Expert led enterprise level results for scaled customers

Increase Net Revenue Retention with On-Demand Customer Engagement

Drive value for your customers and your business with on-demand industry Experts. In short-term engagements, Experts deep-dive into product usage with customers, and provide tailored guidance on enhancing their performance. 

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Mailchimp Reduced Churn by 95% Within Six Months


Churn rate was high among unmanaged customers, and support resources were not effective enough


Account gap analysis “Health Check” and implementation by email marketing experts


Monthly churn

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ARR Saved

2,500+ customers within 6 months

“Customers that have taken advantage of The Mailchimp Health Check tell us that it’s pure gold, that they’re very appreciative, and that they’re feeling more confident about their marketing,”

Rania Succar
Mailchimp CEO

Seamless Journey to Uplift Product Usage

In-app pop-up/chatbot/CTA

AI-driven expert matching

Pre-defined solution packages

Standardized service experience

Expert Quality Assurance

Carefully pre-vetted experts

Rigorous expert training

Service policy and standards

Service quality monitoring

Experts scoring system

Expert Quality Assurance

Full Transparency and Control

Expert scoring

Customer survey results

Call recordings

Customer qualitative & quantitative health indicators

Full Transparency and Control

Calculate Your Potential ROI

Total Number of Customers in Cohort

Monthly Revenue per Customer


Monthly Customer Churn Rate

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*cost per customer can vary from $120 to $1000+


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Managed Expert Platform?

The Managed Expert Platform is an on-demand approach to providing high-quality, tailored strategies for SaaS customers, with the goal of enriching their interactions with the SaaS platform or service.

The Managed Expert Platform approach involves connecting customers with seasoned industry professionals who excel at bridging gaps across industries, department functions, business models, and platform knowledge, fostering seamless communication between customers and your success team. Mayple takes care of expert management, training, recruitment, and quality assurance, allowing your in-house team to enjoy the benefits of expert guidance with minimal effort.

Why do we need Managed Expert Platform?

No customer facing team can be everywhere all the time. Managed Expert Platform experts provide hands-on support where it's most needed, bridging the gap between the resources of your customer success team (CSMs) and the guidance your customers require.

Managed Expert Platform experts provide tailored guidance and support, ensuring that all customers - particularly mid- and lower-tier customers who may lack the resources of larger enterprise customers - receive the assistance necessary to thrive with your platform.

How can we use Managed Expert Platform?

Managed Expert Platform is versatile, catering to diverse customer segments across all stages of engagement with your platform.

Whether guiding users through Onboarding, fostering Adoption, or maximizing Usage, MEP specialists tailor their services to predefined scopes, customized for each segment.

Managed Expert Platform can help your team:

Facilitate onboarding and custom implementations
Conduct health checks and offer suggestions for improved usage
Maximize value by unveiling underutilized product functionalities

What KPIs does Managed Expert Platform impact?

The Managed Experts program can influence three main sets of KPIs, based on your business goals and priorities:

Retention: Decrease churn rates, increase NPS/CSAT, increase customer LTV
Growth/upselling: Increase NRR, generate upsell and cross-sell opportunities (CSQLs) Boost MRR per user, increase revenue
Product usage: Increase feature usage and awareness, decrease time to value, decrease customer effort score (CES), increase number of users/seats.

Who pays for Managed Expert Platform – SaaS platforms or customers?

You can pay for Managed Expert Platform or pass the costs on to your customers, depending on your business strategy, goals and needs.

If your goal is to increase retention with risk of churn customers, we recommend that you pay for retention-focused Expert services. Offering Expert services for free maximizes the number of customers who take advantage of the program, and magnifies retention rate benefits.

However, if your goal is to offer new value-added services or increase usage of existing customers, it is natural to offer Managed Expert Platform to customers as a paid offering.

Can the Managed Expert Platform be white labeled?

Absolutely! It can be directly integrated into your product.

We customize white labeled programs to your brand, making sure your customers have a seamless experience that highlights the expertise of your team.

Managed Expert Platform can sit directly on your URL, so no external system is necessary.

How can I know if the Managed Expert Platform will work for my company?

We’re happy to help you figure out if the Managed Expert Platform is right for your business.

We offer a free, no-obligation pilot. Contact our sales team for more information.

How long does it take to implement the Managed Expert Platform?

The Managed Expert Platform can be implemented in as few as 10 days.

Who are Managed Expert Platform Experts?

Experts are platform specialists who also have the industry expertise to help your clients solve real business problems with your platform. The Experts can be your existing ecosystem partners, or thoroughly vetted freelancers and micro agencies.

What is the difference between our customer success managers and an Managed Expert Platform Expert?

Experts work alongside your existing customer success team. Your customer success team are masters of the technical uses of your product; Experts are industry and business specialists who can connect your platform to the business needs of your client.

Because of it’s innovative pay-per-use model, Experts can also provide support to your unmanaged customer segment at a lower cost than your in-house success team.

How does Mayple vet Experts?

Mayple vets experts across 141 criteria in 10 categories to identify the top performers. We get view-only access to accounts that applicants have managed, and carefully analyze their past performance and results.

The experts are also vetted for experience and results in your specific SaaS platform.

Only the 12% of experts who have consistently overperformed benchmarks become experts.

You can learn more about our vetting process here.

How does Mayple ensure the highest quality of service by Managed Expert Platform Experts?

Our vetting does not end when an Expert is approved on the Mayple platform. We handle ongoing quality assurance support, monitoring Expert calls and deliverables and providing feedback and training to ensure that Experts provide the highest-quality service to customers.

We also believe in full transparency. You will be privy to CSAT scores and any feedback your customers have about Managed Expert Platform and their Expert.

How would Managed Expert Platform work with my existing partner directory?

You can use a partner directory together with the Managed Expert Platform together, or separately.

If you decide to combine your existing partner directory with the Managed Expert Platform, Mayple’s AI platform will automatically match your customers with your existing partners, boosting their conversion rates and satisfaction.

If you choose to use the two platforms separately, the Managed Expert Platform is great for customers who are looking for a full-service, done-for-you approach, while customers who are interested in shopping for services can review your partner directory.

What data or information would I be privy to during and after Managed Expert Platform Experts meet with my customers?

Mayple offers access to a comprehensive overview of both ongoing and finished projects, detailing projects’ current status, objectives, projected completion dates, and overall summaries.

Moreover, Mayple will relay all customer feedback and product suggestions directly to your Product team. This ensures that you are informed about not only the progress of individual projects, but also any trends identified within segments managed by Managed Expert Platform experts, along with valuable product feedback.

You will also be privy to CSAT scores and any feedback received about our MEP Experts.

What can I expect in working with Mayple?

In 3 words: A True Partnership!

We prioritize transparent communication, ensuring that you are informed and involved every step of the way. With Mayple, you can expect clear updates, open dialogue, and collaborative decision-making to drive your projects forward.

Moreover, we understand that your success is our success. That's why we're dedicated to closely monitoring performance metrics, optimizing strategies, and delivering tangible results that align with your business objectives. At Mayple, we measure our success by the impact we make on yours.

We’re more than just a vendor – we're your trusted partner in achieving your marketing goals.


Maximize Your Users' ROI With Trusted Expert Assistance