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Finding Waldo is no easy task. 

Locating and matching up with the best expert to grow your business is even harder.

Empowering the relationship to drive the best results day after day is near impossible.

A continuously evolving managed marketplace is the only solution.

The terms “Talent”, “Expert” and “Service Provider” are used interchangeably throughout this article.

Top digital marketing talents are what hold up digital marketing agencies. They are the “worker bees” of the hive, who don’t get to enjoy the honey of their labor.                    While their work produces great results, those in turn, only contribute to the agency’s good reputation and brand. The actual marketing talents earn but 10%-15% of the client’s investment. It is not surprising that many talented marketers eventually find themselves leaving the agencies they advanced in and strike out on their own, to create a brand for themselves. 

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We are talking about millions of young professionals in a continuously changing industry (digital marketing) with real talent that makes money from offering their services in the digital marketing space.

These talents build their career by working for brands or large tech companies (with good reputations) to start with. After a few years, they start up their own freelance business, or even, set up their own small digital marketing agency. It’s a cycle that is relevant to most of the service-based industries. With Digital marketing the cycle is taken to the extreme.

The passion economy leads marketing talents to build their own business. However, they struggle to stay focused on their core expertise and find it hard to get projects that are best suited for their skills.

A managed marketplace, specifically geared for digital marketing talents, can be a real catalyst for growth. Let us dig into some of the main issues in the way things are now:

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Managed marketplaces

Quality Assurance

The first component is a matching solution that can be trusted by both sides of the deal. The talent needs to receive a relevant and consistent deal flow and the customer needs to trust the quality and reliability of the services being provided.

The managed marketplace is thus the gatekeeper, providing transparent and in-depth vetting, continuously overseeing the relationship, and sharing customer feedback about performance and execution. Each service provider’s specific skillset needs to be carefully understood, itemized, and translated into layman terms. The managed marketplace thus becomes synonymous with continuous quality assurance and accuracy.

The managed marketplace is thus the gatekeeper, providing transparent and in-depth vetting, continuously overseeing the relationship, and sharing customer feedback about performance and execution.

Empower the Service Provider

In a more independent environment, service providers need a set of easy-to-use tools to complement their core competencies. These tools start with basic back-office functionality, such as targeted deal flow, invoicing, and scheduling, and extend to specialty-specific tools in digital marketing, for example, these include marketing briefs, marketing accounts integration, campaign setup, and more.

The managed platform needs to remain talent-centric and evolve with the latter’s needs, add functionality to complement the service provider throughout the various stages of growth, and always fulfill a 360° support function. Joining an agency to do what a service provider is passionate about is no longer a requirement to provide best-in-class services; it becomes a choice based on other considerations such as love of the workplace and the agency’s ability to service their talent. The managed platform thus becomes synonymous with backbone and core functionality, growth, and brand awareness.

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Create Perfectly Integrated Teams

Business needs morph and evolve and adapt to these changes is no easy feat.                        A key component of a managed marketplace’s added value is to oversee and continuously evaluate each business’ needs to empower the service provider to remain relevant throughout the entire engagement. By working with experts with different skillsets from all around the world, a managed marketplace builds and supports unique complementary teams to match each customer’s exact needs, thereby creating a solution that is greater than its individual parts.

The managed platform becomes a system that empowers service providers to focus on their unique strengths by recognizing and valuing their individuality rather than their ability to conform.

Access to Specialty Services

Gig economy marketplaces have traditionally focused on conformity as unique skillsets did not factor into their offering. This has left marketplaces focusing on specialty services, and by extension B2B segments, vastly underserviced. A managed marketplace’s ability to (i) identify and promote unique skillsets, (ii) vet and continuously evaluate its service providers, (iii) oversee customer relationships and regularly adapt offerings to customer needs, and (iv) empower service providers to become vested in their brand, make it the ideal system to segue into more complex B2B ecosystems.

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Mayple is an online managed marketplace for marketing services, matching companies to the right vetted expert and continuously managing the performance to ensure successful results. 


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