, their role expanded to encompass the growing complexity of digital advertising, specializing in optimizing ad spending, analyzing data, and developing strategic campaigns.

With Mayple, you no longer need to rely solely on reviews and persuasive sales pitches to evaluate and select a PPC consultant. Our advertising consultants and paid search agencies undergo a thorough vetting process and have demonstrated proven results.

They know the newest features, platform changes, and industry shifts, keeping your business riding the wave of what's hot and compelling.

Speak to one of our PPC consultants today so you can find the right strategy for your business.


What is the hourly rate for PPC freelance?

The hourly rate for PPC freelance can range from $20/ hour to $150/ hour (or more), depending on the freelancer's experience, proven track record of success, the ad spend, and the type of responsibilities they embark on.

What do PPC services include?

PPC (pay-per-click) is a type of online marketing where advertisers pay for each click on their ad. Some online advertising models also charge for impressions (i.e., how many times your ad is shown to potential customers) or views (e.g., when someone watches a video ad.) PPC services help businesses make the most out of pay-per-click advertising and run profitable campaigns. They can include Google Ads ( previously Google Adwords), Google Shopping campaigns, display ads, search ads, and social media advertising campaigns.

Why hire a PPC consultant on Mayple?

We have a community of 1000+ expert marketers, many of them are expert PPC consultants with diverse experience managing digital marketing campaigns for many different niches. We use a data-driven approach to vet each one, see the data of the PPC accounts that they've managed in the past, and only pick the ones that have a proven track record. We've got monthly flexible plans, and you can build out your own marketing team with as many experts as you like.

How does matching work?

We look at 50+ data points and match your brand to an expert search marketer who has a proven track record and experience managing similar PPC accounts (with similar marketing budgets) in your niche. They will be on the same timezone as you, and will work seamlessly with your in-house team.