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What is a push notification

What is a push notification

Push notifications are those messages that you get on mobile devices or on web browsers. They are extremely effective by themselves and in combination with ecommerce email campaigns.

VWO what is a push notification example
Source: VWO

Push notifications get 4X the CTR’s of emails at 8-10% on average.

So how does this work?

Here’s an example of a successful implementation for an eCommerce store.

STRATEGY: Send out a weekly push notification with your weekly email

One of the home decor brands that we've worked with, Brightech, created a really successful push notification strategy.

They were able to grow their email marketing revenue 10X by combining their emails with push notifications.

Here is how they did it.

They would send their weekly newsletter emails on Sunday mornings, around 10 am.

They found that they would get more sales when they first sent a push notification at 8 am.

Now you might think, that’s brutal!

8 am on a Sunday?!

In fact, these notifications were web-only, so they would appear when the customer would first open their browser.

Which means, whenever they would wake up, start checking their email, shopping online, or look at the latest cat memes, they would see this notification.

list of push notifications for ecommerce store

This particular brand was in the home decor space, and they were able to get CTR’s as high as 4-8%, which is about double the CTR on an average email newsletter.

Here’s a close up of their most successful push notification (8% CTR):

push notification example from Brightech ecommerce promo

When you implement push notifications, you’d be surprised how many people sign up and respond to your messaging.

Read the next section for a quick step-by-step process of creating and sending one.


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