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10 Best Paid Search Agencies to Hire in 2024

Looking to improve your paid search campaigns? Increase your ROAS? Get a higher conversion rate? Work with one of the top paid search companies in the world.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated May 31, 2024.

Best Paid Search Agencies

Achieving online success requires a strategic approach, and partnering with the right paid search agency can make all the difference. The following paid search agencies have the skills and resources to help maximize your return on investment (ROI) and unleash your business's full potential.

Speaking of ROI, here's how to accurately calculate yours.

Our top picks for the best paid search agencies

1. AdCore - Best overall

2. Sortino Marketing - Best for results-based performance marketing

3. SnapAdvantage - Best for data-driven social media marketing

4. Three Beacon Marketing - Best for fast-scaling eCommerce brands

5. Kaliber Performance Marketing - Best for intent-based advertising

6. Zonder Marketing - Best for strategic eCommerce optimization

7. MindAd Media - Best for fast-scaling eCommerce stores

8. Terrific Digital - Best for fast-growing startups

9. Casa Media - Best for creative digital marketing solutions

10. Hop Skip Media - Best for data-driven PPC advertising

What is a paid search agency?

Paid search agencies are experts in steering and optimizing paid advertising campaigns on search engines. They've got the skills to keep your campaigns finely tuned, from honing in on the right keywords to crafting compelling ads and utilizing smart strategies. Essentially, a paid search agency is a strategic partner for businesses in digital commerce, helping you boost visibility and achieve stellar results through impactful paid search campaigns.

Best overall


Adcore digital marketing agency | paid advertising company

PPC | Google Shopping | Performance Marketing

Brief overview

AdCore offers a variety of digital marketing solutions, driven by performance and oriented towards growth. Their goal is to make marketing effortless—their marketing specialists, analysts, and strategists put in the hard work so you can do less.

Why we chose AdCore

Thanks to their team of seasoned experts, AdCore guides you from planning to successful execution. You'll also enjoy transparent communication, including weekly reports to keep you well-informed about campaign progress and performance.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 40% YoY client growth, 74% of clients double ROAS in five months
  • Services: PPC, Google Shopping, Performance Marketing

Pros and cons

Local with a global reach

Proven track record of delivering significant profits for clients

Transparent reporting and consistent communication

Heavy reliance on complex tools and algorithms may limit client autonomy

Best for results-based performance marketing


Sortino Marketing | Paid advertising company

SEO Agency | PPC | CRO | SMM

Sortino is a team of results-driven experts who are dedicated to achieving impressive metrics through performance marketing. Established in 2012, they have effectively collaborated with startups and large enterprises across various niches.

What makes Sortino special is their dedication to personalized performance marketing. They offer custom services that cater to your business's specific needs, covering platforms like Google, Facebook, Native Ads, and more to ensure that the right visitors find their way to your website.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries, especially eCommerce
  • Track record: Established track record dating back to 2012
  • Services: SEO Agency, PPC, CRO, SMM

Rapid organic traffic growth through SEO optimization

Tailored performance marketing services across various platforms

Data accuracy

No clear pricing guidelines may indicate expensive services


Cover image for SnapAdvantage

eCommerce Marketing | Paid Media | SMM

SnapAdvantage is dedicated to fostering business growth through creative and integrity-driven digital marketing strategies. Overall, they've got a knack for smart, creative, and honest digital marketing that really works.

We chose SnapAdvantage for its strong emphasis on emerging influencer-style marketing and its extensive expertise in social media marketing.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries with a main focus on SMM
  • Track record: 20-40x ROI every month, impressive client retention rate
  • Services: eCommerce Marketing | Paid Media | SMM

They employ data-driven processes

Provide influencer-style marketing

Great offerings on e-mail marketing

No transparent pricing on website

Best for fast-scaling eCommerce brands


Three Beacon Marketing website

Three Beacon Marketing

Google Ads | Facebook Ads | SEO | Email Marketing

Three Beacon Marketing is a full-service online marketing agency that helps brands create and use content across multiple channels. They're especially good at creating holistic content marketing strategies that sync well with any paid ads or email marketing campaigns you may be running.

3BM stands out for its long-standing, proven track record, which is underpinned by extensive experience in the marketing industry. This makes them the perfect match for businesses looking for a trustworthy and savvy partner to navigate the ever-changing world of marketing trends and strategies.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 10x profit increases for various clients, 23 years of experience
  • Services: Google Ads | Facebook Ads | SEO | Email Marketing

Proven track record

Focus on paid ads and e-mail marketing

A boutique marketing agency means personalized attention to detail

No guidelines on pricing

Best for intent-based advertising


Kaliber Website

Kaliber Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing | Google Ads

Kaliber is a group of performance marketing experts boasting over US$500M in performance advertising experience. Beyond performance, their core values include a strong emphasis on transparency, effective communication, user-centric approaches, and a commitment to expertise. They're all about crafting meaningful paid media experiences that connect brands with consumers on a deeper level.

What sets this agency apart is its extensive experience and success collaborating with prominent global brands, showcasing a level of expertise that speaks volumes about the quality they bring to the table.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 70% increase in sales + revenue, 297% increase in overall revenue
  • Services: Performance Marketing | Google Ads | Content Marketing

Strong data-driven tactics

Recognized track record

Millions of capital raised for clients

No transparent pricing options may indicate expensive services

Best for strategic eCommerce optimization


Zonder Marketing digital marketing company homepage

Zonder Marketing

SEM | Social Media Ads | SEO

Zonder Marketing is known for its multi-channel marketing strategies, bringing extensive expertise in SEM, paid social, and SEO. Specializing in driving revenue and leads, their approach revolves around a data-driven and results-focused strategy.

The Zonder Marketing team is adept at evaluating all aspects of your marketing strategy and identifying opportunities for optimizing your budget and time allocation. They'll meticulously assess the effectiveness of your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok ads, ensuring they reach your most valuable audiences.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 20–30% increase in client revenue
  • Services: SEM and shopping, paid social, advertising, social media ads, SEO, CRO

They offer a wide range of services covering various aspects of digital marketing

Utilize various marketing channels

Focus on revenue generation

Lack of pricing information

Best for fast-scaling eCommerce stores


a screenshot of MindAd Media website

MindAd Media

Facebook Ads | Google Ads

MindAd Media specializes in optimizing the technical aspects of your sales journey and developing thoughtful growth plans to enhance it. With a keen focus on eCommerce, their expert team adeptly navigates challenges, ensuring your store realizes its full potential.

We chose Mind Ad Media for its use of proprietary technology to optimize campaigns, boost revenue, and precisely target audiences. Their commitment to HubSpot services and data-driven marketing strategies also aligns perfectly with supporting business growth.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Boasts a 15-year track record
  • Services: Marketing, advertising, shop audits, PPC campaigns, Facebook ads, Google ads

Offers customizable online dashboards

Over 15 years of experience

Global reach

Limited information on pricing plans and team members

Best for fast-growing startups


Terrific Digital Website

Terrific Digital

PPC | Google Shopping | Social Media Ads

Terrific Digital specializes in data-driven marketing across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Outbrain, LinkedIn, and more. They'll attune themselves to your business needs and create solutions that'll expand your business in their proprietary hyper-growth style.

Terrific Digital's experience with giant brands and their focus on KPIs make them a truly reliable partner. With sharp targeting and compelling narratives, they craft a 360° solution designed to maximize your influence and reach.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Proven experience with large global brands
  • Services: PPC | Google Shopping | Social Media Ads

Offers available for startups

Experience with large global brands like Logitech and Unicef

Offers B2B marketing execution from start to finish

Lack of pricing information online

Best for creative digital marketing solutions


a screenshot of Casa Media homepage

Casa Media

eCommerce Marketing Agency | PPC | SEO

Casa Media is a creative digital marketing agency from Montreal, Canada, whose focus is on facilitating brand evolution by optimizing ROI. They take prospects on a personalized ad journey through user-friendly design, engaging marketing, and effective PPC strategies, transforming them from spectators into satisfied customers.

What makes Casa Media stand out is its fresh approach to marketing. They'll prepare a personalized digital marketing plan that aligns seamlessly with your needs and they have everything in-house to amp up your paid advertising.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 6 years of experience and over $1M in advertising spend
  • Services: eCommerce Marketing Agency | PPC | Search Engine Optimization | Social Media Ads

Offer comprehensive digital marketing

Marketing available in multiple languages

Prioritize results-driven campaigns

No available pricing

Best for data-driven PPC advertising


Hop Skip Media

Hop Skip Media

Performance Marketing | Google Ads | Facebook Ads

Hop Skip Media is passionate about helping you achieve record-breaking ROI through PPC advertising. The team prioritizes transparency and communication, consistently sharing valuable insights driven by data to enhance your advertising strategies.

Hop Skip Media truly excels at maximizing the effectiveness of Google ads. Their approach involves continuous keyword research, crafting high-converting ads, and actively managing PPC campaigns. However, what sets them apart is their commitment to constant measurement and perpetual optimization, ensuring top-notch performance and delivering the results you're aiming for.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Over 500% ROI, 9 years of experience
  • Services: Performance Marketing | Google Ads | Facebook Ads

Strong focus on PPC

Regular open communication

Fast and effective

No clear pricing structure

How to find the perfect paid search company

You can't just hire Jo Shmo off the street and expect to get the results you're looking for. Great search specialists are rare and you have to make sure to work with the right one for your business.

The right paid search agency should have a few key elements:

Proven expertise in your niche

The advertising agency should have proven expertise in your particular niche. For example, if you're a real estate business, you need to work with an advertising agency that has worked with other real estate firms and has a proven success record.

Robust marketing strategy

How do you identify real talent? You ask your advertising agency to create a marketing strategy before you hire them. The strategy should include:

  • Tactics they recommend for your business (including ad types, campaign strategies, and high-level landing page design tips)
  • What they plan to do to hit your marketing goals
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) they will be tracking
  • Search trends that would apply to your business

Transparent reporting

Even if you're an analytics wiz you still need accurate reporting -- so make sure your agency provides you with transparent, easy-to-understand reports regularly.

What are paid search services?

Paid search refers to the online ads companies run on search engine results. When you type something into Google you get a list of search results that are both organic and paid (search ads).

The organic search results are optimized through search engine marketing (or search engine optimization) while the paid results are ad campaigns that companies launch using Google Ads or Bing Ads. You can launch search campaigns on all the major search engines as well as online platforms like Amazon.

Essentially, paid search services include things like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Ads, Google Shopping, Native Ads, and remarketing or retargeting campaigns. It's a crucial omnichannel marketing strategy for businesses looking to boost online visibility and profitability, as exemplified by Ilva, a Danish furniture dealer. They achieved a notable 30% increase in return on ad spend and a 20% rise in offline sales using omnichannel bidding and conversion value rules.

Audience, keyword, and competitive research

Before starting any new advertising campaigns, we perform thorough market research, keyword discovery, competitor analysis, and ROI calculations. Using these insights, we develop an effective plan that aligns with your overall marketing strategy and helps you achieve your business goals.

Bid management

Paid advertising involves paying for ads on Google and other platforms. You need to bid for them in real-time so you don't get outbid by competitors. Search engine advertising agencies are tenacious and never quit in their quest to deliver the best results for your company and meet all of your KPIs.

Conversion strategies

With the right tools, we can track conversions and see which parts of your site are converting well and which aren't. Our experts can then use this information to improve your user interface and content to increase conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We don't know what we don't measure; through CRO and experimentation, we're able to continuously monitor and improve the performance and effectiveness of your paid media marketing campaign in real time.

CRO also allows us to test different copy and designs for our paid ads with specific audiences, and then switch them in and out depending on which one works best.

Custom reporting

Each paid advertising campaign is different, and so should your reporting. We create customized reporting that lays out your entire campaign from a holistic perspective so you can easily understand the results of each aspect of your campaign.

We will meet with you at least once per month to review your current performance and discuss any adjustments needed for future campaigns.

Work with an award-winning paid search company

Don't waste months of your time sitting through sales pitches, looking at pitch decks, reading fancy testimonials, and getting no results. Work with a search marketing agency that has experience in your niche, has proven results, and can quickly diagnose your problem and get you on the right growth trajectory.

Looking for a paid advertising agency instead? We can help with that too. Get in touch and we'll match you with the best one for your business.