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Homestyle specializes in the manufacture and import of home textile products. The company's products can be found in Homestyle's chain of stores and in Israel's leading marketing chains. In addition, the company markets its products to customers in Europe and US.

Homestyle challenge

Homestyle was willing to start selling its products Online on a highly competitive niche and didn't have a substantial expertise on this field.

Unlocking the full Online sale potential of the brand

Homestyle started their online marketing efforts, as most clients do when they don’t have in-house knowledge or resources, by hiring a Digital agency. After a 6 months period with mediocre results he decided to change agencies although at this point he discovered he didn’t own his assets: all his accounts, audience data, creatives and copies “belonged” to the agency and he didn’t succeed to receive them. For a 3 months period he struggled with the agency: as a matter of fact the agency didn’t want Homestyle to leave and the price for leaving was losing all his assets.

Very disappointed and frustrated by this experience, Tomer Ganzi, Homestyle's CMO, decided to take the Marketing efforts In-House and managed it by himself. Nobody knows the business as Tomer does but he is not a digital marketing expert. For 4 months working a weekly average of 20 hours in Facebook Ads alone he didn’t succeed to have a positive return on investment, he started doubting on the effectiveness of paid marketing.

Outstanding Results

In December 2017, Homestyle's CMO, Tomer Ganzi, signed-up into Selectom in order to find a Marketing talent freelancer for Homestyle particular needs. Tomer created a project on the platform and got suggestions for Marketers  specialized on B2C for home textile products targeting the Israeli market.

Within 24 hours after signing-up he got back 4 proposals from Marketers that were interested to work for him and after checking his past Marketing campaigns, 2 of them suggested they could improve significantly his current ROI and CPAs . Tomer chose Lior Zelering as his marketer as he had the most experience for his particular niche.

Within a month ROI doubled to 2.4 with a similar monthly spent through Facebook newly look-alike audiences created. On the second month Homestyle campaigns were running in Google Ads, Taboola and Outbrain, additionally to Facebook Ads and this further increased the ROI to 3.3.

Today, Homestyle is the sole owner of all its digital assets, they have the flexibility to change marketers at any given point without the threat of losing anything. Additionally Tomer has full transparency on his campaigns performance for each channel, everything from one same platform: Selectom’s cross-channel dashboard in real-time let him check the amount of clicks, conversions, cost and revenue at any time and any place as he can even access it from his mobile.

Homestyle actual CPA is 40% lower than before he started working with Lior Zelering for an ROI of 5.5.


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