How Fjorden Decreased Their CPC By 295%

We found Mayple's mix-and-match approach to be the perfect solution for assembling our marketing dream team"

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About Fjorden

Fjorden is a camera company based in Oslo, Norway. They love photography, and are on a mission to build the world's best smartphone camera system.

Challenge & goals:

The main challenge is the fact that we dont actually have the product yet to ship to clients. All the activity now and the sales are for pre order.

Establish business growth

Expand the target audience beyond the core client

Get 5,000 pre orders in 6-months

That’s why Nikita was the perfect match for Fjorden

Nikita V.

Email Marketing


SMS Marketing

I thoroughly enjoy working with Mayple on projects. They're very organized and they help support us in all of the projects that we have along the way.

Strategies the expert used


We improved the user interface on their current automations, and any future emails going out by having them be adapted to light and dark modes on mobile.


We improved the customer journey by implementing and improving their welcome funnel, We designed more personalized email marketing campaigns to help the audience gain a more personal connection with the brand owner.


Lastly, we helped them setup their referral system through email, helping them generate more word-of-mouth and referral sales down the road.


Victor Henning, Ph.D. Founder & CEO, Fjorde

From the first onboarding meeting, Mayple's team provided actionable feedback on how to improve our various marketing channels. We had tried other agencies before, but Mayple delivered better results while saving us money.