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Growth MoM


We improved the user interface on their current automations, and any future emails going out by having them be adapted to light and dark modes on mobile.
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Web Development




Working with the artists: collaborating with musicians who signed up to provide video testimonials, providing a rich amount of social proof content for the ad creatives.
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Web Development



GoodStuff Juices

Identified key steps from the long account creation process to track and send meaningful data so the ad-platform algorithms could better optimize towards the main goal.
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Conversion Rate


Consolidated campaigns and improved the account's structure.
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You can't get this level of service and care anywhere else. It makes my work much more effective.

Roee Arbel, Co-founder, CoreMasters

Mayple was able to help us choose the best google ads specialist for our project. All the marketers are hand-picked and vetted by Mayple.

Deborah Herbet

Mayple truly restored my trust in digital marketing again.  I got the best google ads expert I've ever worked with.

Nicholas Taylor

Mayple paired us up with a google ads agency who took the time to understand me, my needs, and what I'm trying to do with my business.

Nicole Davies
Nitzan L.

I enjoyed the sales stage, as it seemed professional, attentive and not too pushy. Our sales manager - Sheila, listened and addressed all of our concerns and needs and helped in matching us with the best professional.

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Melaina B.

It was great getting industry knowledge from experienced professionals. We feel like we gained a ton of insight and created actionable plans to move forward with our strategy.

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Stephanie B.

They care and really listen to our needs as a company and continue to set calls to discuss future projects they can help with. Their customer service has been top notch

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Jordan R

They didn't stop until they found the right candidate for me. The best part is your aren't charged anything until you approve your expert.

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Nikolaus B.

Having the whole bureaucratic setup part handled in Mayple. It’s now a very simple process, which traditionally took multiple phone calls and numerous emails.

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Elhanan B.

Once we started working together, it was wonderful to sort of sit back and let the magic happen. We were able to see in real-time what was working and wasn’t, and Mayple offered optimization suggestions as well.

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Keith L.

Mayple connected me with a great marketing partner

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Yusuf U.

Mayple gave us access to top-performing PPC talent in our competitive market so we didn't waste time shopping around.

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Katia G.

We love the transparency. We can always keep an eye on how our campaigns in real-time. no more waiting around for a lengthy monthly report which is hard to understand.

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"THIS CALL IS A GAME-CHANGER! "I’ve been stuck for 6 months and couldn't get my daily budget up from $500. Since working with Mayple, I've scaled to $1k a day, profitably. Insane."

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What is a Google Ads agency?

A Google Ads agency is a type of digital marketing agency that only does online advertising on Google. It's uniquely experienced in creating an advertising strategy and running Google ad campaigns. Such an agency would also employ digital marketing strategies from campaign structure to analytics tracking, A/B testing the ads creative & ad copy, creating the landing pages, and tracking and reporting. The ultimate goal of the ad agency is to help the business reach its target audience and optimize campaign performance.

When should you work with a Google Ads agency?

You need a second pair of eyes

You've set up Google Ads and have an entire marketing team that's creating and optimizing your campaigns but things aren't going well. Your ROAS has decreased, cost per conversion is really high, you're not getting the right amounts of traffic and you're not really sure if you have the right campaign strategy for the account.

That's when you need an experienced Google adwords agency to take a look at your account and see what you could improve on. The right Google marketing agency would be able to help you get back on track and improve your ROAS. 

You need a marketing manager to lead your Google campaigns

Let's take another scenario.

Your marketing team is doing great, all the campaign components are in place and you're seeing revenue growth. And you want to step away from managing this particular channel and shift your focus to other marketing efforts. You need a top-notch PPC manager or a ppc advertising agency to lead your team of PPC specialists. That person or agency would have to coordinate with other marketing channels such as conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization, and your team of content marketers and web designers.

You need an expert in a particular type of advertising campaign

Sometimes you might only need an expert that specialized in a particular type of Google ads campaign. For example, if you're an eCommerce company and you need someone to optimize your Google Shopping campaign you're not going to want to work with a generalist. You're going to look for a specialist in Google Shopping, someone that has worked with other brands in your niche and has a proven success record.

There are many different types of Google ad campaigns that you could run particularly - programmatic advertising, Google shopping campaigns, and native advertising. Not all performance marketers are created equal and when you look for an ads agency you really have the option to find the one that has the experience you need to unlock your business growth.

Questions to ask your Google Ads agency before you hire them

Here are questions you should ask every online marketing agency you are considering working with,

  • How many active clients do you have? Could I see a client list?
  • Do you do landing page design? Or would I need my own designers for that?
  • What type of campaigns do you have the most experience in? App campaigns? Google Shopping? Programmatic? Google search campaigns? Video ads?
  • What happens if you don't hit your goals? What's your procedure for course correction?
  • Would you check my account on a daily basis? weekly basis?
  • How often do you report the results?
  • Which type of campaign would best help me hit my business goals?
  • Which digital marketing methods would you use if we work together?
  • How many PPC experts do you have on the team?
  • What other digital marketing services do you offer?
  • How much growth to you anticipate in my account in the next 3-6-12 months? Which growth goals would you set?
How to find the perfect google ads agency for your business?

Proven experience in your niche

First, make sure that the agency has experience in your niche. You want to work with a google ad marketing agency that has worked with similar brands in the past and that can provide case studies of clients they've worked with who have had similar goals as you. This way, you'll know they have the expertise to help your business succeed on Google.

Proven results for similar brands

Next, make sure that the agency has proven results. If an agency says they can get you more conversions from Google ads, but there's nothing to back it up—no case studies or other clients looking for similar results—then it's probably not worth your time.

You need to really study their data and see what they've done in the past, how they've managed their campaigns, what kind of keyword strategies they've used, and their successes and failures. When you work with Mayple you really get to look under the hood and see all the data. Full transparency is the name of our game.

Experience working with your target audience & budget

Finally, the right Google marketing agency should have experience working with a similar target audience and running campaigns with a similar marketing budget. If they've worked with clients in similar industries or had similar budgets before, they are more likely to get you the results you're looking for, faster.

The right skills to scale your business

Make sure your Google ad marketing agency has the right skills and experience to help your business succeed on google. The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars on a campaign that doesn't work.