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Mayple matches you with a marketer or micro agency that’s successfully scaled
companies at a similar size and stage in your vertical.

We've tested thousands of world-class digital marketers and agencies.

We've searched the
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Unlike agencies that push your projects down the ladder, we ensure the person you hire is the one you work with.

See the results as they happen

Know how your budget is being used across your marketing channels in real time with Mayple’s dashboard.

Get new strategies to smash your growth goals

A dedicated strategy manager will be with you every step of the way to identify new growth opportunities and ensure your expert delivers above benchmark.

Nitzan L.

I enjoyed the sales stage, as it seemed professional, attentive and not too pushy. Our sales manager - Sheila, listened and addressed all of our concerns and needs and helped in matching us with the best professional.

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Melaina B.

It was great getting industry knowledge from experienced professionals. We feel like we gained a ton of insight and created actionable plans to move forward with our strategy.

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Stephanie B.

They care and really listen to our needs as a company and continue to set calls to discuss future projects they can help with. Their customer service has been top notch

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Jordan R

They didn't stop until they found the right candidate for me. The best part is your aren't charged anything until you approve your expert.

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Nikolaus B.

Having the whole bureaucratic setup part handled in Mayple. It’s now a very simple process, which traditionally took multiple phone calls and numerous emails.

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Elhanan B.

Once we started working together, it was wonderful to sort of sit back and let the magic happen. We were able to see in real-time what was working and wasn’t, and Mayple offered optimization suggestions as well.

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Keith L.

Mayple connected me with a great marketing partner

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Yusuf U.

Mayple gave us access to top-performing PPC talent in our competitive market so we didn't waste time shopping around.

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Katia G.

We love the transparency. We can always keep an eye on how our campaigns in real-time. no more waiting around for a lengthy monthly report which is hard to understand.

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Budget Managed For Our Clients


Average year-over-year growth


Average Sales Growth for Our Clients Over a 6-Month Period


Growth MoM


We improved the user interface on their current automations, and any future emails going out by having them be adapted to light and dark modes on mobile.
Paid Ads
Web Development




Working with the artists: collaborating with musicians who signed up to provide video testimonials, providing a rich amount of social proof content for the ad creatives.
Paid Ads
Web Development



GoodStuff Juices

Identified key steps from the long account creation process to track and send meaningful data so the ad-platform algorithms could better optimize towards the main goal.
Paid Ads
Web Development


Conversion Rate


Consolidated campaigns and improved the account's structure.
Paid Ads
Web Development

How do we vet our experts?

Marketers must meet each of the 141 criteria for their area of expertise. We analyze the results they’ve achieved for multiple brands to establish a track record of excellence and put them to the test live so we can watch them work.

With only 1% of applicants entering our database, we have a lower acceptance rate than Harvard.

Paid Ads

All our marketers have over 4 years of experience in the specific channel you need help with.

Social Media

We will match you with a marketer that has a proven track record in your niche.


Get weekly updates and monthly summaries about KPIs and activities in your insights feed.

There’s only so much a single agency can offer

With Mayple, you’ll always be able to find the perfect expert for your opportunity.

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