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Amazon Marketing

Amazon is undeniably the world’s largest online marketplace. It has 2.5 million active sellers and 25,000 of them are making over $1 million in sales (Oberlo). In fact, research shows that 23% of online shoppers go on Amazon first for inspiration (Episerver).

There has been some unbelievable stories of entrepreneurs totally crushing it on Amazon, and a lot of businesses thrive when they launch on the platform.

Here’s an amazing story of a single mom going from $0 to $500,000 per month on Amazon.

Ok, that kind of success is super rare.

But, if you are an eCommerce brand or marketing manager you need to be on Amazon, regardless of your niche or industry.

Here are some of the top Amazon marketing strategies that will get you there.

Top Amazon Marketing Strategies

Amazon is a huge marketplace with a lot of different areas you could optimize.

I like this graph from Sellics that really shows all the opportunity that exists on Amazon:

sellics amazon marketing marketplace

WOW, there’s a ton you can do on Amazon.

We’re not going to cover absolutely everything on this graphic, we’re going to start with some of the main areas of Amazon marketing and work down from there.

Let’s dive in.

Invest in Amazon Ads

We can spend weeks and months talking about Amazon ads.

Amazon’s advertising platform is the most developed out of any online marketplace and rivals Google Ads in its customization and complexity.

One aspect of Amazon’s advertising is called AMS or Amazon Marketing Services.

There are 3 ad formats that you can take advantage of:

ams three types of ad formats amazon marketing

Sponsored products - these are like Google Ads. They can appear in the beginning, middle, or end of search results. You can bid for each keyword but also for the ranking of the ad. These also appear on product pages.

Here’s an example of what a sponsored product ad looks like:

how to identify a sponsored ad product on amazon marketing
Source: SEJ

Sponsored brands - these were previously known as headline search ads. They are banners that you can place on various parts of the search results page. Each banner could link to a specific landing page with a list of products of your choice. So sometimes they become even more powerful than sponsored product ads.

Here’s an example:

Product display ads - these are ads only available to “vendors” on Amazon (and you have to pay extra for access).

Here’s an example from Peloton:

amazon marketing product display ad example from peloton
Source: Hubspot

Amazon also has video ads but they are still in their infancy, so before you start optimizing and testing those, you should get your other ad formats profitable.

Hire an Amazon ads expert

You should hire a really experienced ads expert for Amazon specifically, someone that knows the ins and outs of the platform.

You should also consider hiring someone that is knowledgeable and experienced in your particular industry.

Here at Mayple, we connect brands with hundreds of experts from a variety of industries and we’ve found that that’s what makes the difference in terms of sales.

Optimize your Amazon listings

Make sure that all of your listings have a wealth of keywords, high definition images, and all the information that a user might be searching for.

Look at the top competitors in your space and get some keyword ideas.

Always display people with your product.

Mix in a few influencer shots on your product listings to make your listings more personable. People love to see products in action or in someone’s home.

This makes your brand more personable and inviting.

Get more reviews

Reviews are absolutely crucial on Amazon.

I can’t tell you how many times I was shopping for a product, on a brand’s website, and went on Amazon just to check that they have good reviews.

Studies reveal that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and that 73% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a brand more.

Amazon has become the place to see product reviews, and you must get some if you want to be successful on Amazon.

Word of caution: never buy or pay for reviews. That’s completely against Amazon’s terms of service, and can get you banned.

That being said, here are some strategies to get more reviews:

  • Provide excellent customer service. Be more lenient on your refund policy when you just launch a new product and make sure you answer every single customer case or concern
  • Include an insert in every package with your warranties, guarantees, and ask them politely for a review
  • Send follow up emails on Amazon asking the customer for feedback
  • Solicit Amazon’s top reviewers. You can find them on various top reviewers lists that Amazon compiles.
Amazon reviews top  marketing strategy

Answer all customer questions

Another great way to interact with your customers is to answer their questions in the Q&A section.

Here’s where you can find your customer questions:

amazon questions and answers marketing strategy

Make sure to answer every single question.

This will also help your customer service team since all the answers will be stored in that section.

And any time one of your team members is not sure of something about the product, they could go back there and search for that keyword.

Here’s what happened when I searched for “screen” on this particular product.

It gives me information about the screen size, the screen mirroring, whether it’s shatterproof, and other features.

amazon question and answer example

STRATEGY: Penetration Pricing

Amazon sets a sales rank for every listing.

There are a variety of factors that they take into account to rank your product, a major one is how fast your product sells.

So the more units you sell in a given time period, the higher your product ranks.

That’s why when you are just launching a product, set its price to below the breaking even point.

Then, as the sales increase and you get some positive reviews you can slowly increase the price.

This will help your listings and sales grow much faster.

You can use a pricing tool like AMZInsight to tack the price of your competitors on Amazon and stay competitive.

amzinsight competitor pricing strategy for amazon marketing


That’s a wrap for Amazon marketing basics.

Amazon is a whole world to itself, and all you have to do is to dive in, head first.

There’s a lot to optimize, to test, and a lot of sales to be made.


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