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The power of UGC & creators

Are you looking for a routine influx of content that performs well on both organic & paid social channels? Curate an endless flow of effective, economic UGC on a monthly basis with SNOW + MAYPLE. We facilitate the partnership between brands and creators to:

  • Source the right creators for your brand
  • Generate content native to the platform(s) of your choosing
  • Speak directly to your target personas

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What is your monthly creative budget?





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Get Started

Monthly payment, no setup fees, pay only when you approve the expert

What’s Included?

Content Brief

We draft content guidelines for the creator to generate predictable, effective UGC

Creator Sourcing

We hand-pick creators that match the target demographic of your brand

Full Usage Rights

We negotiate full usage rights to the content, in perpetuity!

Whitelisting Access

We will get your brand access to influencers' social media pages so you can run ads directly from their pages!

Final UGC Asset

Prior to content going live on the influncer's page, it must get our final stamp of approval!

Payments to Creators

We pay the creators with an allotted internal budget. You may provide additional funds if you want to target more established creators.

The amazing benefits of our creator outreach program

Sourced & Tested Assets

Gone are the days of having creative be the bottleneck of your business. We identify and test numerous personas to quickly understand what resonates best with consumers for your brand.

Higher Engagement

We leverage the creator's strengths to generate UGC that aligns with the brand's vision and optimizes engagement. We iterate future strategy based on past performance to ensure improvement over time.

Increased Conversions

Our creatives are designed to be repurposed for paid social. We leverage market research to identify pain points and unique value props of your products. This serves as the foundation for content briefs that are geared to elevate conversions & ROI.

Examples of our work

Get Started

The impact of creator partnerships & coaching

Creators that partner with The Snow Agency see a significant increase in their views, comments, saves, shares, and likes after working with us and utilizing our content briefs.


Increase in views


Increase in saves


Increase in shares


Increase in likes

Introduction & Onboarding
  • We audit your existing socials and any previous content guidelines you have available to determine what creative assets are needed.
  • We collaborate with experts on our team and your marketer to uncover areas of opportunity, impactful marketing angles, and new target audiences.
  • We personalize the onboarding process by providing creative resources specific to your brand.
Sourcing & Hiring Creators

Our AI will tap into our 600+ global network of exhaustively vetted experts to identify the perfect match to seamlessly integrate with your business needs.

Campaign Launch

See exactly who is doing what, where and when with clear campaign and channel performance dashboards fully integrated into the Mayple platform.

Content Creation & Video Revisions

See exactly who is doing what, where and when with clear campaign and channel performance dashboards fully integrated into the Mayple platform.

Sharing Deliverables

See exactly who is doing what, where and when with clear campaign and channel performance dashboards fully integrated into the Mayple platform.


A platform specific appraoch


Features fast-paced videos, engaging transitions, and a catchy intro. TikTok is the ideal platform to explore new target audiences, take over searchable hastags, uncover new use cases, and develop brand identity. Here, value-based, authentic, and engaging content thrives.


Looking for aesthetically-pleasing content that informs your audience? Want to talk directly to a specific target audience? Meta is the ideal platform for brands searching for the more experienced influencer. Here, informative, pain-point driven, and refined messaging thrives.

Other Platforms

Creator platforms are constantly evolving as we see the rise in channels such as Pinterest, YouTube Shorts, and more. Tell us your channel-specific creator needs so we can best serve your brand.

Frequently asked questions

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