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10 questions to ask a freelancer or an agency before hiring them

Omer Farkash
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Decisions are risky, particularly when they involve an overwhelming variety of choices, no unified scoring or measurement tool and that marketing budget you worked so hard to get.

To minimize the risk, you need the right information (and we don’t mean the information you get from sales pitches).

We gathered a list of questions to help you get the information you need to make the right decision when it comes to the freelancer or the agency to work with on your digital marketing efforts.

(and some bonus tips too)

What is your experience?

  1. What experience do you have in my industry?
  2. What kinds of campaigns did you manage?
  3. What was your highest managed budget?
  4. What about success stories you’re proud of with your work?
  5. Can you show me some examples?

What is your expertise?

  1. What is your professional background with each advertisement channel?
  2. Do you have a Facebook and Google score?
  3. What technology tools do you use?

What availability do you have?

  1. Can you fit our marketing schedule needs?
  2. Are you available on our working hours?
  3. How many projects are you currently working on?
  4. What Communication agreement (Weekly / bi-weekly call) can we set with you?

Fee vs. media budget

  1. How do you set your fee? (as a percentage of the media budget/ fixed)
  2. Is there a minimum fee?
  3. Is the fee related to results? (usually CPA: cost per acquisition)

How do you build the campaign strategy?

  1. How do you plan a campaign?
  2. How do you decide on the channel distribution of each campaign?
  3. What do you think about retargeting?
  4. Do you do A/B testing on different campaign messages?

What is your timelines for starting?

  1. When can you start?
  2. In how many days can the campaign be launched?

What do you need from us?

  1. Are there any materials you need us to send to you?
  2. What about access to our ad accounts?

Do you provide additional services?

  1. If needed, can you provide us with services like video editing, creative copy, etc?

Reporting expectations

  1. What analytics do you track?
  2. What reporting format do you use?
  3. What would be the frequency of these reports?
  4. How detailed are the reports? Ad level or campaign level?

KPIs - clear expectations!

  1. What KPIs do you think are relevant to us?
  2. What are the KPI’s you expect to reach?
  3. In what period of time?

Must have’s:

  1. You own your accounts - this is very important. No freelancer nor agency should own the accounts you use to manage your campaigns.
  2. Fee and media budgets are transparent - you should know where your money goes.
  3. Make sure you actually work with the person you met - and that you’re in a high priority for this person.

Bonus tip:

If the freelancer or agency will have a chance to review your past campaigns on your ad accounts before you start working together, they will be able to asses how they can improve your performance in the future campaigns they will handle.

Give them the chance to decide whether they can improve your campaign's performance or not.

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