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How Eternity went from $0 to $289k/mo with Email Marketing

Learn how Eternity Modern, a home decor brand, grew to $289K/mo in email marketing revenue. Email flows + email segmentation and an optimized Klaviyo setup.

Ben Kazinik
By Ben Kazinik
Natalie Stenge
Edited by Natalie Stenge

Updated November 20, 2023.

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Eternity is a high-end home decor brand. They sell mid-century modern sofas, high-end lighting, and beautiful wooden pieces.

It’s based in Vancouver and sells furniture globally.

In 2020 Eternity Modern had a lot of things right -> they had a robust site, an engaged audience on social media, and a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy.

But the one main marketing channel they were leaving unattended was email marketing.

Email marketing is by far the most lucrative marketing channel for any eCommerce brand. Studies show that brands make $42 for every $1 spent on email.

Shockingly, Eternity didn’t have any email marketing campaigns or flows set up. It could be because they didn’t have the expertise to properly manage the channel, or perhaps their other channels did really well and they didn’t have the time to deal with email marketing.

Eternity’s store revenue was at $63K, while their email marketing sales were at $0.

Then they met up with Hustler Marketing, one of the top eCommerce email marketing agencies, and the rest is history. Here’s the story of how they went from $0 to $289k/mo in just under 1 year.

Setting up the email flows

One of the first things that Eternity did was to set up their email flows.

They went with 9 different types of flows -

  1. Welcome series
  2. Browser abandonment
  3. Cart abandonment
  4. Add to cart pop up
  5. Checkout abandonment
  6. 7-day email sequence (discounts and promos)
  7. Post-purchase (upsells by category)
  8. Upsell / Cross-sell
  9. Re-engagement & win-back

Here’s an example of one of their browser abandonment flows.


There are a few really great elements that I like about this flow.

The design - is simple, with plenty of white space, and the browsed product is dynamically displayed.

The content - most eCommerce emails have little to no content and that’s a mistake. It’s important to write copy that converts and explains the process (what they need to do with this coupon and how much it’s for). It provides an important anchor for those consumers that like to read.

Interactive elements - there’s an interactive timer that keeps counting down and reinforcing that urgency.

Pro tip: Need help with your browser abandonment emails? Check out our list of 100+ browse abandonment subject lines.

What makes these email flows tick? You guessed it - email segments.

Email marketing segments

One of the secrets behind making email flows work correctly are those pesky segments that everyone talks about. If you’re using Klaviyo it’s actually really easy to set them up.

how to create segments in klaviyo

Eternity had to create a different segment for each flow, and a few different ones for their email campaigns as well.

Increasing the campaign quantity

Another frequent tip we hear from email experts like Adam Kitchen and Chase Dimond is that eCommerce brands should increase the number of email campaigns they send. A lot of times we see brands with large email lists (100,000’s of contacts) that are under-utilizing their power.

Eternity Modern tested out sending 2x a week at first and slowly went up to 4x a week over several months. Email frequency increased during the holidays and around promo dates.

And it worked!

Here is an example of their Memorial Day campaign.


Pro tip: look at that signature they add at the bottom of each email. Some of their campaigns even have a personal note: “Thank you for staying in touch and being engaged. Much appreciated! Sincerely, Madison Davis”.

It doesn’t even look like Madison is a real person, but it adds that special personal touch, and most customers don’t even care. It looks like an authentic home decor blogger’s email signature.

Let’s go back to email campaigns, how do you increase their quantity without getting marked as spam by your customers? Here’s how.

Decreasing spam rates

There are several ways you can decrease the probability of ticking off your email subscribers. Here are some ways that Eternity Modern tried:

1. Exclude unengaged customers - exclude those customers that haven't opened a single email in the last 60-90 days.

2. Create a sunset flow - create a flow targeting those unengaged customers, give them one last chance to re-engage with your content and if they don’t open or click through on an email then unsubscribe/archive them.

3. Send educational campaigns - don’t only send promotional emails, write content that educates the customer about your brand and your products. That provides value, without pushing a sale.

Here’s an example of an educational campaign.


The results

The results of applying all of these strategies to Eternity’s email marketing were pretty shocking. The revenue from email grew from $0 to $80k/mo in just 3 months. In 11 months it was already at $289k/mo.


Eternity Modern was able to monetize all its channels better because of the email marketing strategy in place. All traffic that came to the site and left their email on a popup or an email form would now be entered in Klaviyo and retargeted with the right message and content.


A few key points to remember:

  1. Don’t skimp on your email marketing strategy, spend the time on it.
  2. Send more email campaigns than you’re used to, campaign quantity is key.
  3. Set up segments and flows -> that’s going to bring 60%-80% of your email marketing sales
  4. Send educational campaigns as well as promotional ones
  5. Always be testing.