How GoodStuff Juice
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About GoodStuff Juice

GoodStuff Juice sells juice cleanses and organic, cold-pressed juices. The brand was stuck at around $12k/month in revenue and wanted to scale to $20k/month in revenue.

Previously, they were just relying on word of mouth from their brick and mortar store customers, organic social media, and an email list. But they knew it wasn't enough.

They decided to invest in improving their Facebook ads to bring more traffic and conversions to their Shopify store.

Challenge & goals:

The brand did not find ways to grow beyound $12k/month in revenue and was looking to scale dramatically.

Increase funnel conversion

Build an effective ad creative flow

Grow sales to $20k per month and beyond

That’s why Amber was the perfect match for GoodStuff Juice

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Amber W.

Digital marketing

Facebook Ads

Most eCommerce brands want to see instant success, but testing and learning takes about 3-6 months if you’re new to Facebook Ads, or have run them before but lack quality structured data.

Strategies the expert used


A/B testing the first two months - Our Mayple expert tested different target audiences, and different ad creatives. They looked at the best performing ones and removed audiences and ads that were the weakest in the series of A/B tests.


Building a marketing funnel -  Our expert built a funnel that communicates the problem that the product solves, and targets ads with the correct copy and creative, based on where a customer is in the marketing funnel.


Extensive market research - Looking at competitors' websites and using existing data from Shopify and past Facebook ads to constantly improve ad performance.





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